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AngelPoints - employee involvement support platform
from the web site: "AngelPoints (a product of MicroEdge) is an effective and integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solution that will help your organization mobilize the collective power of your employees to make a positive impact on your people, your company, and the world." Visit the site and learn more.

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Apricot - Volunteer Management Software
Apricot is a comprehensive software solutions that nonprofits can use to manage volunteer and donor engagement. A product of Social Solutions. Visit the web site to learn more.

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Better Impact - software for volunteer centers
From the web site: "Community Impact can be used by any sort of volunteer center seeking to help volunteers find the right organization and right volunteer opportunity in their community. Organizations can add their volunteer opportunities to the database. Volunteers can search all of the opportunities based on a variety of criterion and register or sign in to send their contact information off to the chosen organization." A second product is called "Volunteer Impact".

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Ideas for building stronger corporate volunteer programs
Realized Worth provides presentations and workshops to companies and organizations all over the world. This page shows some of the topics they are frequently asked to talk about.

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NEON CRM - tool for non profits
From the web site: "NEON is a web based constituent relationship management (CRM) system that provides fundraising & membership based organizations with all the tools required to increase donations & memberships while automating most common processes."

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From the web site: NobleHour is "The easiest way to mobilize people who want to make a difference in the world NobleHour connects people with opportunities, tracks projects and service hours, and generates comprehensive and powerful impact reports.."

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Profits for Purpose - supports employee involvement
From the web site "We build active community platforms, driving employee volunteer experiences where passion and opportunity come together to create sustainable impact and transformative stories." Browse the site to learn more.

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Salsa Labs - integrated software solution
From the web site: "Over 10,000 nonprofit professionals use Salsa's integrated software for donor management, marketing, fundraising, advocacy, and peer to peer to fuel great causes across the globe." Browse the site to learn more.

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Samaritan Technologies - volunteer management software
From the web site: "Samaritan is more than a software company. We are partners, coaches, designers, and yes, even volunteers. We help our clients manage and grow their volunteer programs with products to match their changing needs." Visit the site to learn more.

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True Impact - CSR Measurement Tools and Services
From the web site: "We offer a broad range of expertise to help organizations maximize--and measure--the social and business value of their operating practices."

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Volunteer Matrix - Management & Scheduling tool
From the web site: "The VOLUNTEER MATRIX was specifically designed to increase efficiency and productivity of an organizations staff while engaging the end user ….. in this case, the volunteer community …. with an intuitive, easy to use way of participating in events or projects that is of interest to them. This is a full featured & robust Volunteer Management & Scheduling tool tailored to your organizations specific needs at an affordable flat monthly fee."

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Youtopia - manage and motivate your communities
From the web site: "We make it easy for schools, nonprofits, greek organizations, and companies to manage and motivate their communities to go above and beyond. Youtopia is a plug-and-play gamification platform that gives teachers and managers the tools to organize, track and report on the good their people do – and encourage them to do more of it."

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