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Chicago Neighborhood ReBuild Program
From the web site: "Through this $6 million pilot program, supported by MB Financial and Rush University Medical Center, 50 vacant homes located in the Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, and Englewood communities will be acquired and rehabbed. The program also provides opportunities for transitional jobs and training for at-risk youths and ex-offenders. CIC will assist in property acquisition efforts and will identify properties that meet the goals of providing affordable housing and building the capacity of local developers." This is not the CityofChicago site for this information, but the web site of one of the program's partners.

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Housing Segregation in US - article
From the web site: "in his new book The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein argues that pervasive segregation cannot be chalked up entirely to the private prejudices of realtors and lenders or the personal choices of homebuyers. Rather, he writes, the racial separation of so many American neighborhoods is chiefly the responsibility of the public sector and, above all, the federal government." Read the interview, and the book.

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How Housing Matters in Chicago - MacArthur Foundation
From the web site: "How Housing Matters to Families and Communities is an ongoing $25 million research initiative to expand evidence on the effects that decent, stable affordable housing has on social and economic outcomes, beyond shelter. The initiative seeks to determine whether and how stable, decent, affordable housing has positive effects on education, employment, health and other outcomes. As public resources remain scarce, a rigorous program of near- and longer-term research that focuses on questions of interest to policymakers will make it possible to demonstrate whether and how housing policy can achieve a greater return on investments in range of important areas of concern."

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How urban design perpetuates racia inequality and what we can do about it
Anyone researching causes and solutions to urban poverty, inequality, etc. will want to add this article to their reading list.

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Public Housing Failures in Chicago since mid 1990s
This article in the Chicago SouthSide Weekly show progress, or lack of, in redeveloping the areas of public housing which were taken down starting in 1995, but never completely replaced.

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Roots of suburban development and segregation - story map
This story map shows how investments from the UK in the 1880s and 90s provided funds for early suburban development in the USA, and led to segregated housing policies that continue to shape life in America in the 2000s. Unique use of GIS story maps.

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Chicago Cityscap web library - housing, neighborhoods, buildings
From the web site: "Chicago Cityscape makes neighborhood, property, and construction development data accessible to all." This link points to a web library with "links to websites and blogs and maps and data portals about neighborhoods, buildings, historic preservation, TOD, and housing".

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Building Community Wealth -
This sites supports the growth of democratic, community wealth-building institutions in all parts of the US. It has an extensive library of caste studies and resources.

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Building Neighborhoods - Cradle-to-College Pipeline
From the web site: "Building Neighborhoods covers federal urban policy, with a focus on President Obama’s Promise Neighborhoods initiative and similar state and local place-based efforts. Building Neighborhoods is a project of United Neighborhood Centers of America." This link points to one of many articles on the web site.

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Chicago CHA's failed efforts to end housing segregation
This Chicago Reader 2015-16 article focuses on failed CHA de-segregation policies in Chicago.

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Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
From the web site: "Since 1980, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) has had a clear mission: “We organize and advocate to prevent and end homelessness, because we believe housing is a human right in a just society.”"

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Chicago Urban Agriculture Directory
From the web site: "This page is currently in development. It includes partial lists of Chicago area farms, gardens and urban agriculture-related organizations, services, blogs, listservs, reports, guides, and other resources. A much more complete list of Chicago area farms and gardens can be found in the map and directory of our Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project (CUAMP) website, which is constantly being updated and improved upon. In the coming months, AUA and CUAMP will be asking growing sites to complete a detailed survey that will produce project profiles that enable volunteers, consumers, vendors, and growers to more easily connect with nearby farms and gardens. It will also provide AUA with new information – such as how many jobs are created through urban agriculture in the Chicago area – that can be used for promoting good urban agriculture policy."

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Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County, IL (CEDA)
From the web site: "It is CEDA’s mission to work in partnership with communities to empower individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life. In order to achieve its mission, CEDA has established numerous community partnerships and collaborations as part of its service delivery model.

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Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI)
From the web site: "COFI is a center and a resource for Family Focused Organizing, leadership development and community building focused on the well being of children, youth and families. Founded in 1995, COFI is driven by a deep commitment to social justice and grounded in the time-tested principles, strategies, accomplishments, and approaches of community organizing."

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Community Wealth Partners - Transformation Insights
From the web site: "At Community Wealth Partners we set out to answer one powerful question: Why do some social change initiatives achieve transformational results while others only make incremental progress? Drawing on lessons from the anti-malaria movement, the designated driver campaign, the anti-tobacco movement, the revitalization of Harlem and the anti-hunger movement, and our ongoing partnerships with clients nationwide, we are decoding what works and bringing you our insights—insights that anyone who dreams of solving a social problem can apply." This page is just one of many resources shared by this consulting firm.

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Good News Partners - focus on affordable housing in Rogers Park area
From the web site: "Good News Partners’ mission is to create safe, affordable and reliable housing, and to help build confidence and community simultaneously. Good News Partners (GNP) is a faith-based community organization that strives to bring about conditions in which hope, justice, responsibility, and reconciliation flourish in Chicago’s East Rogers Park North of Howard neighborhood. GNP provides affordable housing for otherwise homeless families with a step-by-step transition from interim housing to independent living."

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HUD USER Forums - on-line meeting place
From the web site: "This forum allows information exchange between housing and community development researchers, academics, policymakers, and housing practitioners. We invite you to share your expertise, experiences and knowledge to identify best practices, promote better decision-making, spark innovation, and improve community development, urban planning, and other housing-related issues."

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Internet Public Trust - archive
From the web site: "Internet Public Trust (IPT) is an archival collection to better information for better lives and helps individuals with communication, as the broadband bird indicates below."

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La Casa Norte address homelessness in Chicago
From the web site: "The mission of La Casa Norte is to serve youth and families confronting homelessness. We provide access to stable housing and deliver comprehensive services that act as a catalyst to transform lives and communities."

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LISC, Local Initiatives Support Corporation
From the web site: "The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) is dedicated to helping community residents transform distressed neighborhoods into healthy and sustainable communities of choice and opportunity — good places to work, do business and raise children. LISC mobilizes corporate, government and philanthropic support to provide local community development organizations with:
* loans, grants and equity investments
* local, statewide and national policy support
* technical and management assistance"

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Mapping America's Rental Housing Crisis
Use the interactive map to understand housing issues in different counties throughout the US.

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Massachusetts Association of Community Development Initiatives
From the web site: "MACDC is the policy and capacity-building arm of the community development movement in Massachusetts. Our mission is to support and advance the affordable housing, economic development and community building strategies of our members, and to build the power of low and moderate income people to achieve greater economic, social and racial justice. Founded in 1982, MACDC currently has 86 members, including 60 CDC members and 26 associate members. Our work generally falls into one of the following categories: advocating and organizing for public and private sector support, developing resources for the field, leading learning initiatives and capacity building programs for our members, and educating policy makers, the media and the general public about the contributions being made by CDCs across the state."

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Metropolitan Transit Access - Access to Jobs
This is one of many articles on the site that focus on transportation in metropolitan areas.

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Planting Seeds for Cooperative Living - Blog
Articles focus on housing issues and cooperative living.

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Role of data in solving foreclosure problem in Detroit
While this article seems primarily focused at evaluating the work of a civic technology company called Loveland, it identifies many of the problems facing low income residents of Detroit and other cities.

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