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Life Skills Curricula and Staff Training
From the web site: "ARISE Life Skills lessons engage youth and get the message through. What to watch for after the lessons? A new sense of well-being, engaged, motivated, positive attitudes. Visit the web site to see the extensive library of evidence-based soft skills materials ARISE has developed over the last 30 years to teach these valuable skills to kids of all ages."

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Mentoring Students and Young People
This book presents mentors, plus anyone working with young people, with a guide to approaches to mentoring today. It looks at mentoring as a concept, how it is done well and how it can be made more effective.

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MentorMob Edu - Lesson Paths blog
From the web site: "LessonPaths' online learning platform allows anyone with a passion for what they do to curate websites, videos, blogs, and more into Learning Playlists." The LessonPaths platform seems like a unique way to support on-line learning. Try it out and let us know of your experiences. Note: this site is transitioning to the MentorMob Edu name.

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Micro Society focuses on student engaged learning
From the web site: MicroSociety Institute is a full service professional organization working with schools in some of the Nation’s most at-risk communities." MSI offers a unique a MicroSociety school model which is offered at schools and non-school locations. Visit the web site to learn more.

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Mike the Mentor - Executive and Leadership Coaching
If you need help with Executive Coaching, to be a better leader; Leadership Coaching, to build a high-performing team; Team Coaching, to develop your coaching presence, etc. browse this site for training articles ot to see how Mike might help you.

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National Tutoring Association
From the web site: "The NTA was formed in 1992 for the purpose of establishing a membership organization for tutoring professionals. Over the past years, the purpose has expanded to promote education, specialization, and scientific research. The NTA is now the oldest and largest professional association dedicated exclusively to tutoring, and represents the interests of thousands of tutors in the U.S. and thirteen other countries, practicing in all phases of tutoring, program administration, and supplemental student services. Members represent colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, school districts, literacy programs, community programs, grant supported programs, and NCLB/SES providers. We welcome membership from peer, paraprofessional, professional, volunteer, and private practice tutors."

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NetworkTutors - Math Science
From the web site: "Network Tutors makes available teachers of the highest quality at prices that are affordable and provides an effective and convenient personal tutoring environment for Elementary, High School and College level Math, Science, Economics and other courses."

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On Line Math Tutoring -
From the web site: "To accommodate the many needs of today's students, we are proud to offer private, live, one-on-one, Internet-based tutoring on their schedules, from the comfort of their own homes or schools. uses only U.S. based tutors, which ensure a quality experience for every student. Whether it is a student who wants to go from a B-plus to an A in Calculus or another student who dreads going to Chemistry class,'s staff of professional tutors is available on-demand to help."

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Peer Group Connection (PGC) - Center for Supportive Schools
From the web site: "Through Peer Group Connection (PGC), CSS trains school faculty to teach leadership courses to select groups of older students, who in turn educate and support younger students. Our goal is to help schools enable and inspire young people to become engaged leaders who positively influence their peers. The CSS peer-to-peer student leadership model taps into schools’ most underutilized resources – students – and enlists them in strengthening the educational offerings of a school while simultaneously advancing their own learning, growth, and development."

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Penguin Book web site - on-line library
Search for latest books published by this publisher.

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Pivot Learning Partners -Beyond High School
From the web site: "Pivot Learning is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to revitalize our public school systems so that all students have the opportunity to succeed in college and career. We partner with education leaders at all levels and provide them with the knowledge, skills and support proven to strengthen educational systems and transform teaching and learning." The Beyond High School project was launched in 2017.

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Recommended reading list of Peer Resources
This web site provides a list of the best mentor work in book, periodical or video formats. These works represent the best available whether the focus is on mentoring in business, mentoring with students or mentoring in special settings. The list is constantly updated, so visit often.

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So Much Reform. So Little Change
From the web site: "This frank and courageous book explores the persistence of failure in today’s urban schools. At its heart is the argument that most education policy discussions are disconnected from the daily realities of urban schools, especially those in poor and beleaguered neighborhoods. Charles M. Payne argues that we have failed to account fully for the weakness of the social infrastructure and the often dysfunctional organizational environments of urban schools and school systems. I read this book, and it is one of the most depressing I've ever read, illustrating how so many dollars have been spent with so little impact, and how few prospects there are to change this in the future. It reinforces my belief that we need to engage other adults beyond parents, educators and policy makers in learning about the problem and being part of the solutions."

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Social research book list, of Russell Sage Foundation
From the web site: "The Russell Sage Foundation is the principal American foundation devoted exclusively to research in the social sciences. Located in New York City, it is a research center, a funding source for studies by scholars at other academic and research institutions, and an active member of the nation's social science community. The foundation also publishes, under its own imprint, the books and a journal that derive from the work of its grantees and visiting scholars."

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Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy - Chicago
From the web site: "If you're considering a career in massage therapy, you've already identified one of the fastest growing areas in health care. But where can you get the best possible training? The Soma Institute, the only school in America to offer a diploma in Clinical Massage Therapy. We have developed a unique curriculum that redefines the discipline of massage therapy and sets a new standard for this exciting field."

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Start a Tutoring Business
From the web site: "The Wealthy Tutor provides resources to help you improve your tutoring skills and start a tutoring business. Resources include tutoring guides, CD-ROMS, DVDs, and templates.

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The Spider and the Starfish
Editor note: I read this book in January 2007 and it really gives definition to the type of work I do with the Tutor/Mentor Connection and with the Cabrini Connections tutor/mentor program that I led from 1993-2011. I view a tutoring/mentoring program as a decentralized organization that supports the actions of youth and volunteers, and of hundreds of similar organizations, via this web site, our conferences, and our efforts to help every tutor/mentor program get needed resources on a more consistent basis.

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The Tutoring Business - articles to learn from
This site provides a collection of articles providing tips and strategies to help you improve your tutoring skills and run a successful tutoring business. This link points to an article titled "Tutoring: Accelerated Learning for Tutoring"

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The World is Open
From the web site: "Technological development and the Internet have opened up learning to the point where anyone can learn anything from anyone else at any time. To help explain this highly complex situation and its implications for education, both formal and informal, Curtis J. Bonk outlines ten key technology and learning trends. Using a model called "WE-ALL-LEARN," Dr. Bonk shows how technology has transformed educational opportunities for learners as well as of innovators from the worlds of technology and education that reveal the power of opening up the world of learning. "

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Tips for Tutors - The Tutora Education Blog
If you're a professional or volunteer tutors some of the tips offered by this UK based tutoring service may be useful to you.

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Total Math Tutoring - Resource links for those seeking on-line tutors
While this tutor focuses on Colorado Springs, she tutors on-line and offers tutoring tips and a list of on-line resources for those seeking tutoring.

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Tutoring, Teaching & Coaching - WyzAnt site
From the web site: "WyzAnt helps students connect with tutors for private lessons. is the best tutoring marketplace on the web with tutors offering lessons in a variety of disciplines including math, science, test preparation, foreign languages, musical instruments and computers. Students and parents use our website to find and contact qualified tutors. Once lessons begin, we support customers by helping with communication, quality control, payment, and security."

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Why It's Good to Be Good - Benefits of Volunteering
Books and blog articles by Stephen Post show benefits of volunteering and service.

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