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Promise Neighborhood Program - U.S. Dept of Education
From the web site: "Promise Neighborhoods, established under the legislative authority of the Fund for the Improvement of Education Program (FIE), provides funding to support eligible entities, including (1) nonprofit organizations, which may include faith-based nonprofit organizations, (2) institutions of higher education, and (3) Indian tribes.

The vision of the program is that all children and youth growing up in Promise Neighborhoods have access to great schools and strong systems of family and community support that will prepare them to attain an excellent education and successfully transition to college and a career." Visit the site to learn more.

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
View the site and see areas the foundation focuses on to provide a path out of poverty for people throughout the world.

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Charity (check) 101- free directory of IRS-recognized charities and nonprofits
On this web site you can search by zip code, FEIN, or charity name and find most resent financial information about the organization.

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Christ Church: Benevolence Committee - Winnetka, Illinois
Through its Benevolence Committee the Church distributes all net proceeds from its annual Rummage Sale to Episcopal Charities and other service agencies in the Chicago area. Tutor/Mentor programs have been funded through this effort.

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Council on Foundations web site
The Council on Foundations (COF) is a membership organization of more than 2,000 grantmaking foundations and giving programs worldwide. COF provides leadership expertise, legal services and networking opportunities - among other services - to its members and to the general public.

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Ford Foundation to focus on inequality - 2015 and beyond
This article describes the Ford Foundation's new strategic focus on inequality, describing it as "at the root of nearly every injustice".

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Fundraising and Grants Directory
From the web site: "Since 1996 Fundsnet Services has provided resources information about grants, fundraising, philanthropy, foundations and 501(c)(3) non–profits organizations to those in need of funding and research for their their philanthropic efforts and missions.

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GMA Foundations - resources
From the web site: "GMA Foundations helps individuals and grantmaking organizations define a clear path to transformative philanthropy, and then walks the path with them as an ally and a guide." This link is to a list of publications available on the site.

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Government Contracting and Grants resource
This section of the National Council of Non Profits web site provides extensive resources for organizations seeking government contracts and grants. This is just one of many resource sections on the site.

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Grants Information Center, University of Wisconsin
Visit this site and take advantage of the many fund raising resources that it offers.

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From the web site: "GrantSpace, a service of Candid, offers information and resources that are specifically designed to meet the needs of nonprofits worldwide in need of know-how for securing funding and operating effective organizations."

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Hamels Foundation (the) - supports education in US & Africa
Foundation established by major league baseball player Cole Hamels "works both domestically within the United States and internationally in Malawi, Africa to provide educational opportunities for communities in need. Some areas we have helped serve include Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Springfield, Missouri; Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas; San Diego, California; Chicago, Illinois; and many more!."

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Knight Foundation - invests in journalism
The Knight Foundation invests in journalism, in the arts, and in the success of cities where brothers John S. and James L. Knight once published newspapers. View the map on this home page to see states where they provide funding. Illinois not included.

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Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth
From the web site: "Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth also awards grants to support the general operations of local one-to-one tutoring and mentoring programs. This year, we will award grants to thirteen programs serving youth all across Chicagoland. Since its founding in 1995 by former Chicago Bar Association President Thomas A. Demetrio, Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth has awarded $1.7 million in grants and positively affected the lives of thousands of youth. We also recognize outstanding tutoring and mentoring programs through the Thomas A. Demetrio Award of Excellence and other named grants at its Spring Awards Dinner."

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MCCormick Foundation Initiatives
The Robert R. McCormick Foundation focuses on many related issues. Visit this page to learn about each issue. Make this a resource even if the Foundation is not a donor to your cause.

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Men Who Give a Damm - Philanthropic group
From the web site: "We’re a bunch of guys who care enough about our Chicagoland to want to make a BIG impact. We meet quarterly, hear about the great work of three local charities, and then we choose the one who needs our help the most. The charity with the most votes walks out with a $100 check from every member." Looks like there are chapters in many cities.

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Mott Foundation
From the web site: "The Mott Foundation supports efforts that promote a just, equitable and sustainable society.
In each of our program areas — Civil Society, Education, Environment and Flint Area — we aim to inspire and empower individuals to work with their communities in ways that will help them achieve more than they could ever accomplish alone."

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Office of Justice Programs - Funding Resource Center
From the web site: "he Office of Justice Programs (OJP) provides innovative leadership to federal, state, local, and tribal justice systems, by disseminating state-of-the art knowledge and practices across America, and providing grants for the implementation of these crime fighting strategies. Because most of the responsibility for crime control and prevention falls to law enforcement officers in states, cities, and neighborhoods, the federal government can be effective in these areas only to the extent that it can enter into partnerships with these officers."

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Polk Bros. Foundation
The Polk Bros. Foundation provides grants to youth serving organizations in the Chicago region.

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Project Streamline - a grant making initiative
Project Streamline is a collaborative effort of grantmaking and grantseeking organizations working to improve grant application and reporting practices. Visit the web site and provide your own feedback on the recommendations produced by this group.

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The Ruddle Memorial Youth Foundation - helps underprivileged youth
The mission of The Ruddle Memorial Youth Foundation is "to help underprivileged youth reach their full potential by supporting innovative youth-serving organizations in the geographic areas conducive to RMYF board members forging meaningful partnerships with grant recipients." Visit the web site to determine if your organization is eligible for a grant.

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Women's Way - Support for Women and Girls
From the web site: "For almost 35 years, WOMEN'S WAY has courageously taken positions on cutting-edge issues relating to women and girls. Our work has been uniquely strategic and effective – engaging and convening people from all walks of life to create a truly collective and Powerful Voice for Women."

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