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Blogs on Tutor/Mentor Connection Ning site
At this site you can read blog articles by Dan Bassill and interns working with the Tutor/Mentor Connection since 2005. You can also create your own profile and write your own blog articles.

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Cabrini Blog - 2006 until July 2011
This blog was the main blog for Cabrini Connections up till July 2011, written by the administrative coordinator and focusing on activities of the program.

This blog is no longer being used by the organization, but serves as a model of how a tutor/mentor program can be transparent with how it supports youth and volunteers and educates the public.

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Holiday 2009 video - Cabrini Connections

This video shows the students and volunteers at Cabrini Connections as they give thanks to each other during the holidays.

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Interns at Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC

This blog has links to many other pages and blogs where we show the work interns have been doing since 2006.

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Mapping for Justice Tutor/Mentor Maps Blog
Since mid 2008 the T/MC has been creating new maps every few weeks, to tell a story of how business and professional leaders, or media, can point volunteers and donors to tutor/mentor programs in different parts of the city.  This is written by Mike Trakan, who works part time making maps for the Tutor/Mentor Connection.
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Northwestern Tutor/Mentor Connection blogs

At this site students and alumni from Northwestern University are sharing experiences with a goal of building greater involvement of the NU community in the strategies of the Tutor/Mentor Connection.

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NU Public Interest Program blog 2008-2009
Articles about Cabrini Connections and Tutor/Mentor Connection, written by Northwestern University graduates serving one  year fellowship.

See strategies, Tutor/Mentor Connection ideas, knowing the research, to read some of the articles focusing on global strategies.

See Cabrini Connections, student and volunteer spotlights, and college and youth leadership sections to read articles more focused on a single tutor/mentor program.

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Tutor/Mentor Connection coordinator blog 2007-2010
The articles in this blog primarly focus on tutoring/mentoring programs in the Chicago region, including Cabrini Connections, as well as efforts by the Tutor/Mentor Connection to connect these programs with each other via conferences, on-line forums, and capacity building events.

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