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More than 2000 links are organized into 25 categories.  Browse the categories and sub categories to find links to web sites with information you can use to build and sustain strong organizations helping youth move through school and into jobs and careers.  Some of the links point to older pages on some web sites. Click to the "home" page to find the most current information being shared. Look for social media links and connect with these organizations in social media. Look for the resource pages and visit sites that these organizations point to. This is a huge resource and it keeps growing. As you get to know what's here, by frequent visits,  it will grow in its value to you.

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Achieving The Dream: Community College Strategy
Achieving the Dream is a multiyear national initiative to help more community college students succeed. The initiative is particularly concerned about student groups that traditionally have faced significant barriers to success, including students of color and low-income students.
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America's Career InfoNet
It is a Career Resource Library focusing on education institutions, cultural attractions, and recreational information in different states.
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Chicago Area Writing Project
From the web site: "The Chicago Area Writing Project (CAWP) is based at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and since its founding in 1979, CAWP has trained more than 21,000 teachers based on the highly acclaimed Bay Area Writing Project “teachers-teaching-teachers” model to improve their instruction of writing. CAWP is one of over 200 sites of the National Writing Project and is one of six NWP sites in Illinois."

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Chicago Career Education
Chicago Career Education includes Chicago colleges, Chicago trade schools and Chicago vocational schools that offer 4 year programs, 2 year programs, continuing education and adult education classes that will enhance your current career or new career. Bachelor degrees, MBA programs, Masters Degrees, Doctoral Degrees can be earned online or on campus at the Chicago Career Education sites.These Chicago colleges and Chicago schools offer a wide variety of curricula including culinary, technology, business, graphic design, IT, web design, fashion design, interior design, business, education, nursing, healthcare, counseling and more.
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Choose Your Future - Career Planning Resource of CPS

Visit this ChooseYourFuture web site of Chicago Public Schools and tour it with your student:

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Illinois Writing Project
From the web site "The Illinois Writing Project helps teachers build capacity and resources to employ the best of what is known about writers and writing. We offer flexible, transformative, sustainable professional development to help teachers guide students to write with thoughtfulness, skill, and enjoyment. Locally based but nationally connected, we are one of nearly 200 sites in the National Writing Project network."

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Indiana Career & Postsecondary Advancement Center
ICPAC's mission is to inform, encourage, and support the education and career development of the people of Indiana. Visit the CAREER RESOURCES section and you can find descriptions of almost any career, along with information about what education is required to have a job in each career. This is a very good tool for mentors, parents and youth.
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One Million Degrees - coaches community college students
From the web site: "One Million Degrees Scholars participate in a professional development and career readiness curriculum, which consists of two components that are essential to scholar success with community college and beyond:"
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One-Hundred Thousand Strong Initiative - encourage study in China
The US seeks to increase the number of US students studying in China from 14,000 in 2009 to 100,000 by some date in the future.

From the web site:

"This initiative seeks to prepare the next generation of American experts on China who will be charged with managing the growing political, economic and cultural ties between the United States and China. The initiative also seeks to develop specific opportunities and funding sources for underrepresented students to study in China."
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Target HOPE - Saturday Academy
From the web site: "Target H.O.P.E, a college preparatory academy in part, enhances educational opportunities for minority students attending public high schools in the Chicago metropolitan area. Healing, Opportunity, Pride and Empowerment are the concepts through which Target H.O.P.E creates innovative academic retention strategies to combat the high school dropout crisis and increase minority graduation rates in higher education."
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The PhD Project

Since 1994, The PhD Project has more than tripled the number of minority business school professors…from 294 to over 898. These individuals are inspiring and encouraging a new generation of business professionals.

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