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Additional Resources to understand Black History in America
In this section of the Tutor/Mentor web library you can find links related to poverty, inequality, law, social justice, etc.

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African Americans in STEM - Wiki site
This site is a growing list of past and living African American heroes in technical fields. (STEM = science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Created as part of a collaborative hack-a-thon organized by the White House in Feb. 2015.

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America's Long (unaddressed) history of class
This article shows how class differences, not just racial discrimination, has been a long feature of American life.

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Black Quotidian - Everyday History in African American Newspapers
From the web site: "Black Quotidian is a digital project designed to highlight everyday moments and lives in African-American history. By emphasizing the ordinary or mundane aspects of history I hope both to call attention to people and events that are not commonly featured in textbooks, documentaries, or Black History Month celebrations, while also casting new light on well-known black history subjects."

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Ferguson Syllabus - From Wikipedia
From the site: "Ferguson syllabus is a crowdsourced syllabus about race, African American history, civil rights, and policing. [9] Ferguson syllabus was created as a way to integrate conversations of what happened in Ferguson into classrooms." Use the resources in learning about race and inequality in America and to find strategies for engaging students and others in this effort.

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History of Slavery (H-Slavery) - links page
From the web site: "H-Slavery seeks to promote interaction and exchange among scholars engaged in research on slavery, the slave trade, abolition, and emancipation. It is dedicated to the dissemination of information about the history of slavery and antislavery in all time periods and parts of the world. H-Slavery’s new network format now offers opportunities for exciting new forms of digital collaboration utilizing built in platforms and multiple forms of media."

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Life and Words of Dr. M.L.King, Jr - in a story map
From the web site: "Dr. King, one of the great orators in American history, inspired millions with his words. This story map documents a sampling of his journey and presents fragments of his sermons. His impassioned speeches ring as true today as they did a half-century ago."

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Making Affirmative Action White Again
This New York Timesarticle shows systematic government programs since 1930s that befitted Whites and not Blacks and Latinos.

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Princeton University and Slavery - historical ties to the institution of slavery
From the web site: "Princeton University, founded as the College of New Jersey in 1746, exemplifies the central paradox of American history. From the start, liberty and slavery were intertwined. The Princeton and Slavery Project investigates the University’s involvement with the institution of slavery. "

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The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition
From the web site: "The Gilder Lehrman Center (GLC) for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition is supported by the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale. The GLC strives to make a vital contribution to the understanding of slavery and its role in the development of the modern world. While the Center’s primary focus has been on scholarly research, it also seeks to bridge the divide between scholarship and public knowledge by opening channels of communication between the scholarly community and the wider public."

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The Invisible Threads of Gender, Race, and Slavery
This article starts by saying "any attempt to remember the enslavement of African peoples is incomplete without considering women’s experiences in slavery and the transatlantic slave trade." Read the full article.

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Who Segregated America - 2017 article
In this article by Destin Jenkins, the roles of government and capitalism in creating a segregated America, are reviewed.

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African American History Month Official Web Site

African American History Month Website

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African American Women Writers of 19th Century
This is a site that features the successes of African American women writers

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Africans in America
From the web site: "America's journey through slavery is presented in four parts. For each era, you'll find a historical Narrative, a Resource Bank of images, documents, stories, biographies, and commentaries, and a Teacher's Guide for using the content of the Web site and television series in U.S. history courses."

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Against All Odds: The Fight for a Black Middle Class - video
From the web site: "Against All Odds: The Fight for a Black Middle Class probes the harsh and often brutal discrimination that has made it extremely difficult for African-Americans to establish a middle-class standard of living. Through dramatic historical footage and deeply moving personal interviews with prominent African Americans, including Isabel Wilkerson, Elijah Cummings, Alvin Poussaint, and Angela Glover Blackwell, Against All Odds explores the often frustrated efforts of black families to pursue the American dream.":

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Black History Past
This 3,000 page site is dedicated to providing reference materials to the general public on African American history in the United States and on the history of people of African ancestry around the world.

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Ida B. Wells Website
Ida B. Wells Museum web site - this site is a rich resource for anyone interested in African-American history. Contains many links to communications and journalism networks.

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NAACP Web Site
From the web site: "The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination." Find a wide range of links to Black History activities on the site, such as (Association for the Study of African American Life and History)

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National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
From the web site: " The mission of The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is to reveal stories of freedom’s heroes, from the era of the Underground Railroad to contemporary times, challenging and inspiring everyone to take courageous steps of freedom today.

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The New Jim Crow
This book offers statistics to show that the incarceration of large numbers of Black and Latino youth is a new form of racism in America.

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Understanding Racial Wealth Gap - A Black History Month activity?
The Illinois Asset Building Group, a program of Heartland Alliance, has created this racial wealth gap timeline as an educational tool that documents a history of policies and institutional practices that denied access to the tools we all need to build financially secure lives. policies and practices, “The Racial Wealth Gap Timeline” is intended to promote awareness of the need for smart, practical solutions to racial wealth inequality such as an automatic retirement savings accounts for all workers.

Build this into your Black History Month (February) activities as well as year round learning.

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Why is US Still Fighting the Civil War? - article
This article points to efforts since the Civil War by "southern elites who sought to “take blacks out of the electorate and segregate public space” in order to “redivide the black and white core” of the south’s working class and small farmers." Add to your reading list to understand how deeply entrenched these problems are.

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Wikipedia about African American History
Wikipedia page with extensive links and articles about African American History.

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Wikipedia about African Americans
This is Wikipedia article about the U.S. population of Americans of African ancestry.

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