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Billion + Change encouraged Pro Bono involvement
This initiative encourages corporations to support pro bono and talent involvement to help strengthen infrastructure of the non profit sector.

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HBR Review of Corporate CSR shortfalls - "Not thinking big enough"
This article discusses why corporate CSR programs "have had a limited impact and rarely produce transformational change" and reviews models that are taking a "bigger picture" approach. The author's state "The traditional corporate sustainability approach ultimately has a limited impact because it is positioned as a social or an environmental program, not a profit-generating one."

Read the article.
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How Employee Engagement Benefits a Business
In this Forbes article six members of Forbes Human Resources Council explain why community involvement is important and how volunteerism can help both employers and employees.

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Ideas about strategic planning, visioning, learning
This article by Henry Mintzberg, posted in the Harvard Business Review in 1994, should serve as a primer for volunteer and leadership teams seeking to build and sustain birth-to-work, mentor-rich programs in multiple locations.

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Impact 2030 - mobilizing human capital to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals
From the web site: "in collaboration with the United Nations, social and public sectors, and academia, with the unique mission to activate human capital investments through employee volunteer programs to advance the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)."

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Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth
From the web site: "The mission of the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth is to advance equitable and sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion around the world. As an independent subsidiary of MasterCard, we combine data, expertise, technology and philanthropic investments to empower a community of thinkers, leaders and innovators working on the front lines of inclusive growth."

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Social Enterprise is not Social Change - commentary
This 2018 Stanford Social Innovation Review article challenges a 25 to 30 year swing toward social enterprise as the way to solve social problems. Written by By Marshall Ganz, Tamara Kay & Jason Spicer, The article was re-Posted on the SenScott web site.

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Social Media Strategies that could support corporate social engagement
If corporate CEOs make a company commitment to education, poverty, environment, etc. they can support the growing involvement of all sectors of their company, supply chain and consumer base using the ideas from this blog.

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The Empowered Employee - Forbes 2012 article
This is a look at the future. Companies that support employee engagement in social benefit activities get a more motivate employee as one who has learned new skills and has expanded his/her informal network. Companies that support this involvement with latest communications, collaboration and technology will create learning opportunities outside of the workplace that result in better applications of these tools in the workplace.

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Why Employee Volunteering Is Good for Business
This articles focuses on why employee volunteering is good for a business.

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Align Corporate Giving with Strategic Goals
The Conference Board web site offers many resources that non profits and business leaders might use to develop more and better volunteer-based tutoring/mentoring programs in areas where companies do business or seek to recruit employees. Search the site for articles like "Corporate Giving to Worthy Causes Focusing More on Meeting Overall Business Objectives"

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Alliance for Regional Stewardship
This is a "national, peer-to- peer network of regional stewards who benefit by sharing experiences and working collaboratively on innovative approaches to common regional challenges. ARS is for proven leaders who recognize the interdependencies of their regions' economy, environment, and society and are seeking practical ways to effect change as regional stewards." This is a program of The American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE).

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Aspen Institute - Ideas Worth Teaching
From the web site: "Ideas Worth Teaching is a tightly curated, weekly email for business school faculty to prompt new conversations in the classroom about the relationships between corporations, capital markets, and the public good. Its intent is to provide “drag and drop” functionality – allowing faculty to easily use the articles, cases and other teaching materials that we will be sharing in their class discussions."

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Beta Site for Business Innovation
"From Spare Change to Real Change: The Social Sector as a Beta Site for Business Innovation" is a 1999 article in the Harvard Business Review, written by Rosabeth Moss Kanter. It describes ways non profits can be innovation partners with the business community. If you're a business leader, we invite you to look at the Tutor/Mentor Connection and this web site as a potential innovation partner. This is another link that you can follow for ideas on business collaboration with non profit sector.

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Billion dollar corp commitment to pro bono
Through the Billion + Change initiative, the Corporation for National Service and its strategic partners aim to support more than $2 Billion in volunteer and pro-bono investment to strengthen the infrastructure of the non profit sector.
It would be great if each of these companies had a leadership team focusing on this goals in this Role of Leaders PDF.
If your company is one of these, or is making a similar commitment, why not connect with Tutor/Mentor Connection.

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Blended Value Framework
From the web site: "Welcome to Blended Value! This site has been created to present writings and presentations on the concept of Blended Value. My hope is that by gathering these works in one place, those new to the conversation will have a better understanding of BV and the various ways it may be applied—to expanding our understanding of the purpose of capital, how we might reconsider the nature of organizations (whether for-profit or Nonprofit) and how we need to reframe our understanding of the future of capitalism, metrics, leadership and public policy."

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CEOs for Cities

CEOs for Cities is a national cross-sector network of urban leaders from the civic, business, academic and philanthropic sectors dedicated to building and sustaining the next generation of great American cities. CEOs for Cities works with its network partners to develop great cities that excel in the areas most critical to urban success: talent, connections, innovation and distinctiveness.

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Civic Consulting Alliance - Chicago
From the web site "Civic Consulting Alliance is a partnership that reshapes how the city works. We build teams of our own staff, business experts, and government leaders. Together we figure out workable and enduring ways to make our city more livable, affordable, and globally competitive."

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Civic Enterprises connects business and non profit
From the web site : "Civic Enterprises is a social enterprise firm that works with corporations, nonprofits, foundations, universities and governments to develop innovative initiatives and public policies in the fields of education, national service, civic engagement, conservation, public health and more. We work with organizations that seek to challenge the status quo and grow their impact for the greater good. Working closely with clients to determine what they need to better engage with their stakeholders and serve their constituents, we specialize in research and policy development, strategy and coalition building, state and federal policy analysis, and strategic communications."

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Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy
From the web site: "CECP's mission is to lead the business community in raising the level and quality of corporate philanthropy. Engaging with the public, private, and independent sectors, CECP members seek and create opportunities to serve as corporate giving advocates, practitioners, educators, and spokespersons to advance the case for philanthropy and to inspire other business leaders to make a lasting commitment to community giving."

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Companies for Social Good - blog articles
"Network for Good" Senior Manager of Partnerships Kate Olsen regularly blogs on corporate social responsibility, cause-related marketing and philanthropy.

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Companies That Care Aim High Initiative
From the web site: "Center for Companies That Care is a national, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being of employees and communities by educating and inspiring employers to practice employer engagement* and to integrate the 10 Characteristics of Socially Responsible Employers into their daily business practices." The Aim High Initiative is an example.

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Corp Volunteering in Canada (2009) - report pdf
This report shows why some companies encourage employee volunteering and some of the challenges. While the report is from 2009 the ideas are universally relevant.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire Service
This site has extensive resources that non profits might use to engage corporations more strategically in their work.

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Corporate Social Responsibility News and Resources
From the web site: "This site is part of the personal site of Mallen Baker - Development Director for Business in the Community. It is an expression of my own interest and concern in how companies respond to the agenda for corporate citizenship - the growing need to manage issues that affect their business reputation - and to respond to the growing needs and concerns of a range of different stakeholders."

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