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More than 2000 links are organized into 25 categories.  Browse the categories and sub categories to find links to web sites with information you can use to build and sustain strong organizations helping youth move through school and into jobs and careers.  Some of the links point to older pages on some web sites. Click to the "home" page to find the most current information being shared. Look for social media links and connect with these organizations in social media. Look for the resource pages and visit sites that these organizations point to. This is a huge resource and it keeps growing. As you get to know what's here, by frequent visits,  it will grow in its value to you.

Note: Inclusion of a link in this web site does not indicate an endorsement of any kind for the links that are included. 

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Using Business Model Canvas for Non Profits - Planning Tool
This article can be used by non profits or social entrepreneurs to help develop their plans and strategies. Great use of visualization to illustrate ideas.

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Using Case Studies to Explore and Explain Complex Interventions
This is one of many articles on the World Bank web site. It focuses on the complexity of change efforts focused on multiple locations. Worth reading.

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Using data to drive investment and impact
This article shows how a "gap analysis" of youth serving programs in Philadelphia led to investments in supporting expansion of existing programs. This is the way maps created by Tutor/Mentor Connection since 1993 were intended to be used, to draw resources to existing programs, while helping fill gaps where more were needed.

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Using Network Analysis and Social Media for Planning & Analyzing a Conference
This article shows how network analysis, using #nodeXL, was used in planning a conference and in understanding participation after the event. This is one of many related and interesting articles on the #ScottPublicHealth blog.

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Using SenseMaker to Understand Girls' Lives: Lessons Learnt from Girl Hub
From the article: "This 4-page brief discusses how Girl Hub used a story collection research methodology called SenseMaker to help generate girl-centred evidence to inform girls' empowerment interventions. The brief outlines what Sensemaker is, provides examples of Girl Hub's experience in practice, and reflects on future implementation. As stated in the brief, "SenseMaker draws upon anthropology, complexity theory and neuroscience. The methodology involves collecting large numbers of short stories that, together, create a nuanced picture of a given topic, in the same way that many pixels come together to produce a clear image."

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Using Systems Thinking to Explore Amplifying the Voices of Community Members
This is one of a series of article on the Pathways to New Community Paradigms blog which offers a deeper exploration into Collective Impact using blog articles and concept maps. If you're interested in collective impact, community collaboration or related ideas take time to visit the blog and the KUMU maps that are pointed to in each article.

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UX Mapping Methods Compared: A Cheat Sheet
From the article: "Empathy maps, customer journey maps, experience maps, and service blueprints depict different processes and have different goals, yet they all build common ground within an organization." This article describes all four types of mapping, using visualizations to illustrate ideas.

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Visual Map of Social Media Universe - 2017
This infographic comes from Brian Solis and JESS3, and it visualizes the massive social media universe of 2017.

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Visualizations used to communicate SDGs goals, strategies, challenges
This site illustrates an effective use of visualization to communicate challenges to achieving the United Nation's Sustainable Global Development Goals by 2030. Finding talent to do work like this is a challenge for most NPOs and social entrepreneurs. Offering talent is a role many volunteers could take.

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Ways to Improve Collaboration Impact - article 2018
From the web site: "IDC research found the integration of core business applications, empowering cross-silo conversations, and enterprise adoption of collaborative platforms results in significantly fewer meetings, less email, and faster time to execute projects. That's because work is done in real time, and not waiting for the next meeting. But it takes adoption from the bottom up and the top down to succeed, and often a change in how work is done."

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What are the challenges and priorities for geospatial industry leaders - 2019
What are trends for 2019 and the next few years? This is worthwhile reading for any who are working with data, geospatial technology, or other digital tools.

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Why Curation Will Transform Education and Learning: 10 Key Reasons
From the web site: "Content curation will play a major role both in the way we "teach" and in the way we educate ourselves on any topic. When and where it will be adopted, it will deeply affect many key aspects of the educational ecosystem."

Content curation is a new term for "knowledge management". This 2012 article shows reasons this will be a valuable and powerful force in the coming century. Many new technologies supporting curation since this was written.

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eLearning tutoral on visualizatiation
From the web site: "This e-learning site focuses on a critical, but often neglected skill for business, communication, and engineering students, namely visual literacy, or the ability to evaluate, apply, or create conceptual visual representations. After this tutorial, students should be able to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of visual representations, to improve their shortcomings, to use them to create and communicate knowledge, or to devise new ways of representing insights.

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Innovation Network for Communities (INC)
From the web site: "The Innovation Network for Communities (INC) is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and spread scalable innovations that transform the performance of community systems. INC works in three primary sectors: urban sustainability, high performing urban K-12 school; and adult workforce development."

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2015 Menino Survey of US Mayors
From the web site: "The survey focuses on a wide range of policy challenges and issues currently facing mayors in the United States. Using both open-ended and closed-ended questions, we explore mayors’ perspectives about policy making, infrastructure, policing, relationships with federal and state government, housing, biking, and financial challenges. The mix of question types and topics enables us to provide insight into mayoral views across a variety of highly topical areas."

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A Better World by Design
From the web site: "Each year, Better World by Design brings a global community of innovators to Providence, Rhode Island to reach across disciplines and unite under a common goal: building a better world. Presenters share engaging stories, workshops teach creative skills, and discussions re-frame perspectives. Better World is an immersive experience that deepens our understanding of the power of design, technology, and enterprise to engage our communities and sustain our environment."

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A Blog that Communicates Visual Thinking Ideas
This site provides a lot of ideas and information for why and how people can integrate visualization into their thinking and communications. These are concepts the Tutor/Mentor Connection seeks to incorporate into its efforts.

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A GIS Primer. What is GIS? The Power of Mapping
This ESRI site starts out saying "A geographic information system (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends.

GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry. There is a growing interest in and awareness of the economic and strategic value of GIS."

The Tutor/Mentor Connection has been trying to harness this capacity since 1993 to help build more consistent support for all volunteer based tutor/mentor programs in the Chicago region.

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A Leader's Framework for Decision Making - HBR article
Thanks to Bruce Waltuck for sharing this HBR article on leadership, written by David J. Snowden and Mary E. Boone.

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A Toolbox for Creativity & Innovation
From the web site: "Mycoted is a company dedicated to improving Creativity and Innovation for solving problems worldwide, with that in mind, we provide a central repository for Creativity and Innovation on the Internet as a summary of tools, techniques, mind exercises, puzzles, book reviews etc, that is open to all - and can be written by all."

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Academics as "innovators" and "agents of change.
From the web site: "ntellectual Entrepreneurship is a philosophy and vision of education viewing academics as "innovators" and "agents of change." It focuses on creating cross-disciplinary and multi-institutional collaborations designed to produce intellectual advancements with a capacity to provide real solutions to society's problems and needs. Intellectual Entrepreneurship is academic engagement for the purpose of changing lives." T/MC Note: If your university wants to apply this philosophy in partnership with the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC, we want to hear from you!!!

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Action Planning for Teachers (and mentors)
From the web site: "This guide for classroom action research was created by teachers for teachers. The resources here were designed to support reflective and systematic improvement of teaching. Use the tabs at the top of each page on this web site to explore the stages of action research. The planning steps are outlined visually, and can be used by leaders of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs as well as by teachers in traditional public schools."

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Action Research - Overview (1998 article)
From the web site: "This paper will answer the question “What is Action Research?”, giving an overview of its processes and principles, stating when it is appropriate to use, and situating it within a praxis research paradigm. The evolution of the approach will be described, including the various kinds of action research being used today. The role of the action researcher will be briefly mentioned, and some ethical considerations discussed. The tools of the action researcher, particularly that of the use of search conferences, will be explained. Finally three case studies will be briefly described, two of which pertain to action research projects involving information technology, a promising area needing further research." Compare what is written in this article to what is happening 20 years later.

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Action Research - Video shows process
This site offers many ideas and resources for applying action research in building and sustaining effective social problem solving organizations.

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Action Research Resources - supporing action AND research (2002 paper)
From the web site: This is "A paper originally prepared for the seminar "Doing good action research" held at Southern Cross University, Monday February 18, 2002"

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