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More than 2000 links are organized into 25 categories.  Browse the categories and sub categories to find links to web sites with information you can use to build and sustain strong organizations helping youth move through school and into jobs and careers.  Some of the links point to older pages on some web sites. Click to the "home" page to find the most current information being shared. Look for social media links and connect with these organizations in social media. Look for the resource pages and visit sites that these organizations point to. This is a huge resource and it keeps growing. As you get to know what's here, by frequent visits,  it will grow in its value to you.

Note: Inclusion of a link in this web site does not indicate an endorsement of any kind for the links that are included. 

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Syracuse Community Geography
From the web site: "Syracuse Community Geography works in partnership with community-based organizations and university affiliates to map and spatially analyze topics of concern to Central New York communities. SCG helps communities to identify and address challenges in new ways using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping and other forms of spatial analysis."

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Systems Thinking and Visualization tutorial
From the web site :"The Systems Group at the Open University is committed to the study, application and development of systems ideas. We aim to help people make sense of -- and intervene in -- complex and interconnected situations. We work with a wide range of issues and settings including: environmental decision-making for sustainable development; information systems management; organisational change in both public and private sectors; and integrated waste management." This link points to examples of different kinds of systems maps that the Open University Systems Group has developed over the years. It's an interactive site that helps users explore the ways in which different kinds of 'diagramming' can be used in a systemic inquiry.

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Systems Thinking articles - Systems Thinker site
This site is an archive of systems thinking articles published prior to 2013. It's a great collection of ideas.

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Systems Thinking in Schools - The Walters Center
From the web site: "We help create positive change and improved performance through the Habits and tools of systems thinking. We’re all about delivering benefits and working with others to help them do the same — whether it’s in a classroom, school, district, business or community, systems thinking helps people of all ages and walks of life see beyond the heart of a problem to find equitable and essential solutions."

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Tactical Technology - Investigates how digital technologies impact society
From the web site: "We work with an international audience of engaged citizens and civil society actors to investigate and mitigate the evolving impact of technologies on society. Our work has gone through a number of phases since the organisation was founded in 2003, but the core principle hasn't changed: we examine how issues arise in different contexts, explore what responses are needed and find strategies and tactics to work with and around them in a sustainable way."

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Team Roles Needed for Social Software Projects
This blog has quite a few articles that can expand the understanding of challenges and opportunities from using technology for communications, collaboration and problem solving.

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Terrorbull Games - innovation in technology
Read the Manifesto on this site and see how humor, satire and gaming are used to focus attention on social issues. T/MC note: This type of gaming could help draw volunteer, donor and youth attention to the information we host on web sites like this, and help them understand and act on it.

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Texas Connector - map based resource supports non profits
From the web site: "Texas Connector is an online, interactive mapping tool that links needs and nonprofits to strengthen Texas communities. It provides a visual snapshot of social service needs and resources to allow funders, local and state government leaders, research, and the nonprofit community to more effectively meet Texas' growing needs. Texas Connector bridges the information gap between the areas served by nonprofits and the underserved communities of Texas."

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The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
From the web site: "The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) is an interdisciplinary research institute focusing on the science of cities. It is part of the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment at UCL. CASA's research is focused on the application of computer models, data visualisation techniques, innovative sensing technologies, mobile applications and urban theory linked to city systems."

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The Community Canvas - tool for building community coalitions
From the web site: "The Community Canvas is a framework that will help you build and run a new community, or analyze and improve an existing community. It identifies the fundamental themes to cover and helps you ask the right questions.“Community” means something different to every person. We have developed this tool in the hope of supporting anyone who runs an organization that brings people together and makes them feel like they belong, no matter if it’s an alumni organization, a sports club or an HR department."

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The Cyclical Process of Action Research
As you read this paper think of how the involvement of volunteers and youth in an on-going tutor/mentor program stimulates the learning and can engage youth, adults and supporters in on-going action research intended to find and sustain ways to help kids through school and into jobs and careers.

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The Development Gateway
From the web site: "We build upon nearly two decades of technical expertise to develop tools, processes, and custom analyses to help partners achieve results. DG makes development data easier to gather, access, use, and understand.

We are an international nonprofit organization with nearly two decades of experience across more than 70 countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Our clients and partners are key players in the data and international development space."

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The Frameworks Initiative - improve NPO communications capacity
From the web site: "The mission of the FrameWorks Institute is to advance the nonprofit sector's communications capacity by identifying, translating and modeling relevant scholarly research for framing the public discourse about social problems.

FrameWorks designs, commissions, manages and publishes communications research to prepare nonprofit organizations to expand their constituency base, to build public will, and to further public understanding of specific social issues." This link points to a section focused on framing education communications. Browse the web site to learn more.

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The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation Approach - Turning Outward
From the web site: "The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation is a nonpartisan, independent nonprofit that teaches, coaches and inspires people and organizations to solve pressing problems and change how communities work together."

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The Struggle of Narratives-Attempting to Visualize It - 2002
This introduction was posted in 2002: "However else we characterize the current world situation, we must acknowledge that we are involved in a struggle of worldviews (or as some have called it, a "struggle of narratives"). It may not be a Huntington's "clash of civilizations" but it is most certainly a struggle of ideas. However else we characterize the current world situation, we must acknowledge that we are involved in a struggle of worldviews (or as some have called it, a "struggle of narratives"). It may not be a Huntington's "clash of civilizations" but it is most certainly a struggle of ideas." The problem is still with us many years later. This is one of many papers by Dr. Robert E. Horn at Stanford University. Browse the site and make this part of your own learning. "

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Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
Much of the Links Library on the T/MC site is hosted with concepts of Inventive Problem Solving in mind. TRIZ is a process of innovation and creativity that was developed over the past sixty years. Visit the web site to learn more about TRIZ.

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Theory U and The Presencing Institute (PI)
From the web site: "Building upon two decades of action research at MIT, the process shows how individuals, teams, organizations and large systems can build the essential leadership capacities needed to address the root causes of today’s social, environmental, and spiritual challenges. In essence, we show how to update the operating code in our societal systems through a shift in consciousness from ego-system to eco-system awareness." Browse the web site to learn more.

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They Rule the Net - understanding corporate power connections
From the web site: "They Rule aims to provide a glimpse of some of the relationships of the US ruling class. It takes as its focus the boards of some of the most powerful U.S. companies, which share many of the same directors. Some individuals sit on 5, 6 or 7 of the top 1000 companies. It allows users to browse through these interlocking directories and run searches on the boards and companies. A user can save a map of connections complete with their annotations and email links to these maps to others. They Rule is a starting point for research about these powerful individuals and corporations." This site could be listed as "cool technology" because of what it's trying to do. Browse and see how it works for you.

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Think Tank List - SourceWatch
This site provides this definition for Think Tanks. "A think tank (also called a policy institute) is an organization, institute, corporation, or group that conducts research and engages in advocacy in public policy."

Editor note: We would like to find funding to do research or more consistent collection and sharing of information at the Tutor/Mentor Connection. Can you help us find benefactor to sponsor this?

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Toolkit for building virtual communities (last updated 2007)
This is part of a wealth of resources shared by Full Circle Associates in the early years of Internet and on-line community development.

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Tools & Resources for Accessing Social Impact (TRASI)
From the web site: "Tools and Resources for Assessing Social Impact (TRASI) is a searchable, expert-reviewed database of over 150 approaches to measuring the impact of social programs and investments. It also features a community portal for nonprofits, grantmakers, and social enterprises to connect with peers and evaluation experts."

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Transition Networks - a movement of communities coming together
From the web site: "Transition is a movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world. Here we explain what it is, why people do it, how the movement started and give you a sense of our underpinning principles and approach." Visit the site and learn more.

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Tutor/Mentor Connection Map Gallery
This site shows maps and blog articles created by Tutor/Mentor Connection since 2008 that are aimed at drawing volunteers and donors to the maps, then to volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in different parts of the Chicago region.

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Tutor/Mentor Connection Map Gallery (2000-09)
This site demonstrates potential uses of maps to draw volunteers and donors to tutor/mentor programs in different neighborhoods. T/MC maps aim to pinpoint potential partners for tutor/mentor programs in these areas, such as businesses, hospitals and churches. Maps can show expressways -- demonstrating the accessibility to the neighborhood and the tutor/mentor site to all those who use it each day. This means that one day a week, someone could stop at a tutor/mentor site to serve as a tutor, a mentor, a role model, for kids who don't have as many adult friends as they need. Visit the TMC MAP LIBRARY for the REST OF THE STORY. Note. A new Map Gallery was put in place in 2009. Visit to see maps made since 2008.

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Understanding social networks on Twitter
This article talks about how social network analysis can help build an understanding of the different ways people group and interact on Twitter. For those working to draw people from social networks to a specific interest area, or a product/service, this offers a building block of understanding.

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