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Blog connecting T/MC and Africa
This blog is written by Abdiel Kude who I've been networking and sharing ideas with for more than five years.

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Blogs where Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC connecting with others
This concept map is a place where I'm archiving conversations via blog articles that Dan Bassill, founder of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC, has been having with people from around the US and the world. Write about the T/MC and I'll add you to the map.

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Classroom 20 ed technology forum - Dan Bassill Page
This was one of the earliest on-line communities for people who use technology in education and schools and continues to be a hob for a global learning community. This page points to the personal profile page and blog articles of Dan Bassill, founder of Tutor/Mentor Connection, who joined the forum in 2007.

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Connect on Linked IN
This is Dan Bassill's profile page.  Dan is part of several Groups forming on Linked In such as one on volunteerism and this hosted by the Mentoring Partnership of New  York.

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Dan Bassill's Tutor/Mentor Blog - focuses on building strong organizations
Bassill and 6 other volunteers created the Tutor/Mentor Connection and Cabrini Connections in 1992. Bassill started writing this blog in 2005 and uses it as a "text book" of ideas that anyone in the world can learn from. Past articles are as valuable as current ones.

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Public Innovators Blog
Public Innovators is a nonpartisan Root Cause initiative that introduces policymakers and government agencies to social entrepreneurship and guides them in identifying and advancing innovative, results-oriented solutions to pressing social problems.

Building on two Root Cause reports that offer research findings and policy recommendations, this blog focuses on advancing knowledge in the field, connecting stakeholders to a supportive network, and providing practical support and guidance to public sector innovators committed to advancing social entrepreneurship.

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SI Career Services Blog, University of Michigan

This is an example of how we seek to interact with departments at various universities around the country to share our ideas and connect volunteers, interns, faculty and alumni with the work we are doing.

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Social Entrepreneurship Forums

Social entrepreneurship is emerging as a category of innovation and problem solving. This link points to some sites where the T/MC shares ideas and learns from others.

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TakePart - Waiting for Superman site

TakePart is an independent online community that connects its members directly to the issues that inspire them to engage, contribute and take action.

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Tutor/Mentor Connection Daily

This is a newspaper format showing comments posted by Twitter people that I'm following.  Launched 3/8/2011

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Tutor/Mentor Connection on Facebook
Tutor/Mentor Connection is now part of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC. Same goals as before. Hopefully more ways to generate revenue and share ideas. Join our Facebook Group or invite us to be part of your group.
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Tutor/Mentor Connection on hosts networking space so we've set a Tutor/Mentor Connection space up in order to meet people who come to this forum.
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Tutor/Mentor Leadership & Networking Conference
Every six months since May 1994 the Tutor/Mentor Connection has hosted a conference in Chicago. (Nov. 06 will be the first year we've not hosted this event due to lack of funds, and a host to donate space for a site). 
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Tutormentorteam on Twitter
Follow the Tutor/Mentor Connection on Twitter.  We started using this in mid June 2009.
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Use of Maps -2009 YouthToday article focuses on T/MC work
This article focus on the Tutor/Mentor Connection's use of maps. When you go to the YouthToday site, do a search for "tutor/mentor" to find more articles where the expertise of the Tutor/Mentor Connection is drawn upon.
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