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A Collection of Resources for Teaching Social Justice
This article focuses on the question "What is Social Justice and How does it fit into education curriculum?" A good resource for educators, tutors and mentors.

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Community Work Institute - supports strategic service learning
CWI seeks to to "support and promote exemplary teaching strategies and practices for K-16 and community programs that support students becoming caring, responsible and active members of their communities. It's focus is on supporting curriculum that has place as the context, service-learning as the strategy, and sustainability as the goal. "

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Kids Tales - teenagers making change in the world
Description provided by Kevin Hodgson: "Kids Tales provides free writing camps with paths to publication for young writers, often in communities that are struggling. All camps are organized and run by teenagers. The teens write curriculum, pitch for funding, and created a non-profit. In fact, the entire Kids Tales organization is completely run by teenagers."

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RECLAIM. a UK youth leadership and social change organisation
From the web site: "RECLAIM exists to end the leadership inequality that prevents working class young people with talent, imagination, ambition and drive, from fulfilling their leadership potential. We support young people who refuse to be silent: they fight for their voices to be heard. We run intensive, high impact leadership programmes for 12-15 year olds from working class communities and support them through an Alumni Network until they are 22. We also develop and deliver - alongside our young people - a range of pilot projects and campaigns on issues that affect working class communities. "

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Restorative Justice - learn what it is
From the web site: "Restorative justice theory and programs have emerged over the past 35 years as an increasingly influential world-wide alternative to criminal justice practice."

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Write4Change is building a global collaboration community "designed to connect teachers who believe that young people writing for real and meaningful audiences and purposes can lead to social change. The Write 4 Change Project provides students opportunities to write for social action, challenge inequality, and make change in and across their communities."

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Writing our Civic Futures - Youth Voice and Participation - Oct 2017
From the web site: "Writing Our Civic Futures, our collaborative annotation project with Marginal Syllabus, is underway (Oct. 2017)! October’s conversation examines youth voice and participation, and the tools and strategies young people are using to organize for social change." Visit this site and read more about this project and ways you can get involved.

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Youth Voices - Letters to the President-2009
Nearly 10,000 youth wrote letters to the president during this 2009 event. This will be repeated in 2016.

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Adult Literacy Volunteers - Fox Valley
From the web site: "Literacy Volunteers - Fox Valley provides free, one-to-one literacy tutoring to adults in St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Elburn, Campton Township, LaFox, Lily Lake, Wasco and Wayne, Illinois. Lessons help people learn to read, write, understand and speak English better. Tutors don't have to have a background in education or a second language to be effective. Tutors will meet with one adult for one hour a week at a time and public location that is convenient. Tutor training will familiarize volunteers with the most up-to-date methods used to teach adults reading, writing and English as a second language.

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Aging Out Institute - Resource for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care
From the web site: " serves four groups of people: a) Foster youth approaching the age of 18: b) Former foster youth who are dealing with life after foster care; c) Foster parents; d) Government and other foster program professionals who work with foster youth

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Albany Park Theater Project - focuses on youth and social justice
From the web site: "Albany Park Theater Project is a multiethnic, youth theater ensemble that inspires people to envision a more just and beautiful world. We are dedicated to art, to youth, and a vision of social justice."

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AllowGood - Empower all youth through the tools of philanthropy
From the web site: "Allow Good equips youth with the knowledge, skills, and capacity to take meaningful action in their communities. We inspire youth to become actively engaged in addressing social challenges throughout their lives. This addresses a pressing need facing our society - engaging youth in their communities to create a society of socially engaged citizens.

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Alternative Schools Network (ASN)
The Alternative Schools Network (ASN) is a not-for-profit organization in Chicago working to provide quality education with a specific emphasis on inner-city children, youth and adults. Since 1973, the ASN has been supporting community based and community-run programs to develop and expand training and other educational services in Chicago's inner-city neighborhoods. In addition to supporting direct services, ASN has been a consistent and effective advocate for community based services whereby the people involved are active participants in developing and running programs not passive recipients of services. The web site has an on-line Directory that you can find schools, alternative schools, and community based organizations.

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Asian Human Services - Adult Education & Charter School
From the web site: "Asian Human Services offers a range of services for people at all stages of learning, from the two year old in her first classroom to the senior citizen learning how to use a computer, and every age in between. Our main educational services are offered through Passages Charter School, a pre-K to 8th grade school located in the Edgewater neighborhood, and the LEAF Program, located in West Ridge, which offers ESL and computer classes for adults as well as preschool and after-school programming. We are especially committed to serving low-income immigrants from Asia and around the world."

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Black Youth Project 100
From the web site: "Black Youth Project 100 (BYP 100) is an activist member-based organization of Black 18-35 year olds, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people. We do this through building a collective focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy and education."

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Boys Hope Girls Hope of Illinois
From the web site: "Since 1979, Boys Hope Girls Hope of Illinois has offered scholarships to Chicago area children who are academically capable – all of whom come from families deeply troubled by poverty, homelessness, gang or domestic violence, drug use and other seemingly insurmountable challenges. We empower children, through education, to break the cycle of poverty that can trap families for generations."

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Camp Fire - leadership programs for teens
From the web site: "Camp Fire’s Teen Service and Leadership Programs provide a variety of opportunities to help teens develop as effective and engaged citizens, now. Through Camp Fire’s Thrive{ology}framework, teens learn to identify community needs, issues, or challenges; decide what issues they want to advocate for; and then take action to make a difference in their communities. Each workshop, in a Camp Fire program, may be tailored to the students and teacher curricula needs. Workshops can be held during a class or in an after school club. Each Camp Fire curricula is aligned with Illinois State Core Standards."

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Campaign For Youth a program of CLASP

The Campaign for Youth is a coordinated effort continues to a) Raise the visibility of disconnected youth; b) Encourage youth issues to resonate at all levels of government and community; c) Create a collective voice, consensus and policy recommendations; d) Impact policy and stimulate action

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Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition
From the web site: "Together, we promote equal access to high quality lifelong learning opportunities in order to build healthy and sustainable communities. CCLC's goal is to advocate for member agencies by providing them with current resources that include, staff development training, information on current policy issues, and necessary resources to connect them with other entities that will enhance the advancement of their adult learners."

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Chicago Literacy Alliance
From the web site: "The Chicago Literacy Alliance is an association of agencies operating in and around the city to help meet literacy needs for people of all ages and backgrounds. We are dedicated to increasing the combined impact of the community’s literacy agencies by providing opportunities for creative and effective collaboration."

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Chicago Youth Community Film Festival - 2015
From the web site: "Alternative Schools Network (ASN) and Community TV Network (CTVN) celebrated student-created films from 8 of Chicago's community-based alternative schools with a festival and awards ceremony in the Chicago Cultural Center's beautiful Claudia Cassidy Theater. This 8th annual Chicago Youth Community Film Festival (CYCFF) showcased the collaborative video pieces of aspiring student filmmakers." Visit the link and watch the videos.

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Chicago Youth Voices Network
From the web site: "The Chicago Youth Voices Network is a collaborative of youth media programs, professionals and organizations working together to strengthen the youth media sector in Chicago. By gathering leaders together for peer learning, advocacy and joint projects, the Chicago Youth Voices Network works to strengthen the organizations that amplify the voices of our city’s young people, their families and communities."

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Civic Leadership Foundation - Teaches Leadership Skills
From the web site: "The Civic Leadership Foundation (CLF) prepares underserved teenagers for college, career and active citizenship. CLF partners with principals, teachers, and youth program directors to deliver empowering, project-based curriculum that teaches young people critical life-long leadership skills such as collaboration, resourcefulness and accountability."

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Disabled Youth Peer Development Initiative
From the web site: "Sponsored by the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD), the Disabled Youth Peer Development Initiative (DYPDI) encourages the development of independent living skills and leadership abilities of young people with disabilities."

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DREAMS Youth Build (Dedicated, Responsible, Educated, Accountable, Motivated and Self-Sufficient)
This is a New York City program that targets "young adults, ages 17-24, who are unemployed and lacking a high school diploma."

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