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Project Based Learning - Exploring the Landscape of PBL and Instruction
As part of the Jan-March 2014 Deeper Learning MOOC ideas about student engagement in social, economic and environmental problem solving are being shared. This blog shows how students were engaged in an environmental learning effort.

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Resources to facilitate learning - Maker Ed
From the web site: "Maker Ed is a national non-profit organization that provides educators and institutions with the training, resources, and community of support they need to create engaging, inclusive, and motivating learning experiences through maker education."

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Teach the Web (MOOC) - archive of 2013 event
This article was written by one of the bloggers who I connected with during the 2013 ETMOOC. Read it and see how on-line events are being organized, with the help of participants from many different locations, to benefit them, and many others. This is a model that others can duplicate.

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Teaching Technology and Learning - Milestomes blog
From the blog site of Miles MacFarlane: "This Blog is the thinking space in which I articulate and record experiences, ideas, successes, challenges, plans. It is also the space where I build on ideas encountered elsewhere and make it public, learning out loud, so to speak. I appreciate the engagement with others that these reflections create."

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The Achievement Gap, Rural, Poor, Distant and Tribal – Two Americas for Opportunity
Good article defining the education and economic achievement gap in America. The writer says "The Achievement Gap has both social and economical roots, and it’s a problem that not only affects the futures of individuals, but costs our country billions of dollars a year. Without addressing these underlying factors, the very prosperity and leadership abilities of our country is threatened."

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The Best MOOC Platforms of 2017 - from
This article is an in-depth review of MOOC hosting platforms and is one of many similar articles that can be found on the site.

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The College Puzzle - by Dr. Michael W. Krist
This blog discusses the important and complex subjects of college completion, college success, student risk factors (for failing), college readiness, and academic preparation.

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The Education Innovator - US Dept of Ed - archive
This is an archived web site of the US Department of Education supporting innovation and collaboration. The site contains a wealth of usable information.

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The Flipped Classroom - what is it?
From the web site: "A disruptive revolution in pedagogy, or yet another educational fad?" Read more.

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The MOOC Ecosystem - by Stephen Downes
From the web site: "Stephen Downes is a specialist in online learning technology and new media. Downes is perhaps best known for his daily newsletter, OLDaily, which is distributed by web, email and RSS to thousands of subscribers around the world, and as the originator of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), is a leading voice in online and networked learning, has authored learning management and content syndication software. He is known as a leading proponent of connectivism, a theory describing how people know and learn using network processes. " This links is really an entry point to a vast library of ideas represented by Stephen Downes and a network of learning experts.

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The Pedagogy of MOOCs - Paul Stacey 2013 article
This is a good overview of the growth of MOOCs up till 2013.

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The Rise Of The Niche Social Network - 2013
This 2013 article shows how smaller communities of practice are emerging on the internet to focus on issues of importance to their members. MOOCs can support such niche networks as can content libraries like this one. The Tutor/Mentor Connection is an example of a niche network. It has been trying to connect donors, volunteers, business leaders, non profit leaders, students, etc. for more than 20 years.

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Tips for Blogging in Education
During the 2013 Education Technology and Media MOOC more than 600 people posted frequent blog articles to introduce themselves, share ideas, and test new learning. Sue Waters created this blog post with many ideas for enhancing your use of blogs.

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Tips for creating animated GIFs
As part of the 2013 Education and Technology MOOC many people shared ideas for digital story telling. This blog has several articles that can serve as tutorials for creating animations and GIFs.

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Tips for running a MOOC from #teachtheweb
This article provides a tremendous amount of information about organizing a MOOC, based on experiences with this Teach The Web event.

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Virtually Connecting - What is it? Why add it to a conference?
This link provides information about what Virtually Connecting is, with a list of articles to read to expand your understanding. In one article this description is offered "Virtually Connecting seeks to enliven virtual participation in academic conferences, widening access to a fuller conference experience for those who cannot be physically present at conferences."

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What I learned from Flipping the MOOC
This article shows more ideas about MOOCs and how to create your own.

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