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cMOOCs and xMOOCs – key differences - 2013 article
Much has changed since 2013, but these differences are worth taking a look at.

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Connected Learning - 2015
From the web site: "Educator Innovator and its partners support learning opportunities for teachers, youth workers, mentors, librarians, and museum educators that are open, re-mixable, and typically free or low-cost — and share the goal of more powerful and connected learning for youth."

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Connectivism and Connective Knowledge - Stephen Downes - 2011
ThisHuffington Post article introduces a 2011 MOOC co-organized by Stephen Downes. The article provides a good introduction to connected learning and this version of MOOCs.

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Critical Thinking, Reflective Practice - articles about MOOCs
Probe, create change, reflect blog is about MOOCs, critical thinking, reflection, collaboration, etc. This link points to articles focused on MOOCs.

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Curation of Posts about Open Pedogogy
This blog article by Maha Bali is a list of some some relatively recent work on the topic of open pedagogy. In one of the articles she points to, by Jim Luke, pedagogy is described as " It’s a process. It’s a method of creating a desired outcome." Keep that in mind as you look at the articles on this list.

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Dave Pollard's How to Save the World Blog
Dave Pollard is one of the early leaders of the connectivist MOOC movement. He uses graphics to clarify his ideas, and has an extensive collection of articles on creativity, innovation, knowledge management and innovation on this web site.

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Developing a 21st Century Vision for Education - ETMOOC Participant
Lorraine Boulos started writing her blog during the 2013 ETMOOC event. This link points to a 2016 article."

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Education Week Blog
Education Week is one of the leading resources for education related ideas. This link points to blogs on the site.

This link ( goes to a 2008 article written the day Arne Duncan was named to be Secretary of Education in the Obama administration.

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Education, Technolopgy and Media MOOC - 2013
This on-line event connected more than 1000 learners from around the world with each other over a two month period. Visit and learn more about the potential of this type of MOOC. Borrow from the format to create your own on-line event.

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Edutopia Blogs
Edutopia Blogs and Videos share many ideas that leaders and volunteers in tutor/mentor programs might incorporate into their own thinking.

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Emerging Technologies in Education - 2013 ETMOOC Participant
These are articles written by Sherry Hegstrom during the 2013 ETMOOC.

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Experience Institute Studio - Chicago
From the web site: "We believe experiences can drive deep learning - to gain the skills to shape your own future, the agency to meaningfully engage in your community, and the confidence to tackle the world's most pressing problems.
We are continually developing new professional development offerings, curricula, and learning products that build educators’ capacity to facilitate high-impact experiential learning opportunities for their students." Visit this link to learn more.

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Grad Nation Action Center - An Americas Promise project
America's Promise launched in early 2014, with a goal of it becoming the "premier online destination for users seeking to learn about, connect into and act on behalf of the GradNation movement."

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How to create a MOOC - the CLMOOC
This 2014 article includes a video and some great graphics to show how others might create their own MOOC to connect learners and leaders. This is one of many great education related articles by Kevin Hodgson on this blog.

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I’m Helping to #TeachTheWeb – Join Me! 2013 ETMOOC participant
Margaret Powers was another active blogger during the 2013 ETMOOC.

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Innovator's Mindset cMOOC - started in 2016
This cMOOC is structured around a book discussion, and encourages participants to write blog articles, create videos, participate in Twitter chats and more.

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Inspiration for cMOOCs - from late 2000s
This is the introduction page of the, which was held in 2007 or 2008 and is one of the first on-line MOOCs to be held Facilitators were George Siemens, Stephen Downes, and Dave Cormier.

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Knowledge Metric in Education
The writer focuses on future of schools as places where youth are learning to "ask better questions and learn when to apply knowledge, not just what knowledge to apply".

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Learning is Change Video Blog - ETMOOC project
During the 2013 ETMOOC Ben Wilkoff demonstrated the use of video as a form of blogging. This could be done by youth and volunteers in any tutor/mentor program on a weekly basis. Browse the blog to see current articles, videos, podcasts, more.

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Life-long-Learners - ETMOOC articles
These are articles written by Brian Metcalfe during the Jan-March 2013 ETMOOC. Browse the site to read current articles.

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Making Learning Connected - MOOC
This is a MOOC that started in June 2013 and has continued each year through 2019. Focus is on connectivity and learning. Join in. Use #clmooc to connect on Twitter.

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More about cMOOCs. "Whenever you arrive is the perfect time."
This is a blog article written by Kevin Hodgson, a 6th grade teacher from Western Massachusetts, who is also one of the co-organizers of a Connected Learning MOOC that started in 2013 and has repeated through 2016. It captures the spirit of this type of MOOC.

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National Writing Project - Digital IS
From the web site: "If digital is how we write, share, collaborate, publish, and participate today and into the future, what does that mean for the teaching of writing and connected learning? The NWP Digital Is website is a forum for exploring that question and we invite you to participate."

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NewSchools & New Tools: PD, Games & MOOCs
This is a blog I learned about during the 2013 ETMOOC. The web site intro says "The Getting Smart blog located at covers formal and informal topics in K-12, higher ed and lifelong learning. Authors cover developments in research, technology, entrepreneurs, methods and more to bring its readers some of the most fascinating and innovative strategies around education today."

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Personal Learning Networks: Learning in a Connected World
This blog provides many reasons for forming your own PLN (personal learning network) saying "Social learning and collaboration is a mindset, an attitude and not just a set of tools." Teaching this mindset to youth so it becomes a life-long habit could be part of the goal of tutor/mentor programs.

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