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In Search of Connected Learning - a cMOOC
This is a transcript of a keynote address delivered at University of Edinburgh’s eLearning@Ed: Making Connections conference. The presentation addresses the question "What Is Connected Learning?"
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Information Visualization MOOC offered by Indiana University
For those interested in information visualization this is a FREE opportunity to learn.
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Activate Learning Solutions - ETMOOC
Helen Blunden was an active participant in the 2013 ETMOOC. Read her posts and follow the links.
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21st Century Learning Interview, 12_06
Steve Hargadon writes about K-12 educational technology: collaborative web technologies, free and open source software, e-learning, & School 2.0
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A Slow MOOC Movement - critical thinking ideas
This blog is about MOOCs, critical thinking, reflection, collaboration, etc.
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Achievement Gap - Two America's for Opportunity
Good article defining the education and economic achievement gap in America. The writer says "The Achievement Gap has both social and economical roots, and it’s a problem that not only affects the futures of individuals, but costs our country billions of dollars a year. Without addressing these underlying factors, the very prosperity and leadership abilities of our country is threatened."
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Big Data and Literacy - ETMOOC blog
This article was written by Thomas Salmon during the Jan-March 2013 ETMOOC.
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Blog connecting education, technology and learning
This blog and its links provide a path that tutor/mentor leaders and volunteers could follow to learn more about ways to help build student aspirations, learning skills, and networks of people who will help kids to careers.
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Building Creative Bridges - ETMOOC articles
Paul Signorelli, "a San Francisco-based writer, trainer, presenter, social media strategist, learning advocate, and consultant with more than 20 years of experience" wrote a series of excellent blog articles during the Jan-March 2013 ETMOOC.
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Capture student responses without costly clickers
This article shows low-cost ways to obtain student response to classroom learning which are alternatives to expensive "clicker" technology.
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Change.MOOC.Ca - learn about instructional technology innovations
During late 2011 different education technology researchers and instructors participated in leading weekly, self-directed learning sessions in this on-line community. The archives of each week's session are available, leading to an extensive library of ideas and experiences that anyone in the world can draw from.

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Charter Schools for Rich Kids? It's happening.
This Bloomberg article is titled "Taxpayers Get Billed for Kids of Millionaires at Charter School" and describes how a small percent of charter schools serve youth far above the poverty line.
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cMOOC that would not die
Alan Levine's blog article is a powerful endorsement of cMOOCs like the 2013 Education, Technology and Media MOOC
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Connected Learning - 2015
From the web site: "Educator Innovator and its partners support learning opportunities for teachers, youth workers, mentors, librarians, and museum educators that are open, re-mixable, and typically free or low-cost — and share the goal of more powerful and connected learning for youth. "
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Connectivism and Connective Knowledge - Stephen Downes
This Huffington Post article introduces a 2011 MOOC co-organized by Stephen Downes. The article provides a good introduction to connected learning and this version of MOOCs.
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Deeper Learning MOOC - Jan 2014
This page describes the goals of the Deeper Learning MOOC held from Jan to March 2014
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Education Week Blog
This link goes to an article written the day Arne Duncan was named to be Secretary of Education in the Obama administration.  There are other links to similar stories, and a wider range of blogs on education issues.
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Education, Technolopgy and Media MOOC - 2013
This on-line event connected more than 1000 learners from around the world with each other over a two month period. Visit and learn more about the potential of this type of MOOC.
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Edutopia Blogs

Edutopia Blogs and Videos share many ideas that leaders and volunteers in tutor/mentor programs might incorporate into their own thinking.

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EdVocate West

This is the blog of the Education Trust West , focusing on education issues in California and Western states.

The challenges are the same for people in Chicago and the rest of the country.
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Emerging Technologies in Education - ETMOOC
These are articles written by Sherry Hegstrom during the 2013 ETMOOC.
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Example of student involvement in environmental issue
As part of the Jan-March 2014 Deeper Learning MOOC ideas about student engagement in social, economic and environmental problem solving are being shared. This blog shows how students were engaged in an environmental learning effort.
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Getting to Clarity of Purpose - thoughts on leadership and education
This is one of many thoughtful articles that anyone organizing a group of people to solve a complex problem should include in their reading list.
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Global Trends in Education - wiki
From the wiki: "In January 2012 one hundred educators from around the globe were invited to Austin, Texas to mark the tenth anniversary of the New Media Consortium Horizon Project, and reflect on no less than the future of education. A Communique from the event listed 10 Major Trends that are having an impact on education globally."

Visit the wiki and learn what the trends are. Add your own ideas.

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Grad Nation Action Center - An Americas Promise project
America's Promise launched in early 2014, with a goal of it becoming the "premier online destination for users seeking to learn about, connect into and act on behalf of the GradNation movement."
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