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Mapping the American Experience, Book by Book
This article describes "A collaboration between the award-winning author Susan Straight and Esri results in an interactive map of 737 regionally inspired American novels". Click the link in the article and dig into the ESRI story map by zooming into sections of the country and then clicking on icons to see what author and book focuses on that place.

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Philosophy and Children's Literature - Lesson Plans
From the web site: "These literature lesson plans are geared toward elementary school age students, some more particularly for younger elementary school students and some for older students. All of these books can also be used with middle and high school students, with adaptations of the questions."

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Reading Rockets - Multi Media Literacy Initiative
From the web site: "Reading Rockets is a national multimedia literacy initiative offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help."

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Cool Classics - introducing youth to classics
From the web site: "Cool Classics! uses classic books to connect children to a unified world of reading, art, culture, humanities and ideas. An award-winning journalist who substitute teaches in the Chicago Public Schools designed Cool Classics! to mix pedagogy and play for small groups of elementary public school students in an after-school setting."

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Creative Arts Ideas and Projects
This site is named "Bad Dog Rediscovers America". Don't let that stop you from visiting. It's full of ideas for art education and mentoring of disadvantaged at-risk children and youth. Bad Dog Rediscovers America is a non profit arts organization run by artist mentors who help kids develop art excellence.

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Film Education web site - archive
While this site is an archive, it contains numerous projects that students, tutors and educators to learn to use film in curriculum and in learning.

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Help Children Grow their Vocabulary
From the web site: "my400words is a student-driven system that can increase a student’s vocabulary by 400 words each year. The words are chosen carefully from across the curriculum and embedded in meaningful contexts. Multiple interactions with each word maximize the likelihood of words being integrated into each student’s active vocabulary. A vocabulary portfolio is generated that travels with each child K-12. my400words turns the celebrated research in Bringing Words To Life into a daily practice for students."

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Help for Kids Who Struggle to Learn to Read
Reading Rockets offers a wealth of strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn to read.

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Incorporating Drama into learning
Educators are learning that incorporating drama into learning can engage the student more than traditional teaching. This site hosts workshops where others can learn about this concept.

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Making Childrfen's Books Come Alive with Technology
From the web site: "WebQuests and other Internet projects provide children opportunities to use critical thinking skills, make decisions and collaborate with their peers. Most of these online activities have a real life purpose or audience. Children are motivated by these online challenges." This links points to one of many resources on this site.

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Videos showing how to use music and rhyme to teach English
This site has a number of creative videos that parents, tutors and classroom teachers can use to engage youth in learning English.

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Visual aids for reading. Dolphin Producer
From the web site: "This web site talks about computer software that is used to help people affected by print impairments and dyslexia. Dolphin Producer combines a simple word reading tool and a revolutionary DAISY Digital Talking Book (DTB) creation tool. It allows on-screen information to be converted into audio and read back directly from the computer, as well as quickly converting the on-screen text into a fully synchronised text and audio DTB the perfect solution for anyone affected by print impairment.

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