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Alternatives to Skype - 2017 info
Many are looking for free alternatives to Skype. This article points to a few.

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Buncee - a creative and presentation tool for teachers
Here's how Buncee is described on their web site: "A creation and presentation tool for students and educators to create interactive classroom content, allowing learners of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively." This link points to a page showing projects completed by students using Buncee.

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Create e-Books from blog articles, PDFs, etc. -
If you write a lot of blog articles and have wanted to format them into pdfs and other types of publications this is a tool you might use. It does have a monthly fee.

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Free courses to learn how to use latest technology and social media
From the web site: "TechBoomers offers free articles that teach people how to use technology to make their lives easier (and more fun!)." Browse the site to see all that they offer.

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Glitch - helps everyone build web pages
From the web site: "Glitch is a simple tool for making web aps. It's a community. It's a company that aims to push the tech world to do better.."

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Learn to code interactively, for free.
I'd like to think youth at the Youth Service Project tech program for introducing this site to me. If you want to teach yourself to code, this is a great site to go to.

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LittleSis-mapping connections - free database of who-knows-who
From the website: "LittleSis is a free database detailing the connections between powerful people and organizations. We bring transparency to influential social networks by tracking the key relationships of politicians, business leaders, lobbyists, financiers, and their affiliated institutions. We help answer questions such as:

* Who do the wealthiest Americans donate their money to?
* Where did White House officials work before they were appointed?
* Which lobbyists are married to politicians, and who do they lobby for?

All of this information is public, but scattered. We bring it together in one place. "

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Map a List - visualize your information on Google Map
This site offers "a wizard for creating and managing customized Google maps of address lists". Looks like a useful tool.

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Metrics to evaluate your web site
Type in your web address and see where you rank with others in the US and the world.This link points to a page where the site (this one) is evaluated. Go to the home page and enter any URL and get a report.

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Pixabay - Free images and videos you can use anywhere
This web site has a library of images that can be freely used in blogs, web sites, letters, etc.

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Pixlr - free image editing tools
Includes free web-based photo editor makes editing photos easy.

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ReClipped- Highlight Online Videos to Share
This looks like a useful tool. Web site says "Annotate, collect, and share parts of online videos Share anywhere, LEGALLY. No downloading or screen-recording involved."

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Technology Tools list created via #CLMOOC
This is a list created by participants in the Connected Learning MOOC of 2014. It shows a wide range of technology tools that can unleash creativity of students, volunteers and staff.

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Tell a story using Story Maps
From the web site: "StoryMapJS is a free tool to help you tell stories on the web that highlight the locations of a series of events." Here's a story created using StoryMap:

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Text Animation Tool - easy to use
This site is a fun, easy tool that can be used to animate short text phrases. Put in your organization name, Twitter handle, etc. and create an image you can share on social media.

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The Fabulous Remixer Machine - a visual voice
Here's a cool tool to use to create visuals for your blogs, Tweets and FB posts. The intro says, "The Remixer Machine is a web app that aims to provide people with a visual voice, especially to those who might not consider themselves “arty” - or who don’t have the graphical tools to create.

It uses an SVG template that allows certain parts of the SVG to be modified. SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) describe an image by using markup language. This means that they provide the ability for someone to very simply change a discrete part of the image. In short, they provide the perfect scaffold for visual remixing." The link points to a collection of cards created using the app.

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Twitter chat analysis tool - IconoHash
This is a Twitter tool that shows participation in #hashtag chats. Take a look.

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Use #TAGS to understand Twitter interactions
From the web site: "TAGS is a free Google Sheet template which lets you setup and run automated collection of search results from Twitter."

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Use Wakelet! to archive Twitter #chats
This link points to posts I've made on Twitter, using hashtag #tutor #mentor #learning. I used the Wakelet tool to do this. If you have used Storify in pre 2018 archives, this serves as a replacement.

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10 Tools for Creating Infographics and Visualizations
This blog article provides a list of tools that can be used to create visualizations and infographics.

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Apps and Tech Tools for NonProfits - 2016
This list on the NonProfit Tech for Good site offers a number of low-cost or free apps and online tools available to nonprofits. The web page says "Provided you set aside the time to explore and experiment, your nonprofit can use the apps and tools listed below to significantly improve your web, email, social media, and visual content.

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Archive tweets, around a search term or hashtag
This article provides some tips and suggested tools to archive Twitter tweets focused on specific searches or #hashtags. Seems useful.

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Calameo - document publishing
Calaméo is an online document publishing company. Visit this link to see the range of services they offer.

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CamStudio- Free Screen Capture Technology
From the web site: "CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)" Note: Tutor/Mentor Connection has used this to create videos explaining information we share.

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Community Technology Tools - Wiki List of Brian G. Dowling
Brian's been keeping a list of useful technology on his wiki. Take some time to brows the list and see if any will be useful t you in your work.

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