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The Churchill Club of Australia
From the web site: The Churchill Club is "Supporting businesses to scale-up by sparking conversations, facilitating connections and encouraging knowledge sharing in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology."

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The Citizen's Media - a networking platform fostering and rewarding conversations that serve people and planet
From the web site: The Citizens Media® (CM) is "a networking platform for bringing conversations and funds to community based projects that help people and planet to thrive."

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The Common Roof - Co-location example
This is an example of a social enterprise supporting a variety of non profits and other SE's focusing on common purpose. From the web site: "The Common Roof is a community-based social enterprise providing sustainable and professional workspace for human-service and non-profit organizations. The Common Roof not only provides stable, affordable workspace, infrastructure and shared services to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness, but also provides opportunities for cross-organizational collaboration between partner organizations."

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The Commons as a Transformative Vision
From the web site: "This essay originally appeared in The Wealth of the Commons, which is a collection of 73 essays describe the enormous potential of the commons in conceptualizing and building a better future."

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The Enspiral Network - New Zealand
Visit this site to see a description of the Enspiral Network, described as: "Social enterprise ventures and social entrepreneurs working together with shared vision and values."

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The Rockefeller Foundation - Impact Investing
From the web site: Among many other initiatives, "The Foundation has also contributed to the evolution of the investing landscape, pioneering the field of impact investing, through which investors can make investments with the intent of generating both profit and social and/or environmental impact. Through our grantmaking over the last nine years, we have invested more than $40 million in building the networks, measurements, and standards that have enabled impact investing to mature into a tool for investors. In a signal of its growth, in 2015, at the behest of clients, the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, launched its own impact investing portfolio."

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The Wealth of the Commons - A World Beyond Market and State
From the web site: "Over the past few years an explosion of innovative activism, scholarship and projects focused on the commons has been gaining momentum around the world. This growing movement consists of activists fighting international land grabs and the privatization of water; commoners collectively managing forests, fisheries and farmlands; Internet users generating software and Web content that can be shared and improved; and urban dwellers reclaiming public spaces. The Wealth of the Commons brings together the most vibrant strands of this burgeoning international work into a single volume, revealing the significant potential of the commons as a new force in politics, economics and culture."

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Top Social Entrepreneur Blogs - recommendation
This is a 2012 list of 30 social entrepreneur blogs that are recommended by Evan Carmichael on his blog.

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Trends in crowdfunding-2013
From this article: "After surveying more than 350 active crowdfunding platforms, including IndieGoGo, CrowdCube, Symbid, and Gambitious (full site directory at, and completing an in-depth analysis of market trends, research firm Massolution has identified five major crowdfunding developments for 2013 and beyond."

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Try Timshel's - "The Groundwork" platform
The Groundwork is a "web platform powering the next generation of social impact websites and apps". View this link to see how it works.

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Understanding dynamics of peer-to-peer networks - slideshare
If you're building a network-based strategy and looking for ways to generate income, this can be useful information.

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Unique crowdfunding sites - 2013 article
This article highlights some crowd funding platforms that could be models others use to support specific sector social benefit organizations.

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Verb U, the next chapter of the Dell Social Innovation Challenge!
From the web site: "University students and recent graduates can join Verb U to enter exciting entrepreneurship competitions run by Verb in partnership with global companies, foundations and governments." Need to log in to the site to see features.

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Verge - supports tech entrepreneurs and start ups
From the web site: " (Verge) is about connecting founders, builders, and investors with each other. We provide education, resources, networks, and live events to help make starting a company outside of Silicon Valley easier for all of us."

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World Map of alternative education organizaitons
This map was co-developed by a group of people meeting on Facebook during the fall and winter of 2011-2012. It is a work in progress.

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