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Searching for better practices in SE investing - 2011 HBR article
From the web site: "Social change requires innovation, not just in organizational practices but in funding practices, as well. This was a key message at "Social Investing: Emerging Trends in a Changing Landscape," a recent panel discussion at Harvard Business School in which several professional philanthropists explored how best to support social change." Read the article. What's changed since this was written?

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Shared Value Initiative
From the web site: "We are a global community of leaders who find business opportunities in addressing societal challenges." This is organized and led by FSG, a social change consulting firm.

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Short Guide to Impact Investing (2015) - pdf
This PDF on the CASE Foundation web site intends to provide a short introduction and guide to what impact investing is and how business can apply the strategy to influence social change.

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SOCAP - network of investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders
From the web site: "We are a network of heart-centered investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders who believe in an inclusive and socially responsible economy to address the world’s toughest challenges. Since 2008, SOCAP has created a platform where social impact leaders can connect and present their ideas to a global audience. Our annual flagship event in San Francisco is the largest conference for impact investors and social entrepreneurs and has drawn more than 10,000 people."

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Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE)
From the web site: "Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs’ mission is to empower, encourage and catalyze individuals to facilitate progressive change in areas of social justice and ecological restoration. SEE handles back office work so the project workers’ time is freed up to focus on the fieldwork. SEE processes all donations for the individual projects, files appropriate paperwork with government agencies, sees to paying all related bills of the project, issues tax-receipts to donors and maintains a professional office for the projects. In addition to the administrative and accounting duties, the SEE staff offers support in grant-seeking, tabling events and general community outreach."

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Social Capital World Forum - blog
From the web site: "“The Social Capital World Forum (SCWF) was launched in Scotland in 2009, to bring together organisations (civil society, NGOs, social enterprises, academic, statutory sector, etc) working at a regional/national level with social capital as a key resource for enhancing community well-being and resilience." This blog is part of the resources shared on this map: Note. this site is an archive of pre 2013 articles.

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Social Change Collaboratory - Melbourne
This site says "The Collaboratory Melbourne is a growing community of smart, passionate people with diverse backgrounds, skills and interests who believe that together, we can build better futures for all.

We meet monthly with entrepreneurs, innovators, social pioneers and other special guests from the not-for-profit, government, corporate and community sectors who are leading the way to successfully address our most pressing social and environmental issues.

We are currently developing a model for a community owned civic innovation lab that works in partnership with local government, business, not-for-profit and community organisations as an accelerator for the development of projects and campaigns tackling local issues."

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Social Edge discussions now archived on Skoll World Forum site
From 2003-2013 social entrepreneurs from around the world gathered on the Social Edge site to share ideas and resources. While this is no longer active, the archives are still available.

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Social Enterprise Alliance
From the web site: "Social Enterprise Alliance is the national membership organization and key catalyst for the rapidly growing social enterprise movement in the United States. We provide social enterprises with the resources they need to succeed, support and grow social entrepreneurship on a national scale and serve as a voice for more sustainable social impact."

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Social Enterprise Alliance - Chicago Chapter
From the web site: "SEA/Chicago connects the community of social enterprise by hosting learning and networking opportunities among social enterprises, foundations, lenders, educators, corporations, and service providers in the Midwestern United States."

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Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard
From the web site: "In its 18th year, SECON addresses the big questions and central tensions in the field of social enterprise under the theme of “What’s the Bottom Line?” From social enterprises’s own triple-bottom line — aspiring to financial, social, and environmental returns — to getting to the core of its most complex issues, join like-minded students, academics, and professionals in an engaging and interactive exploration of these critical concerns."

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Social Entrepreneurs and Education Consortium (SEEC)
From the web site: "SEEC fosters social entrepreneurs helping navigate the path to success at every critical point by providing access to funding, knowledge, opportunity, and networking".

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Social Entrepreneurship Conferences - Aug 2012 blog
This is an article on the Huffington Post that lists many conferences available in 2012 to Social Entrepreneurs. If you have a list of up-to-date conferences share the link via the 'contact us' button on this web site and we'll add it.

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Social GO - platform for building social commuinities
From the web site: "SocialGO is an online services provider that allows anyone to create and manage their online presence with a powerful, shiny website. We offer two platforms - one aimed at those wanting to build a social network, and one for those who are more interested in building an online home for their existing group."

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Social innovation – the last and next decade - article
From the web site: "Social innovation is not a new concept or practice, but in the last decade it has taken off. There are now hundreds of social innovation centres, funds, courses and incubators of all kinds, most of which didn’t exist 10 years ago.

In this short, and far from comprehensive, note - prepared for the SIX Wayfinder, which Nesta is hosting this month - I attempt an overview of what was achieved over the last decade, what’s missing, and what might be priorities for the decade ahead, in what is likely to be a much less favourable political climate in many countries."

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Social Innovation Networking Resource list
This Google doc contains a list social innovation resources. Looks like it is updated. The list is hosted by Katharine Bierce,

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Social or Cultural Entrepreneurship - a new definition?
This article on Stanford Social Innovation Review suggests that "Cultural entrepreneurship is different than social entrepreneurship because it is primarily focused on reimagining social roles and motivating new behaviors." What do you think?

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Social Venture Partners Seattle
From the web site: "Social Venture Partners does more than give money. We amplify the impact of those out to do good in three distinct ways: 1) Connect and engage individuals, helping them make the greatest impact with their time and philanthropic giving; 2) Fund and strengthen nonprofits, helping them take their vital work for kids and the environment to the next level; and 3) Invest in collaborative solutions, so those with a common cause can align their efforts and go farther, together.

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Sohodojo - a 1990s-2010 support for social entrepreneurs, including
From the site: "Sohodojo is an independent, self-funded applied research and development laboratory with an associated education mission to support solo and family-based microenterprise and small business entrepreneurs in rural and distressed urban communities. Sohodojo is essentially a "organizational wrapper" on the entrepreneurial free agent activities of Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky. We operated Sohodojo actively from the late 1990s through 2010. The site remains on-line as a wealth of provocative ideas and first-person experience reports for what it is like to envision and pursue the "Small Is Good" World as a complementary "engine" to the conventional "bigger, faster, stronger" approach of the "Big Is Good" World." Sohodojo was active in the Omidyar network in the mid 2000s and one archive on this site is a blog that captures many of the conversations that were held at "O-Net".

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SoukTel - custom digital solutions that transform projects and change lives.
From the web site: "Founded in 2006, Souktel designs and delivers custom mobile solutions that connect job seekers with employers, and help development implementers get information to & from the people they serve. With staff teams in North America and the Middle East, Souktel changes lives across the globe—providing its made-in-Palestine technology to more than 30 funders and implementers."

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Stanford Social Innovation Blog
From the web site: "Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) informs and inspires millions of social change leaders from around the world and from all sectors of society—nonprofits, business, and government. With webinars, conferences, magazines, online articles, podcasts, and more, SSIR bridges research, theory, and practice on a wide range of topics, including human rights, impact investing, and nonprofit business models. SSIR is published by the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University." Lots of good ideas, and expansive network-building opportunities.

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Steps for forming LLC in Illinois
Visit th is site for steps in forming an LLC in Illinois.

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Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund
From the web site: "The Small-Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund (S3IDF), Inc. is an international nonprofit organization that builds inclusive market systems to benefit poor and disadvantaged communities.

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Tall Orders - What Works in Global Development
From the web site: "Our goal is to identify and discuss effective models and innovative approaches in international aid and development that go beyond good intentions to address the needs of the world's poor."

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The BLUE Economy - learn more
From the wiki: "The Blue Economy began as a project to find 100 of the best nature-inspired technologies that could affect the economies of the world, while sustainability providing basic human needs - potable water, food, jobs, and habitable shelter." This web site has a world map that you can click on to find specific cases.

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