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Creativity, Social Benefit and Job Creation - Ontario (PDF)
Creativity, Social Benefit and Job Creation: The Potential for Social Entrepreneurship in Ontario is the full title of this 2009 working paper, written by Andrea Baldwin. This paper makes the case that "social entrepreneurship - both in the for-profit business sector, and the non profit sector, creates economic value by creating jobs. Furthermore, it also creates service delivery and, in some cases, stimulates employment for economically disadvantaged regions or individuals." The ideas in this report could be applied in Chicago, New York or any other city.

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Crowdfunding sites - Forbes 2014 list
If you're interested in crowdfunding this list offers some options. Browse the magazine web site for other stories on this topic.

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Design competitions - hosted by UK Design Council
From the web site: "Design Council is a charity and is recognised as a leading authority on the use of strategic design. We use design as a strategic tool to tackle major societal challenges, drive economic growth and innovation, and improve the quality of the built environment. We address all aspects of design including product, service, user experience and design in the built environment. We are the UK government’s adviser on design. Our Design Challenges bring together designers and design novices alike, to address some of society’s biggest challenges. We also run regular talks by leading designers - see our events page for more."

This is something Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC would like to be part of in conjunction with US organizations focused on education, non profit sector, etc.

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Design edu - hosted by Core77
From the web site: "Since 1995 has served a devoted global audience of industrial designers ranging from students through seasoned professionals. Core77 publishes articles, discussion forums, an extensive event calendar, hosts portfolios, job listings, a database of design firms, schools, vendors and services. Core77 provides a gathering point for designers and enthusiasts alike by producing design competitions, lecture series, parties, and exhibits." This link points to a page hosting discussion boards.

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Differences Between a 501(c) and an L3C
This article can help you understand the differences between a 501-c-3 and an L3C organization.

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DineHero - app to connect you with others for meals
Do you travel a lot and eat alone? Are you single, living in a city, and eat alone often? The DineHero app was created to enable you to find others to share a meal, and a conversation with. Visit the site to see how it works.

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Ecological Economics - innovative thinking on funding
This writer has done in-depth thinking focused on finding ways to generate and distribute revenue to participants involved in collective action. For instance, in Facebook, many gather in Social Enterprise forums and talk of their ideas and projects, but most don't have the money/capital to hire others to help them do work they can't do on their own to develop their projects. Few have time to go beyond "talk" because they need to generate revenue to cover their own personal/business expenses. Finding a way to bring revenue into such groups and distribute it fairly to those who participate in a project, would be a breakthrough.

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Enable Impact - on-line investment platform
From the web site: "Enable Impact is the funding platform for impact investors, where accredited investors find and fund vetted social venture deals. We bring impact investors and social entrepreneurs together, combining capital and enterprise, to solve global issues, in a sustainable, scalable way."

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Encore Nation - Seniors Making a Difference
From the web site: " is spearheading efforts to engage millions of people in later life as a vital source of talent to benefit society. Our ultimate goal is to create a better future for young people and future generations." Visit the site to see how they do this.

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Engaging the Commons - a Global PULL platform
From the web site: "The Commons Abundance Network (CAN) is a learning network devoted to exploring how we can solve pressing social and ecological threats by building a commons-based economy that creates abundance for all. We seek to support and empower one another by sharing experience and collaborating to open up channels for advocacy from local peer-to-peer to global levels." I first learned about this via articles at

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Ethical Markets
This is how this organization describes its philosophy.: "ETHICAL MARKETS’ mission is to foster the evolution of capitalism beyond current models based on materialism, maximizing self-interest and profit, competition and fear of scarcity. As we move further into the Information Age, we learn that information and knowledge are not scarce, and our economic models can move toward sharing, cooperating and a new abundance. We believe capitalism combined with humanity’s growing knowledge of the interdependence of all life on Planet Earth, can evolve to serve today’s new needs and our common future—-beyond maximizing profits for shareholders and management, to benefiting all stakeholders. We deliver this message to our global market by featuring stories of success."

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Fiverr® - an open market place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, more
From the web site: "Fiverr® provides an open marketplace for freelancers and small business operators to create, customize, and sell their niche services on the web. The flexible and affordable platform currently lists millions of services posted by entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses around the world. Fiverr's global community of creative self-starters monetize their talents and market to people in 190 countries."

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From the web site: "Greenstar has developed a solar-powered community center that delivers electricity, pure water, health and education information and a wireless connection to villages in the developing world. To support this program, we record traditional art, music, photography, legends and storytelling in small villages, and bring these unique, priceless products to global markets through the Internet. Revenues are returned to the village to support their ongoing, independent development.;

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Guidelines for forming an L3C organization in Illinois
Visit this site for steps in forming an L3C organization in Illinois.

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Help for start-up Social Entrepreneurs - List
This is comprehensive list of startup accelerator programs. An earlier list, compiled in 2010 by Robert Shedd, can be found at

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Ideaction Corps - connects creative people with social benefit work
From the web site: "Ideaction Corps is a collaborative of accomplished agencies and freelancers working together for the common good. We use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. And because our unique business model provides a platform for consultancies to access work that makes a difference in their community, we are helping other businesses solve them too."

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Illinois Innovation Network
From the web site: "The Illinois Innovation Network website launched in 2013 as a common platform to connect startups, innovation-driven enterprises, service providers, research and academic institutions, and community leaders to position Illinois as one of the world’s top innovation centers."

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Illinois Social Alliance Member Directory
You can use this directory to search for socially conscious businesses in Illinois and to submit your social enterprise for directory inclusion. Join Social Enterprise Alliance - Chicago (SEA-Chicago) in creating this community.

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Impact Investing - an new form of philanthropic support
For social entrepreneurs who have been seeking new forms of investment, "impact investments" from traditional foundations offers some hope. This article offers some understanding of this opportunity.

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Innovate with InnoCentive Challenges
From the web site: "Move beyond the standard modes of thinking and problem solving. We offer a comprehensive suite of externally and internally-focused programs, providing the methodology, technology, expert support and problem-solving network for you to crowdsource solutions to important problems." This site is built around InnoCentive Challenges, that involved a network of people from around the world.

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Innovation Intermediaries - resource
From the web site: "We have created Social Innovator to bring together the people, experience and issues involved in designing, developing and growing new ideas that meet pressing unmet needs. This material is intended to guide and support the practice of all those who can contribute to this social economy: policy‐makers who can help to create the right conditions; foundations and philanthropists who can fund and support; social organizations trying to meet needs more effectively; and of course entrepreneurs and innovators themselves." This project was co-sponsored by NESTA, an innovation foundation based in the UK.
Editor NOTE: This article is from 2010, but still is a rich resource for social entrepreneurs and innovators. The "connecting people, ideas and resources" ;goal is exactly what the Tutor/Mentor Connection seeks to do.

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Institute for Social Entrepreneurs - terminology
From the web site: "The Institute for Social Entrepreneurs is a for-profit consulting company founded in 1999 by Jerr Boschee, who served for the previous eight years as President and CEO of The National Center for Social Entrepreneurs." The site hosts a variety of useful resources for SEs.

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International Social Marketing Association - blog
From the web site: "iSMA "is seeking to build a community among social marketers to exchange ideas and learnings so that we will all be more effective in the work we do to ‘create a better world through marketing’." This link points to their blog.

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JellyWeek Group on Facebook
This Facebook group hosted planning for the WORLDWIDE #JELLYWEEK 2012 (16 to 22 jan), with a goal of connecting social innovators to communicate and collaborate on a global level. The page is still live although the Jellyweek project ended in 2013.

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Kiva - Loans that Change Lives
From the web site: "Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. We celebrate and support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities."

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