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Rich Blocks Poor Blocks - Mapping poverty and affluence - data blog
Use the interactive map on this site to look at the different levels of affluence in different parts of the Chicago region and the USA. This link points to a blog which uses maps view in its stories.

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Right to the City focused on housing and urban justice
From the web site: "The Right to the City Alliance is building a strong housing and urban justice movement in America and beyond. The idea of a right to the city frames and activates a new kind of urban politic that asserts that everyone, particularly the disenfranchised, not only have a right to the city, but as inhabitants, have a right to shape it, design it, and operationalize an urban human rights agenda."

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Roots of 21st Century Racism - The Enlightenment of 18th Century
This Slate article is titled The Enlightenment’s Dark Side: How the Enlightenment created modern race thinking, and why we should confront it. Add this to building your understanding of deep-rooted racism in US.

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Roots of Racism Leading up to WW1 and 21st Century Conflict
This article in The Guardian is another that builds an understanding of how European, White, imperialism, contributed to WW1 and continuing conflicts.

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Roots of suburban development and segregation - story map
This story map shows how investments from the UK in the 1880s and 90s provided funds for early suburban development in the USA, and led to segregated housing policies that continue to shape life in America in the 2000s. Unique use of GIS story maps.

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Rural America At a Glance - 2018 report - USDA Economic Research Service
This is just one of many reports available on the US Department of Agriculture web site. Take some time to dig through the library to know what's available.

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Safety and Justice Challenge - Supported by MacArthur Foundation
From the web site: "The Safety and Justice Challenge is providing support to local leaders from across the country who are determined to tackle one of the greatest drivers of over-incarceration in America—the misuse and overuse of jails."

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Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law - Clearing House Toolbox
From the web site: "The Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law provides national leadership in advancing laws and policies that secure justice to improve the lives and opportunities of people living in poverty."

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Segregation costs Chicago billions - 2017 study
This article in the Chicago Reader is titled New study finds segregation costs Chicago billions in income, tens of thousands of college degrees, and hundreds of lives each year.

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Segregation in Chicago - research focus of Metropolitan Planning Council
From the web site: "MPC and Urban Institute are conducting a two-year study based on the hypothesis that by reducing segregation, Chicago and our region will experience faster economic growth and a more equitable quality of life." Visit the site to learn more about the research and read articles that have been published.

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Segregation in USA - articles on Mapping for Justice blog
Find additional articles about segregation, along with poverty maps, on the Mapping for Justice blog, which is one of the resources of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC.

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Spotlight on Poverty - understand the issues
From the web site: "Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity: The Source for News, Ideas and Action is a non-partisan initiative that brings together diverse perspectives from the political, policy, advocacy and foundation communities to find genuine solutions to the economic hardship confronting millions of Americans. Through the ongoing exchange of ideas, research and data, Spotlight seeks to inform the policy debate about reducing poverty and increasing opportunity in the United States."

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Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality
From the web site: "The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality (CPI) is one of the country’s three federally-funded poverty centers dedicated to monitoring trends in poverty and inequality, examining what is driving those trends, and developing science-based policy on poverty and inequality."

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State of Racial Justice in Chicago- 2017 report
From the web site: "The State of Racial Justice in Chicago Report provides a comprehensive picture of the changing conditions of racial and ethnic groups in Chicago during the last half century. The report provides accessible data and analysis on how racial and ethnic groups in Chicago are faring in relation to housing, education, economics, health, justice, and services."

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Stop Police Crimes in Chicago & Nationally
From the web site: "The campaign for CPAC is led by the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. We are organizing for a systemic change in Chicago’s racist policing system. Our overall strategy is to build a movement with the communities impacted by police crimes and get legislation passed through the City Council that will create an all elected all Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC). A council, consisting of elected community members from all of the police districts, that will be empowered to hold police accountable for the crimes they commit and to control and decide how their communities are policed.'

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Stopping Suicide. How Your Words Can Save Lives
There are a growing number of young people and adults who are taking their own lives. This is one resource to help.

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Strong, Prosperous, And Resilient Communities Challenge, or SPARCC
From the web site: "SPARCC is a three-year, $90 million initiative (started in 2018?) to amplify locally driven efforts to ensure that major new infrastructure investments lead to equitable, healthy opportunities for everyone. SPARCC is investing in the ideas, energy, and momentum of local networks to positively shape our cities and regions for generations."

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Structural Causes of Racial and Economic Segregation in SE Wisconsin
The video in this blog was produced for the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee to create a response from the faith community to this issue.

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Study uses network analysis to predict gunshot violence in Chicago
This study is titled "Modeling Contagion Through Social Networks to Explain and Predict Gunshot Violence in Chicago, 2006 to 2014" and includes a variety of charts and visualizations. Take time to read and reflect.

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TED Talk by Ashley Judd about on-line abuse and harassment of women and girls
The video is introduced with this statement: "Enough with online hate speech, sexual harassment and threats of violence against women and marginalized groups. It's time to take the global crisis of online abuse seriously. In this searching, powerful talk, Ashley Judd recounts her ongoing experience of being terrorized on social media for her unwavering activism and calls on citizens of the internet, the tech community, law enforcement and legislators to recognize the offline harm of online harassment." The language in this video is raw so may be unsuitable for younger age children.However, the lessons need to be learned at an early age.

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The Color of Money - roots of racial wealth gap - book by Mehrsa Baradaran
In this book, Mehrsa Baradaran discusses the structural failures of free-market capitalism in mitigating the racial wealth gap.

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The Expanding World of Poverty Capitalism
This NY Times article illustrates how the self interest of many works to keep people in prison and in poverty. Share with volunteers and help build awareness of this problem.

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The Fading American Dream - Raj Chetty at 2019 MPC Luncheon
This page contains links to a video and slide show with Raj Chetty's presentation at the 2019 Chicago. Metropolitan Planning Council luncheon. Chetty is a Harvard Professor, MacArthur Fellow, and Founder of Opportunity Insights.

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The Fracturing of Gangs and Violence in Chicago - UIC Research 2019
The full title of this pdf report is The Fracturing of Gangs and Violence in Chicago: A Research-Based Reorientation of Violence Prevention and Intervention Policy.

From the report: "The nature of gang violence in Chicago has been changing, but policies and practices toward it have not. This was the main conclusion of “The Fracturing of Gangs Conference,” held at the Great Cities Institute in Spring 2018. This report shares insights from that conference along with an array of conversations since then."

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The Global Goals for Sustainable Development
This site focused on 17 different issue areas, important to people around the world. It's goal is to teach people to get informed, involved and to take action. Lots of ideas that could be included in tutor/mentor programs and schools.

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