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The History of Institutional Racism in US Public Schools - Author: Susan DuFresene
From the web site: "In The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools Susan DuFresne shakes us to our foundation with the historically accurate images she has created on the three fifteen foot panels, which Garn Press has transformed into a book that is destined to unite hearts and minds in the struggle for equity and justice for all children in America’s public schools.'

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The Marshall Project: Non-Profit Journalism about Criminal Justice
From the web site: "Since 2014, The Marshall Project has been curating some of the best criminal justice reporting from around the web. In these records you will find the most recent and the most authoritative articles on the topics, people and events that are shaping the criminal justice conversation. The Marshall Project does not endorse the viewpoints or vouch for the accuracy of reports other than its own."

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The Opportunity Atlas: Mapping Childhood Roots of Social Mobility
This interactive map was created by Opportunity Insights. Their mission is "to develop scalable policy solutions that will empower families throughout the United States to rise out of poverty and achieve better life outcomes." Take some time to browse the site and the map.

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The other problem with Chicago's segregation: Concentrated wealth
This article on the Metropolitan Chicago Planning Council web site includes maps that show the extreme segregation of race and class in Chicago.

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The Poverty Consortium - resource library
From the web site: "The Poverty Consortium, a Connecticut-based, federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a nationwide network of scholars of religion, religious leaders, and activists working collaboratively to eliminate poverty and related civil inequities, in their multiple dimensions. We seek to produce knowledge that will effect poverty alleviation and equity. We also wish to increase our “public voice,” individually and collectively, in order to shift public understanding and practices toward poverty elimination and equity; to work with everyone, especially peoples of faith across the political spectrum, to encourage material transformation, for civil rights and justice, for those in poverty; and finally, to build “beloved communities” of deep solidarity, friendship, and uplift across the country. Our website and twitter service @bostonpovertyc are open-source learning tools that also serve as clearinghouses for organizations and programs aimed at poverty alleviation and equity. Our focus is domestic.

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Transparency International - fighting corruption and poverty
From the web site: "Transparency International-USA works at home and abroad to combat corruption and promote transparency and integrity in government, business and development assistance." Editor note: Unless we reduce corruption, we will be limited in how much we reduce poverty.

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Understanding Growing Drug Crisis in America
This article on the MappingforJustice blog uses maps to show where the drug crisis is most concentrated and growing in rural America. I'm added links to the article, at the bottom, and in the comment section, to additional articles on this topic.

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Understanding school segregation-based on how districts are drawn
The title of this article is We can draw school zones to make classrooms less segregated. This is how well your district does. Is your district drawing borders to reduce or perpetuate racial segregation? This is an in-depth article that looks at how school district maps are drawn, and how this affects segregation in different districts. The article is full of maps and charts.

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Understanding the Racial Wealth Gap - The Asset Value of Whiteness - pdf
From the paper: "This paper explores a number of these popular explanations for the racial wealth gap, looking at individual differences in education, family structure, full- or part-time employment, and consumption habits. In each case, we find that individual choices are not sufficient to erase a century of accumulated wealth: structural racism trumps personal responsibility." Read the full article.

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Understanding wealth gap 1947-2011- infographic
This New York Times infographic shows how prosperity was shared by many Americans from 1947-1979, then mostly by the richest 1% of American's since then.

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US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty
From the web site: "The Urban Institute, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is supporting the US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty. Led by chair David Ellwood and executive director Nisha Patel, the Partnership consists of 24 leading voices representing academia, practice, the faith community, philanthropy, and the private sector.

The Partnership's collective ambition is that all people achieve a reasonable standard of living with the dignity that comes from having power over their lives and being engaged in and valued by their community."

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USC Center for Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII)
From the web site: "The mission of the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII) is to remake the narrative for understanding, and to shape the dialogue, on immigrant integration in America.

CSII intends to identify and evaluate the mutual benefits of immigrant integration for the native-born and immigrants and to study the pace of the ongoing transformation in different locations, not only in the past and present but projected into the future." The Center integrates many interactive maps on its web site. Take a look.

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Voices from the Field: Racial Justice and Rural Organizing in America - pdf
This report focuses on racial justice and community organizing in rural America and provides a review of the current landscape.

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Wealth In America 2016 - video
This is a terrific visualization showing inequality in America.

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Who are the poor Americans? 2017 article
This article states that "in 2016 nearly 41 million people, or 13% of the population, were living in poverty - down from 15% at the height of the recession in 2010". The article answers the question, "Who are America's Poor."

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Why do we think poor people are poor because of their own bad choices?
This is one of many articles in The Guardian, written by Maia Szalavitz, which focus on poverty, inequality, addiction, etc.

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World Inequality Report - 2018
From the web site: "The World Inequality Report 2018 relies on a cutting-edge methodology to measure income and wealth inequality in a systematic and transparent manner. By developing this report, the World Inequality Lab seeks to fill a democratic gap and to equip various actors of society with the necessary facts to engage in informed public debates on inequality."

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World Wealth & Income Database
The World Inequality Lab’s (WIL) Wealth and Income Database is described by Ford Foundation as "Open, transparent, and accessible, the database is a rich hub of information about the wealth and income inequities that contribute to global inequality. WIL offers this data in an effort to fuel an honest conversation about the realities of inequality and highlight the important role that national policies and institutions play in shaping it."

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Youth Disconnection in America Today - 2018 report
From the web site: "This site is a visualization of the information contained in Measure of America's latest report, More Than a Million Reasons for Hope. Explore here and then read the full report. Measure of America provides easy-to-use yet methodologically sound tools for understanding the distribution of well-being and opportunity in America and stimulating fact-based dialogue about issues we all care about: health, education, and living standards." This link points to a page with interactive maps that enable you to zoom into local areas of the USA.

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Youth Employment Crisis - World Wide Issue 2015 and beyond
This article is posted on the Learning Change blog. In the introduction it says "In countries severely affected by the global financial crisis, youth unemployment has reached staggering proportions. To have four out of every ten young people unemployed is a social and economic catastrophe. The global financial crisis has aggravated the pre-existing “crisis before the crisis”. Across the world, young women and men face real and increasing difficulty in finding decent work. Over the last two decades, youth unemployment on average has remained at three times that of adult unemployment and, in some regions, this proportion is now as high as five times the adult rate." The PDF is 118 pages long and provides an extensive overview of this critical issue.

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Juvenile Justice Initiative of Illinois
MISSION:  The Juvenile Justice Initiative is a statewide advocacy coalition to transform the juvenile justice system.   The JJI advocates to reduce reliance on detention, to enhance fairness for all youth and to develop adequate community based resources throughout the state.   The JJI is a response to the significant changes in the juvenile justice system in Illinois and across the country. Although the number of crimes committed by juveniles is decreasing, the number of youths in custody is increasing. The Juvenile Justice Initiative works to inform and educate policy makers, the media, and the general public about the alarming increase in number of juveniles held in custody, about the disparate number of minority youth in custody, and about the lack of adequate community based alternatives to detention.
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Chicago Cityscap web library - housing, neighborhoods, buildings
From the web site: "Chicago Cityscape makes neighborhood, property, and construction development data accessible to all." This link points to a web library with "links to websites and blogs and maps and data portals about neighborhoods, buildings, historic preservation, TOD, and housing".

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10 most segregated US cities
Read the article and view the slide show. These are cities that should be working with the Tutor/Mentor Connection to help create mentor rich programs that bridge poverty and segregation that divides us in big city America.

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A mapping resource from OJJDP
The national offices of Juvenile Justice launched a web site called, SMART system, in 2005, which is a Geographic Information System and Web-based mapping application.

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Additional examples of ways GIS can be used
This section of the T/MC web site had additional links to sites using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to create a visual and spatial understanding of information.

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