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Poor White Kids Falling Behind - a UK article
In the US there is so much public attention to Black Lives Matter and the disadvantages of minorities, that there is little study of the declining prospects of poor white kids. This article focuses on kids in England.

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Position of Pressure NFP - violence prevention
From the web site: "Our mission is to become a central point of access for violence prevention programs, education and information and shall be responsible for providing comprehensive services for teen and young adult females."

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Poverty - Public Education's Biggest Problem - Washington Post article
Two articles by Valerie Stauss in the October 18, 2013 and October 17, 2013 show the impact of poverty on education for poor kids and the impact of policy being driven by "elites" who have no personal experience with living in high poverty.

One paragraph reads "But education has a powerful role to play in combating poverty and its various manifestations. Not just by exposing children to career-advancing skills, but also by exposing them to a full range of potential interests and pursuits, by affording time and resources to discover what they care for and what they are good at, and by supporting creative thinking and creative action."

This type of support can be offered by non-school, volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs, even if it is not being fully offered in the local school.

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Poverty and Race in America 1980-2010
Use interactive map to understand changes in poverty and race in the US.

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Poverty and Unemployment Data for Chicago
This web site provides a listing of poverty figures for different geographic levels in the state of Illinois (state, county, city, community area, etc.), and additional tools for understanding poverty in Illinois.

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Poverty growing in suburbs: Are Cities Prepared? - article
In depth 2017 article shows how poverty is growing in suburbs of big cities, but that infrastructure not in place to support those who need help.

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Poverty Moving to Chicago Suburbs
This article from Chicago magazine includes an interactive map showing how poverty areas have changed from 1980 to 2010 and how poverty is growing in the suburbs.

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Poverty USA - US Conference of Catholic Bishops
Poverty in America is on the rise. This web site hosts a library of information that encourages citizens to educate themselves and others about the true state of poverty in America. It's goal is to empower every American to do something to help end poverty.

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Poverty, inequality in Baltimore, other cities
This Brookings Report article shows that while the overall economic vitality of Baltimore, which suffered race riots in 2015, is higher than many US cities, it still has areas of concentrated poverty, segregation and inequality, as do many other US cities. Read the report. Look at the maps.

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Prevention Institute - Oakland, CA
From the web site: "Prevention Institute's tools guide practitioners, advocates, community groups, and policymakers in planning and implementing collaborative, effective prevention strategies to create safer, healthier, and more equitable communities. Field-tested and evidence-informed, these tools and frameworks are designed to increase knowledge about the critical elements of prevention, including the value of going beyond one-on-one approaches, the need for non-traditional partners, the promise of shifting norms, and an emphasis on organizational and systems change in order to have the broadest and most sustainable impact."

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Pro Bono Net
From the web site: "This site provides resources for pro bono and legal services attorneys and others working to assist low income or disadvantaged clients. Please join our community and start making a difference today!"

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Race and Poverty in Chicago - Organizing for diversity and opportunity
From the web site: " is a digital outreach and organization web community that convenes stakeholders and decision-makers in policy issues around race and poverty, sharing news, fostering collaboration and promoting the work of social justice organizations, volunteers, and donors. If we are to transform America into a land of integration premised on equal dignity and opportunity, we must accelerate the pace of information sharing so that the best ideas about how to bridge our social and economic divides can rise to prominence and come into practice."

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Racial Equity Here - collaboration focusing on racial inequities
From the web site: "Racial Equity Here started in 2016 and provides city governments with tools, resources, and training to help cities analyze how their operations impact people of color and develop an outcome-driven action plan. Project partners provide cities with technical support, tools, and best practices to dismantle practices that perpetuate disparate, racialized outcomes. Beyond programs, Racial Equity Here changes systems to shift the national dialogue around racial equity toward high, equitable outcomes for all.

The focus of this project is on improving outcomes for youth, recognizing that systems and structures have created racial inequities, and that early interventions to correct institutional inequities increases the likelihood of success for all our youth."

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Racial Hatred and Higher Education
This Journal of Blacks in Higher Education has aggregated information about racism on college campuses for over two decades. Use the information to educate your volunteers and students and help reduce the level of racism in America.

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Reclaiming Futures
From the web site: "The Reclaiming Futures model unites juvenile courts, probation, adolescent substance abuse treatment, and the community to reclaim youth. Together, they work to improve drug and alcohol treatment and connect teens to positive activities and caring adults.:

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Reentry Court Solutions: A resource for community based reentry systems
From the web site: "REENTRY COURT SOLUTIONS (RCS) is designed to provide critical information, resources, and assistance to those interested in developing effective Reentry Courts and Evidence-Based Sentencing Systems. We will share our knowledge, experience, and expertise with those who wish to learn, and learn and disseminate information from those who wish to share what they know."

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Relational Poverty Network -
From the web site: "The Relational Poverty Network convenes a community of scholars, working within and beyond academia, to develop conceptual frameworks, research methodologies, and pedagogies for the study of relational poverty. Launched at a historical moment of dramatic income inequality and enforced austerity in the global North, the RPN thinks across geographical boundaries to foster a transnational and comparative approach to poverty research. In doing so, it pays attention to new global geographies of development, new forms of regulating poverty, and analyses from those often marginalized by poverty debates. Building on a long tradition of critical work on poverty, it shifts from thinking about ‘the poor and poor others’ to thinking about relationships of power and privilege. "

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From the web site: "Our mission is to create the public and political will to end poverty by empowering individuals to exercise their personal and political power for change. We combine the voices of our passionate grassroots activists with strategic grass-tops efforts to leverage millions of dollars for programs and improved policies that give low-income people the health, education, and opportunity they need to thrive."

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Rich, Poor have huge mortality gap in US - 2015 study
This MIT article describes new research showing that wealthy and more affluent people live longer than poor people, and that this affect is different in different parts of the country.

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Role of data in solving foreclosure problem in Detroit
While this article seems primarily focused at evaluating the work of a civic technology company called Loveland, it identifies many of the problems facing low income residents of Detroit and other cities.

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Rural Health Information Hub
From the web site: "The Rural Health Information Hub, formerly the Rural Assistance Center, is funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy to be a national clearinghouse on rural health issues. We are committed to supporting healthcare and population health in rural communities.

The RHIhub is your guide to improving health for rural residents—we provide access to current and reliable resources and tools to help you learn about rural health needs and work to address them."

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Rural Poverty - 2016 - blog article
This is an article that can help readers understand the pain in rural America that has not been addressed effectively by leaders of either major political party.

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School Segregation Report 2014
This report shows New York City to be the most racially segregated school system in the country. Visit the web site to "read the report and see a complete breakdown of the data. This report is the fifth in a series of 12 reports on East Coast school segregation trends."

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Social Impact Research Center of Heartland Alliance - Poverty Data
From the web site: "The Social IMPACT Research Center continually tracks poverty-related indicators for the nation and for a variety of geographies in Illinois and across the Midwest."

Browse the links on this web site to learn about poverty and get the most recent data for your local community.

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Social Welfare Policy and Practice Group - Resources
Social Welfare Policy and Practice Group at South Carolina University encourages the study and teaching of social welfare policy practice within social work education. This link points to a page with links to an extensive list of social policy resources.

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