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ThriveChicago Collective Impact Initiative
Thrive Chicago's Mission is "To prepare Chicago’s youth for a vibrant future by aligning efforts and outcomes from cradle to career." Thrive believes "Children must be supported at all stages from cradle to career in order to achieve success. Thrive Chicago believes the only way to accomplish this in a systemic way is to align efforts across sectors and among organizations working at various stages of a child’s development toward adulthood."

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True Star Media - Teaches Workplace Skills
Chicago teens are enrolled in 10-week apprentice programs where they learn skills while creating the True Star Magazine, True Star Radio, and True Star Jr. Magazine.

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University of Illinois Extension and Outreach Initiative
From the web site: "University of Illinois Extension is the flagship outreach arm of the University. Extension’s statewide network of educators and county-based offices provide programming in economic development, health and nutrition, agriculture and natural resources, and youth development. The U of I Extension and Outreach Initiative was aimed at establishing new partnerships with departments and units across campus."

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UP2UsSports - train and support sports coaches to transform youth, programs and communities
From the web site: "Up2Us Sports is the nationwide leader in engaging, training and supporting sports coaches to serve as mentors and role models to youth living in some of America’s most underserved communities"

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What Kids Can Do
From the web site: "What Kids Can Do (WKCD) is a national nonprofit organization founded in the winter of 2001 and operating until Feb. 2018. The site is an archive now, but the resources are still valuable. WKCD documented the value of young people working with teachers and other adults on projects that combine powerful learning with public purpose for an audience of educators and policy makers, journalists, community members, and students.

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YMCA of Metro Chicago
The YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago prepares Chicago residents for economic independence by providing educational, entrepreneurial, and workforce training and support.

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Youth Crossroads (Berwyn, Il. ) - Youth Leadership Program
From the web site: "The Berwyn Youth Crossroads (YC) Leadership Program (YLP) offers local teenagers great opportunities to discover their emerging potential and put that potential to work through community service projects." Visit site to learn more.

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Youth Development in Community Settings: A Community Action Framework (2002) pdf
This report outlines a comprehensive strategy for creating and sustaining youth development activities. I found the PDF while searching for any on-line information about the Chicago Youth Agency Partnership, which was launched in 1994-1995 and had many of the same goals.

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Youth Today - Out-of-School Time Research & Resources
Youth Today is a nationally distributed newspaper that provides in-depth coverage of the issues and programs of most interest to those in the child and youth services field. The web site is an extensive resource. Browse the section with Out-of-School Time research and resources.

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Youth Voices - a site for conversations.
From the web site: "Youth Voices is organized by teachers at local sites of the National Writing Project and in partnership with Educator Innovator." It is a school-based social network that was started in 2003 by a group of National Writing Project teachers. Students from around the world are posting stories on the site about topics important to them. Browse around. Get involved.

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The site has an in-depth library of resources for youth development, tutoring, mentoring leaders to draw from including a map of government funded youth serving organizations. Take time to browse the site.

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