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Building Communities of Hope - Casey Family Programs
The Casey Family Programs is " committed to 2020: Building Communities of Hope, an agenda for change that draws on the strength of communities and the vision of local leaders to keep children safe and make families strong." Read the report and see some of the ideas and strategies.

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Building Community Through Creativity - student engagement activities
This blog has a great list of activities that could take place in a classroom, an entire school, or in neighborhood non-school tutoring and/or mentoring programs.

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Building Intentional Networks That Drive Impact - KUMU blog
Lots of good ideas for building networks and systems thinking shared on this site and in this article.

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Building Justice - multip part series by "CityLimits"
From the web site: "Over 16 weeks, City Limits and Enterprise Community Partners featured prominent New Yorkers’ views on how race and housing policy intersect to create a legacy each of us must confront, and the way forward we should take together. "

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Building Networked Improvement Communities in Education. Getting Ideas into Action
How to connect researchers and practitioners in on-going process of improvement that scales to reach thousands of locations and millions of educators? That's the question this essay focuses on. This essay focuses on an alternative social organization needed to structure and guide the varied and multiple associated efforts necessary to sustained
collective action toward solving complex education improvement problems.

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Building Our Own Internet - article
This article describes work being done in many places to create a new Internet, free of corporate and/or political control and interference. Bookmark the site and use it for future reference.

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Building Personal Learning Network on Twitter - ideas and resources
This blog article provides a long list of tips and resources for building a personal learning network on Twitter.

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Building Student Ownership Through Community Mapping
This group in Hong Kong started with this question: "What if we engaged students in the community around real problems, with real outcomes? What if they partnered with organizations who benefited from their insight?" Read the article and see how the project has grown.

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Buncee - a creative and presentation tool for teachers
Here's how Buncee is described on their web site: "A creation and presentation tool for students and educators to create interactive classroom content, allowing learners of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively." This link points to a page showing projects completed by students using Buncee.

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Campaign Zero Maps Steps to Political Action to Reduce Police Violence
From the web site: "President Trump's administration plans to use the power of the federal government to escalate police violence and incarceration in our communities. It is essential that state and local governments step up to protect communities from harm and continue making progress towards equity and justice." The site provides data, maps and organizing steps that anyone can take.

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Can Chicago's Poorest 'Pull Themselves Up By Their Bootstraps'?
The answer is "no", or "not often" according to this 2017 article in DNAInfo.

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Can Jobs Save Chicago? Crain's Special Report
UIC’s Great Cities Institute assisted with Crain’s Chicago Business for a special report that examines the connection between joblessness and violence in Chicago neighborhoods. This link points to an article about how businesses can create jobs to employ people in low-income areas.

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Candid - formed by merger of Foundation Center & GuideStar
The resources of two long-time giants in the NonProfit and Philanthropic world are merging in 2019 into one new organization, called Candid. As of 3/6/19 there is not yet one combined web site. Search in the Links library for each of the separate organizations. Visit the site in a few months to see how the merger is taking place.

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Capturing Bonding, Bridging, and Linking Social Capital through Publicly Available Data
This article describes bonding, bridging and linking social capital through its discussion of disaster preparation and recovery efforts. The idea of bridging and bonding as horizontal forms of networking, and linking as a vertical form of connecting with those in power, is explained well in the paper.

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CARES Engagement Network
From the web site: "The Engagement Network is a national platform where you can find public and custom tools produced by the Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) at the University of Missouri. The Engagement Network hosts:

A national Map Room with 15,000+ data layers
The premier Community Health Needs Assessment reporting tool with 80+ health-related indicators
A Hub Network with 30+ partner organizations using CARES technology
You may have seen these data, tools, and Hubs in Community Commons in the past. Community Commons is transitioning to a new platform and the Engagement Network has been created to ensure that communities, organizations, and agencies that rely on free access to the maps and tools can continue to get reliable data and visualization tools."

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Catalyzing Networks for Social Change - a Funder's Guide
From the IssueLab page: This article "Explains how funders can "catalyze" networks to address complex, interconnected issues: weave social ties; access diverse perspectives; openly build and share knowledge; create infrastructure for widespread engagement; and coordinate resources and action."

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Cell Phone Coverage - world wide
This link points to coverage maps for mobile operators in Thailand, based on data crowdsourced from millions of users of the OpenSignal mobile app. The page has similar information for every country in the world.

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Census Bureau reports
The Census Bureau's web site is the "leading source of quality data about the nation's people and economy". Browse the site to find a wide range of reports and publications.

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Census Reporter - helps reporters use Census data
From the web site: "Census Reporter is a Knight News Challenge-funded project to make it easy for journalists to write stories using US Census data. Expanding upon the volunteer-built, Census Reporter will simplify finding and using data from the decennial census and the American Community Survey." Take time to visit and explore.

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Center for Community Health Equity - DePaul University
From the web site: "The goal of the Center for Community Health Equity is to improve community health outcomes and contribute to the elimination of health inequities in Chicago.

We are a jointly run Center, co-founded by DePaul and Rush in 2015. Our work is interdisciplinary - linking sociologists, geographers, and other social scientists with health care professionals. We all share a desire to conduct meaningful research that contributes to social justice in our communities."

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Center for Rural Strategies
From the web site: Mission is to "The Center for Rural Strategies seeks to improve economic and social conditions for communities in the countryside and around the world through the creative and innovative use of media and communications. By presenting accurate and compelling portraits of rural lives and cultures, we hope to deepen public debate and create a national environment in which positive change for rural communities can occur."

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Cerebral Palsy and Bullying - resources for parents
This web site provides extensive information about cerebral palsy, and also includes information about bullying, and the annual National Bullying Prevention Month.

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Challenges of Cross Sector Collaborations - 2020 report
This article on the Wallace Foundation blog is titled, "Cross-sector Collaborations for Education Show Promise, Face Challenges". Without secure, on-going funding, a backbone org, and an early effort at network building, these efforts are difficult to maintain and succeed.

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Charitable Giving Trends - National Philanthropic Trust
This site provide data on charitable giving in the US and many other resources for donors and non profit leaders.

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Chasing the Holy Grail of Outcomes - article by youth program leader
If you're the leader of a volunteer-based tutor and/or mentor program or different format of youth support organization, the ideas expressed in this article will resonate with you if you've been in your position for five or more years.

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