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Note: Inclusion of a link in this web site does not indicate an endorsement of any kind for the links that are included. 

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The Expectations Project -
The vision of this faith-based organization is shown in these statements from their web site: "Imagine what might be possible if just a handful of people in each of these congregations took it on themselves to ensure the students in these schools had faithful advocates looking out for their best interests. We believe that the academic achievement gap in U.S. public education can be closed in our lifetimes, but only if people of faith open their hearts, roll up their sleeves, and get to work on behalf of students."

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The Fabulous Remixer Machine - a visual voice
Here's a cool tool to use to create visuals for your blogs, Tweets and FB posts. The intro says, "The Remixer Machine is a web app that aims to provide people with a visual voice, especially to those who might not consider themselves “arty” - or who don’t have the graphical tools to create.

It uses an SVG template that allows certain parts of the SVG to be modified. SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) describe an image by using markup language. This means that they provide the ability for someone to very simply change a discrete part of the image. In short, they provide the perfect scaffold for visual remixing." The link points to a collection of cards created using the app.

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The Fading American Dream - Raj Chetty at 2019 MPC Luncheon
This page contains links to a video and slide show with Raj Chetty's presentation at the 2019 Chicago. Metropolitan Planning Council luncheon. Chetty is a Harvard Professor, MacArthur Fellow, and Founder of Opportunity Insights.

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The Fracturing of Gangs and Violence in Chicago - UIC Research 2019
The full title of this pdf report is The Fracturing of Gangs and Violence in Chicago: A Research-Based Reorientation of Violence Prevention and Intervention Policy.

From the report: "The nature of gang violence in Chicago has been changing, but policies and practices toward it have not. This was the main conclusion of “The Fracturing of Gangs Conference,” held at the Great Cities Institute in Spring 2018. This report shares insights from that conference along with an array of conversations since then."

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The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition
From the web site: "The Gilder Lehrman Center (GLC) for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition is supported by the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale. The GLC strives to make a vital contribution to the understanding of slavery and its role in the development of the modern world. While the Center’s primary focus has been on scholarly research, it also seeks to bridge the divide between scholarship and public knowledge by opening channels of communication between the scholarly community and the wider public."

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The Giving Common draws donors to NPOs in Boston - archive
The Boston Foundation created the Giving Common in 2011. It's a detailed, online resource that connects donors to in-depth information about nonprofit organizations working to enhance communities across Massachusetts. The site was discontinued on Aug 31, 2019.

We've kept the archive on line because of how this models what a local institution can do to support giving in multiple categories.

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The Global Goals for Sustainable Development
This site focused on 17 different issue areas, important to people around the world. It's goal is to teach people to get informed, involved and to take action. Lots of ideas that could be included in tutor/mentor programs and schools.

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The Global Opportunity Explorer - showcase the most innovative solutions, market opportunities and cities
From the web site: "Rooted in over five years of research involving 18,000 business leaders and 17 expert panels, the Explorer guides you through hundreds of sustainable solutions and market opportunities which address the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The Global Opportunity Explorer also showcases 300 of the most innovative urban climate solutions from cities around the world." Browse the site and learn about its resources.

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The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data
From the web site: "There is a fundamental problem at the heart of the efforts to eradicate extreme poverty — a problem of unreliable or non-existent data and the lack of skills and willingness to use it. The Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data is a response to that crisis."

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The Hidden Genius Project - Oakland, CA
From the web site: "we train and mentor black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities."

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The History of Institutional Racism in US Public Schools - Author: Susan DuFresene
From the web site: "In The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools Susan DuFresne shakes us to our foundation with the historically accurate images she has created on the three fifteen foot panels, which Garn Press has transformed into a book that is destined to unite hearts and minds in the struggle for equity and justice for all children in America’s public schools.'

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The Human Imprint - A Human Geography Web Site
This site is aggregating blog stories under nine different categories. In this link I point to a category titled Agriculture, Rural Lands & Foodways

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The Indigenous Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment Network (IMAGEN)
From the web site: "The Indigenous Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment Network (IMAGEN) was conceived as a means of bringing together Native American-serving organizations that have the enthusiasm and capacity to adopt, document and share evidence from programs that build on Native girls’ innate talents, while addressing the multiple challenges they face. The first steps towards building this network were taken during IMAGEN’s inaugural workshop at the Population Council headquarters in New York City on March 7-8, 2017."

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The Invisible Threads of Gender, Race, and Slavery
This article starts by saying "any attempt to remember the enslavement of African peoples is incomplete without considering women’s experiences in slavery and the transatlantic slave trade." Read the full article.

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The Long Reach of American Corrections - 2009 Pew Report
From the web site: "One in 31: The Long Reach of American Corrections examines the scale and cost of prison, jail, probation and parole in each of the 50 states, and provides a blueprint for states to cut both crime and spending by reallocating prison expenses to fund stronger supervision of the large number of offenders in the community." Download the PDF from and look at how maps are used.

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The Marginal Syllabus - connecting learners via annotation
From the web site: "The Marginal Syllabus seeks to advance educator professional development about education in/equity through the use of participatory learning technologies" such as annotation, digital redlining, social media, etc. Not just for traditional educators.

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The Marshall Project: Non-Profit Journalism about Criminal Justice
From the web site: "Since 2014, The Marshall Project has been curating some of the best criminal justice reporting from around the web. In these records you will find the most recent and the most authoritative articles on the topics, people and events that are shaping the criminal justice conversation. The Marshall Project does not endorse the viewpoints or vouch for the accuracy of reports other than its own."

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The Mentoring Effect: Young People's Perspectives on Outcomes and Availability
This report was commissioned by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership with support from AT&T and written by Civic Enterprises with Hart Research. It is describe this way:

"The Mentoring Effect: Young People's Perspectives on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring, the first-ever nationally representative survey of young people on the topic of mentoring, examines the mentoring effect on youth, their aspirations and achievements and the community around them. The report also highlights a substantial mentoring gap that exists in America, especially for at-risk youth: one in three young people will reach adulthood without having a mentor."

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The MOVE at MIT - seeks to "rebuild our public’s muscle for democracy"
From the web site: "The Move is a movement to rebuild our public’s muscle for democracy. This movement aims to bring together people of all backgrounds who are seeking to facilitate real civic engagement in today’s democracies. This includes researchers, leaders, academics, and politicians, as well as artists, community organizers, and ordinary citizens -- the people that we at The Move like to call “the front lines of our democracy.”

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The Movement Action Plan: A Strategic Framework Describing The Eight Stages of Successful Social Movements
This article was written by Bill Moyers in 1987 and describes an 8 stage strategy to guide social movement growth and ultimate success. The steps remain as relevant today as they were then, although the tools have dramatically changed.

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The New Nonprofit Lexicon - new words suggested for NPO sector
In this blog article Ben Bisbee shares new words he has created over past few years to express frustrations within the NPO world. Take a look.

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The New Normal: Capacity Building During a Time of Disruption- -2018 challenges to social sector
From the web site: "How is the current economic and political environment impacting the capacity building needs of social-change leaders, nonprofits, networks, and movements? How are funders responding to these changing needs, and how can they better support this work going forward?

In our new report, “The New Normal: Capacity Building During a Time of Disruption,” we explore these questions and make recommendations for how philanthropy can better support social change during a time of upheaval.:

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The New Segregation - 2016 USNews report
Important to read and understand impact of school segregation in US. This quote from article " in some parts of the country schools are more segregated – and white students and students of color more isolated – than they’ve ever been." is basis for concern.

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The New York City Mentoring Program (NYCMP)
From the web site: "The New York City Mentoring Program (NYCMP) works with businesses, organizations, associations, and government agencies to develop successful mentoring partnerships with public high schools throughout New York City. Coordinated by the Department of Education's Office of Strategic Partnerships."

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The OpED Project - how to pitch your story
From the web site: "The OpEd Project is a social venture founded to increase the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the world.
Our starting goal is to increase the number of women thought leaders contributing to key commentary forums—which feed all other media, and drive thought leadership across all industries—to a tipping point. We envision a world in which the best ideas—regardless of where or whom they come from—will have a chance to be heard and shape society and the world."

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