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Note: Inclusion of a link in this web site does not indicate an endorsement of any kind for the links that are included. 

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International Philanthropy - Creating a Better System
Getting more money and resources from the international donor directly to the end user is what this article focuses on. There are two pdf reports included in the article. Take some time to read and reflect.

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Internship programs of NAF Career Labs
From the web site: "NAF Future Ready Labs are a solution to company talent development needs. By partnering with NAF and investing in paid internships, businesses benefit from the completion of meaningful work while developing a highly skilled and diverse talent pipeline."

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Introduction to Learning History theory and practice
Efforts to create learning organizations face many challenges. One is documenting what is learned and understanding impact of what is learned on organizational success. This paper offers some insight into this.

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Inventing, Innovation in 2030 - a vision
This is a 2016 article by Shane Wall, Chief Technology Officer for HP and the Director of HP Lab that talks about how innovating and manufacturing in 2030 might look like.

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Investing in Non-Profit Talent - Fund the People Tool Kit
From the web site: "The Fund the People Toolkit is a rich new resource is full of information that will help funders, nonprofits and others maximize their investments in talent and leadership. For example, anyone in philanthropy who is trying to convince their board or colleagues of the value of “funding the people” would be well-served to read the toolkit section on the top reasons to invest in nonprofit talent. "

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Invisible Institute - Citizen's Police Data Project (Chicago)
From the web site: "Invisible Institute is a journalism production company on the South Side of Chicago.
We work to enhance the capacity of citizens to hold public institutions accountable." This link points to the Chicago Police Data Project which "is a portrait of impunity backed by the police department's own data. We built CPDP so that data about police activity can be useful to the public." View the video when you go to the site.

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Iowa Mentoring Partnership
The Iowa Mentoring Partnership supports mentoring programs in the state of Iowa, and is member of the MENTOR network of partnerships.

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Is freedom real or fake? - blog article
There are countless articles focusing on fake news, as a result of the 2016 US elections. Here's one that I value.

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Is Strategic Philanthropy Yesterday's News? - 2014 article
As a CEO of a small non profit during the 1993-2011 period described in this article, the frustrations expressed by the fictional CEO are very real. One topic not included is the inconsistent flow of operating dollars that makes complex work even more difficult, and frustrating. I recommend you add this article to your reading.

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Issue Lab - an extensive on-line resource library
From the web site: "First started in 2006 as a searchable, browseable website set up to collect and share the social sector’s knowledge, IssueLab became a service of Foundation Center in 2012. Since then, IssueLab’s mission has grown beyond the “simple” collection and distribution of knowledge products, to include the support of social sector organizations in adopting the practical and necessary steps to openly publishing what they fund and produce." In many ways the Issue Lab site is a more comprehensive and powerful version of the Tutor/Mentor web library. We hope you'll find both useful.

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Jackson Rising - a strategic plan and history of community organizing
This book is the history of "Cooperation Jackson, an emerging network of cooperatives and grassroots institutions in Jackson, Mississippi, that aim to build a “solidarity economy.” It's described as "the rarest of things: a real strategic plan".

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John Walt Foundation - focuses on youth in arts
From the website: "The John Walt Foundation empowers and enables youth across multiple artistic platforms. We intend to partner professional artist with youth to help mentor as well as build their artistic futures. We are here to embolden the creative soul of every young artist by inspiring a few to take their dreams and accomplish them."

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Julian Stodd's Learning Blog - To Seek, To Strive
This is one of a series of articles that use interesting visualizations to emphasize the idea being shared.

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From the web site: " is a website where the volunteer needs of organizations may be posted and volunteers may search for places to serve in the community.
JustServe provides opportunities to relieve suffering, care for the poor and needy, and enhance the quality of life in the community. JustServe is not for proselytizing or publicity—it is simply a service to help link community volunteer needs with volunteers.
Neither The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints nor its website discriminates based on race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation to screen projects for posting or volunteers who may sign up to serve."

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Juvenile Justice mapping site
From the web site: "Juvenile Justice GPS (Geography, Policy, Practice, & Statistics) is a project to develop an online repository providing state policy makers and system stakeholders with a clear understanding of the juvenile justice landscape in the states.

The site layers the most relevant national and state level statistics with information on state laws and practice and charts juvenile justice system change. In a landscape that is highly decentralized and ever-shifting, JJGPS provides an invaluable resource for those wanting to improve the juvenile justice system. We hope that the information will be used as a platform for inspiring change and finding solutions that have been applied in other places."

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Keeping the "ACT" in "Social Activism" - article
For those who mentor or tutor or engage youth in service learning and leadership roles this blog article offers some needed advice. Take a look.

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Kidpreneurs - Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs
The web site and its blog articles show stories of youth entrepreneurs that might inspire others to take a similar journey.

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Kids Tales - teenagers making change in the world
Description provided by Kevin Hodgson: "Kids Tales provides free writing camps with paths to publication for young writers, often in communities that are struggling. All camps are organized and run by teenagers. The teens write curriculum, pitch for funding, and created a non-profit. In fact, the entire Kids Tales organization is completely run by teenagers."

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Knowledge for Success helps family planning and reproductive health community
From the web site: "Knowledge SUCCESS champions the strategic and systematic use of knowledge in family planning and reproductive health programs and policies. Our project continues USAID’s legacy of investing in knowledge management, learning, and collaboration."

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Knowledge4Kids - social knowledge sharing within Global health community
This statement summarizes vision of this organization: "We envision a social knowledge sharing revolution, in which health program managers and service providers at all levels around the world collaborate with and learn from each other, and adapt and use actionable family planning and global health knowledge to build stronger health systems and enable people to live healthier lives."

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Know-Why-Net iModeler - visualization and analysis of interconnections
From the web site. "KNOW-WHY.NET is an international platform for sharing models from different fields.
The models are developed and presented using the iMODELER, which is arguably one of the leading tools available for the visualization and analysis of interconnections. The basic iMODELER is free, but there is also a more powerful paid full version available. The models can be explored directly in your browser."

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KQED Teach - expand your media skills
From the web site: "KQED’s online professional learning platform dedicated to engaging participants in a hands-on approach to learning digital media literacy skills. This is the space to practice and collaborate with your fellow educators to learn and bring media making your learning environment."

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Lane 44 LTD - opens doors to careers in film production
Mission: "Through exposure to the intricate and exciting world of film production, Lane 44 empowers the Youth of Chicago’s South Side (YCSS) to envision a road to success through a professional career in film or video production, or other meaningful employment of their choosing."

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Latino Issues - Future of American Dream is Latino - Aspen Institute
In 2018 Latinos "compose 17.6 percent of the population. By 2060 they are expected to make up nearly 30 percent." That framed the conversation for a 2018 joint program hosted by the Economic Opportunities Program and Latinos and Society Program, titled, "Drivers of Opportunity: How Will Latinos Shape the Future of the American Dream?” This is a blog recap of the event.

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Leadership for the future - Otto Scharmer article
This article starts with "“We are collectively creating results nobody wants”, says Otto Scharmer (famous for Theory U). That’s why leadership should help people to see the whole system. It is time to change our organizations and institutions, and bust three leadership myths. Make your difference and start with this blog post!"

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