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Note: Inclusion of a link in this web site does not indicate an endorsement of any kind for the links that are included. 

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Helping people recover from Harvey and similar disasters
Following Hurricane Harvey in 2017 NPR created a list of places people could offer contributions. While the names will change in different locations, the type of resources would be similar.

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Higher Education Anchor Mission Initiative
From the web site: "The purpose of the Higher Education Anchor Mission Initiative is to help CUMU members more rapidly and effectively advance an anchor mission approach within their institutions, higher education, and the communities they serve. With support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation in 2018, The Democracy Collaborative and CUMU will provide access to facilitated peer learning exchanges, tools and strategies. Institutions participating in the pilot year will help to co-design a set of activities to develop important innovations for the field."

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History of Philosophy Library - Section on Africa
Through a series of podcasts "Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich and at King's College London, takes listeners through the history of philosophy, "without any gaps." The series looks at the ideas, lives and historical context of the major philosophers as well as the lesser-known figures of the tradition."

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History of Slavery (H-Slavery) - links page
From the web site: "H-Slavery seeks to promote interaction and exchange among scholars engaged in research on slavery, the slave trade, abolition, and emancipation. It is dedicated to the dissemination of information about the history of slavery and antislavery in all time periods and parts of the world. H-Slavery’s new network format now offers opportunities for exciting new forms of digital collaboration utilizing built in platforms and multiple forms of media."

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History of the AfterSchool Movement -
The How Kids Learn Foundation created this "1-hour video documentary on the history of afterschool in America. This is broken into 12 chapters suitable for use in staff training. The documentary is accompanied by a brief learning guide. These materials will be distributed to afterschool programs across the country at no charge."

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History of Webheads Community of Practice - since 1998
This is a chapter written by Vance Stevens, of a book titled The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching. Wiley. 5824 pages., In this chapter Vance describes some history of the Webheads in Action Community of Practice, which has been operating continuously since 1998 (till 2018).

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Holacracy - a new way of running an organization
This web page describes ways to empower more people in the organization in ways that improves productivity and efficiency. The ideas could apply to a network of organizations, not just to work within a single organization. Add to your reading list.

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Homeless Americans - bused from city to city-article
This Guardian article describes a program in which homeless people are given one-way bus, or airline, tickets to take them to other destinations and reduce the sending city's homeless population. Full of stats and graphs.

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Homes for All - broadening the conversation of the housing crisis
From the web site: "Homes For All is a national campaign with the goal of broadening the conversation of the housing crisis beyond foreclosure and putting forth a comprehensive housing agenda that also speaks to issues affecting public housing residents, homeless families, and the growing number of renters in American cities."

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Horizons Atlanta - transformational, community-centered, summer learning program
From the web site: "When a student enrolls in Horizons Atlanta the summer after Kindergarten, he or she joins a learning community that extends year-round, with a signature six-week summer intensive through 8th grade. Horizons Atlanta students, all of whom are free-or-reduced-lunch qualified, come from public schools, and are in need of academic support. By design, roughly 2/3 of students perform below grade level when they first enroll. And, because we make a long-term commitment to our families, siblings of enrolled students receive admissions preference when they are of eligible age to apply. Our programs are physically located within or geographically near communities and public schools in need. For most programs, we provide daily bus transportation to and from our site, helping to mitigate any safety concerns for students who reside outside of walking distance to our program sites. We also strive for our programs to be as closely located to their feeder public schools as possible so as to enhance the collaborative nature of our work and further our understanding and connection to the home communities of our students." NOTE: The Atlanta program is part of a national network of Horizons programs in different cities, including Chicago

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Housing Segregation in US - article
From the web site: "in his new book The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein argues that pervasive segregation cannot be chalked up entirely to the private prejudices of realtors and lenders or the personal choices of homebuyers. Rather, he writes, the racial separation of so many American neighborhoods is chiefly the responsibility of the public sector and, above all, the federal government." Read the interview, and the book.

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How a ‘reverse Great Migration’ is reshaping U.S. cities
This July 2018 article describes the exodus of African Americans from Chicago and other cities since 2000 and discusses reasons.

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How America’s Mayors Are Taking the Lead on Income Inequality
This 2016 article points to a survey of nearly 90 mayors, showing how they are focusing on many of today's most pressing urban issues.

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How are programs building students’ social capital? 10 key trends
This report is "a look at a subset of innovative organizations that are specifically designed to broker deep and diverse relationships in young people’s lives to expand access networks of support and opportunity."

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How Communities Work Together: Learning from Chicago's Community Networks Study
From the web site: "The Chicago Community Networks study is an unprecedented opportunity to explore and examine how networks are structured and how they function. Conducted in nine Chicago neighborhoods the study takes a mixed-methods approach, combining formal social network analysis with in-depth field interviews in an extensive effort to measure how community organizations collaborate on local improvement projects and how they come together to shape public policy." Bookmark this site and return often. New articles will be added throughout the year.

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How do I teach on-line if my school suddenly closes
With the 2020 Coronovirus spreading through the world many schools have closed, forcing teachers to suddenly switch to teaching on-line. Vance Stephens of the Webheads in Action group has created this page to collect and share ideas.

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How do White people talk about becoming the minority without being called "Racist"?
This link points to a Facebook discussion that started on March 28, 2018, which focuses on this topic. As migration grows throughout the world, caused primarily by war, conflict and climate change, formerly majority White communities are quickly changing to be majority people of color. Those changes are difficult to accept for many. Read the comments and add your own. Point to other places where this is being discussed.

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How does Chicago report on Violence against Women?
This link points to a 2013 Chicago Justice Project study of "a year of coverage of violence against women in the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times to understand how closely the coverage resembles how the crimes occur in Chicago’s communities."

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How does where we live affect how long we live?
This Robert Wood Johnson Foundation resource includes a variety of interactive maps that focus on health disparities. In this link you can enter your address and see the life expectancy for where you live and compare it to your city, county, state and overall USA. This is one of several resources on this page.

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How Employee Engagement Benefits a Business
In this Forbes article six members of Forbes Human Resources Council explain why community involvement is important and how volunteerism can help both employers and employees.

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How Housing Matters in Chicago - MacArthur Foundation
From the web site: "How Housing Matters to Families and Communities is an ongoing $25 million research initiative to expand evidence on the effects that decent, stable affordable housing has on social and economic outcomes, beyond shelter. The initiative seeks to determine whether and how stable, decent, affordable housing has positive effects on education, employment, health and other outcomes. As public resources remain scarce, a rigorous program of near- and longer-term research that focuses on questions of interest to policymakers will make it possible to demonstrate whether and how housing policy can achieve a greater return on investments in range of important areas of concern."

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How Makerspace in Juvenile Hall Helps Youth See Their Value
School and non-school leaders should take a look at this article and consider building their own makerspace as a way to help young people explore and learn.

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How Matters - looking beyond US borders for solutions to poverty & racism
This article, along with others, on the How Matters web site looks at way to overcome complex problems and provides a list of recommended reading for deeper learning and engagement. The collection of articles represents an extensive reading list.

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How Members of House and Senate Voted on Gun Legislation (NPR)
This article includes information and charts showing how elected leaders in all 50 states have voted on gun legislation over past 30 years or longer.

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How online communities are faring in 2016
Building and sustaining effective on-line communities requires an investment of resources, talent and time. This article shows some of the lessons being learned from surveys of on-line communities.

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