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Equal Justice USA
From the web site: "Equal Justice USA (EJUSA) is a national organization that works to make the criminal justice system more fair, effective, and responsive by ending the death penalty, strengthening programs that help crime survivors address trauma and rebuild their lives, promoting constructive responses to violence, and enacting common sense criminal justice reforms."

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Equity and Inclusion in the Afterschool Field - Afterschool Today
Afterschool Today is the newsmagazine of the National Afterschool Association. This issue focuses on equity and inclusion and steps afterschool programs can take to improve their practices.

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Erasmus+: European Voluntary Service (EVS)
Visit this web site to learn about the The EU programme for
Education, Training, Youth and Sport 2014-2020.

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European Youth Portal - Volunteer Service
From the web site: "The European Youth Portal offers European and national information and opportunities that are of interest to young people who are living, learning and working in Europe. It gives information around eight main themes, covers 34 countries and is available in 28 languages."

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Evaluating Social Innovation - Developmental Evaluation
A new process is needed to evaluate social innovation projects where the path to achieving goals is unclear,little is known about what will work, where, and under what conditions, etc. Download and read this report to understand the challenges facing social innovators and funders when trying to understand and evaluate impact of innovative projects.

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Every Single Cognitive Bias in One Infographic
This is just one of many infograpics on this site. Take a look.

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Everyday Democracy - Ideas and Tools for Community Change
From the web site: "Everyday Democracy was founded as the Study Circles Resource Center in 1989. In the early years, we focused on developing a better kind of public dialogue, drawing on the ways people talk in their everyday lives. Then, we championed the idea that public talk is for everyone, and helped communities organize to bring all kinds of people into the conversation. Now we’re helping people connect public dialogue to real solution using our Dialogue to Change Process with a racial equity lens." To support its work an extensive web resource library has been created. Take a look.

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Examining the Black-White Wealth Gap - 2020 article
From the article: "A close examination of wealth in the U.S. finds evidence of staggering racial disparities. The Black-white wealth gap reflects a society that has not and does not afford equality of opportunity to all its citizens." Read more.

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Example of network analysis - article
This article is titled Why Policy Networks Don't Work (the way we think they do. The author demonstrates a use of network analysis to understand the groupings of people who worked to address the Ebola crisis in Africa.

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Explanation of types of social capital - 2013 blog
This article provides a framework for understanding, and classifying the difference between bridging and bonding social capital,

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Exploring the Role of Boundary Spanning in Distributed Networks of Knowledge
This paper talks about communities of practice, knowledge sharing, network building and the key role of people who the paper describes as "boundary spanners". If we can demonstrate to business leaders that volunteer involvement in non-school tutor/mentor programs is a way to help build communities of practice that connects people from within a location and across many locations we may open a new door to leadership involvement and financial support.

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Exploring the Urban Community: A GIS Approach (pdf)
Article demonstrates use of GIS, written by Richart P. Greene, Northern Illinois University and James B Pick, University of the Redlands. Dr. Greene and students helped set up the GIS system at the Tutor/Mentor Connection in 1995.

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Factors that affect Learning at School - Hamilton Project maps
This is one of many interactive map-based blog articles on the Hamilton Project website. In this article the Hamilton Project "examines the factors that affect learning at local elementary, middle, and high schools across the United States."

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Feedback Labs - support for non profits
Interesting resource to support collaboration and interaction. Take a look.

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Ferguson Syllabus - From Wikipedia
From the site: "Ferguson syllabus is a crowdsourced syllabus about race, African American history, civil rights, and policing. [9] Ferguson syllabus was created as a way to integrate conversations of what happened in Ferguson into classrooms." Use the resources in learning about race and inequality in America and to find strategies for engaging students and others in this effort.

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Find ISP Providers using this mapping platform
Enter an address and look at the ISPs you can choose from.

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Find MyReps - resource for finding who represents you
Enter your address and the tool will build a list of local, state and federal representatives, along with contact information. Just launched in mid 2016.

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Fingerprinting Service for Volunteer Background Checks - Chicago
Most youth serving volunteer-based organizations do some sort of background checks and many include fingerprinting. This organization serves many youth organizations in Chicago.

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First Round - a knowledge base for start-ups and entrepreneurs
If you're starting a business, or even a non profit, you should get to know the First Round web site. It has draws upon an extensive web library to answer questions site users might have, and to organize events and services that support entrepreneurs.

Note: If the Tutor/Mentor Connection were starting over, and had capital and tech talent, it would look much like this First Round web site.

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Fixing US Infrastructure - State-by-State Priorities
This 2017 article should be a 'must read' resource for anyone concerned with what's happening in America.

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Forward Through Ferguson (St. Louis) - Action Plan
This web site shares the report produce by the commission that investigated the Ferguson, MO riots of 2014 in an effort to engage a larger portion of the St. Louis area in solving the problem.

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Foundation Accountability in Networked Age
The writer of this article titled "Gorillas in the midst: foundation accountability in a networked age" reflects on the power of foundations and the lack of accountability. The article offers "four behaviors that are proving necessary for any business, government agency or non-profit to maintain a social licence in this dynamic environment"

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Foundation habits that aggravate grant seekers
This 2017 blog article provides a long checklist of foundation practices that aggravate and make life difficult for grant seekers.

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Foundations, how aggravating is your grantmaking process?
In this article on Nonprofit with Balls blog Vu Le posts an extensive list of things grant makers do to make life difficult, costly, frustrating and miserable for NPO grant seekers. Fix some of these problems and you improve capacity and quality of NPOs throughout the sector.

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Four Pathways to Greater Giving - annotated version
This Bridgespan report asks "What will it take to unlock greater philanthropy among the nation's wealthiest people?". The link points to a version of the report which has been put on for reading and annotation. Join in.

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