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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Explore Chicago class at DePaul studies Chicago tutor/mentor programs
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Follow the blog articles of the fall 2010 Explore Chicago class at DePaul and learn more about where tutor/mentor programs are needed, and what you and others can do to support them. Duplicate this project at your high school or college.

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Monday, September 27, 2010
It's up to all of us to help kids in need
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Mentoring is one of the keys to stopping youth violence. See this editorial from the Chicago SunTimes.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010
SNA Analysis of Tutor/Mentor Conference May 2008
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SNA Analysis of Tutor/Mentor Conference May 2008 shows role of Tutor/Mentor Connection in bringing programs together to learn from each other.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010
Learn to use resources in Tutor/Mentor Connection Library
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This map shows one section of information available to you in the Links Library of this web site, and in more than 1600 web sites that we point to.  At the bottom of each node are one, or two small boxes. Click on these and go to other web pages with information related specifically to that topic.  Using these charts you can navigate the entire Tutor/Mentor Conection library.     Visit this link to see the live concept map.  Visit this link to use an animated/narriated tour.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010
September Mentoring Tip of the Month - 5 Ways to Motivate your Mentor Volunteers
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We encourage you to share this material with your mentoring community by connecting to this link, or by printing and posting it in your facility.  Please do not alter this post.  Thank you and thanks for all you do in the mentoring community!



 5 Ways to Motivate your Mentor Volunteers


Volunteering is a job many of us love. The feeling of helping others can build our sense of meaning about our lives and the contribution or stamp we want to leave on this planet.  But keeping mentors coming, keeping them motivated and free from burnout can be a challenge. Here are some simple strategies to keep your volunteers motivated and commited to your organization. 

1. Know them.  Take the extra time to get to know your volunteers.  Know their names, even something about their personal or professional lives.  Sometimes we can forget the incredible experience and talents that rest behind the volunteers' eyes.

2.  Make them work.  No volunteer wants to stand around wondering why they are wasting their time.  They want to work, want to contribute.  Make sure that resource is not wasted.

3. Appreciate them.  Say thank you and then say thank you again.  Volunteers don't get paid in cash.  They get paid in feeling that what they did mattered and that they matter.  Make sure they know what they are doing has value and that you and the organization appreciate them.

4. Match them up.  Don't make the extrovert sort the closet or the introvert speak to a group of 50.  Match skills and comfort levels with tasks.

5. Use a team effort.  This job of keeping volunteers coming needs to be a community effort.  Paid employees, management,  and other leadership, need to work together to create a culture that systematically and consistently welcomes, utilizes and appreciates the volunteer.

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Simply Put Together.


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