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Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Support the Million Father March as school starts this year
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One Million Fathers Asked 

to Volunteer 10 Hours Per Year 

at Their Children's Schools


  A father signs up to volunteer at his child's school.  


August 6, 2013 


The Million Father March is a great opportunity to increase parental engagement in your community and at your school (especially among fathers) and to recruit a dynamic parent-volunteer force for the coming (2013-14) school year. 


One million fathers across America are expected to take their children to school on the first day of school this year in conjunction with the Million Father March 2013.  Fathers from Florida, New York, California, Georgia, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Oregon, North Carolina, Nebraska, Illinois, and almost every U. S. state will participate.


On this first day of school, fathers and men are asked to take children to school, sign a pledge to be a good father at the school and commit to volunteer 10 hours during the 2013-14 school year.  Fathers are being asked to volunteer as safety patrollers, mentors, tutors, field-trip chaperons, sports coaches, teacher assistants, parent association members, hall and lunchroom monitors, readers to young children and much, much more.   


The Black Star Project will provide you with everything you need to sponsor a fantastic Million Father March at your school or in your community at no cost.  Schools and communities are asked to recruit and sign-up fathers as they bring their children to school on the first day.  Posters, flyers, and other materials are available in English and in Spanish along with tips and father-engagement best practices.  

 A father reads with his children.


Research shows that children whose fathers take an active role in their educational lives do better in school (earn better grades, score higher on tests, enjoy school more and are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college). Additionally, children whose fathers listen to and talk with them regularly, and are active in their lives, exhibit fewer behavior problems. 


The Million Father March 2013 is sponsored by The Black Star Project and is open to men and women of all ethnicities. If your community or school wishes to participate in this year's Million Father March, please call and register with The Black Star Project at 773.285.9600 or email with a contact person, email address, phone number, name of your school, city and state, (and, optional, cities and towns served by your school if more than the city where your school is located).


Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all children. 


Vince Cain 
General Manager for The Million Father March 2013
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