What is the Tutor/Mentor Learning Network?

The Tutor/Mentor Learning Network is:

  • A collection of resources related to volunteer-based tutoring and mentoring
  • Information that anyone can use to help build and sustain organized, non-school tutor and/or mentor programs
  • A library of research and articles showing where and why organized tutor/mentor programs are most needed
  • A library of resources to help people build and sustain these programs, and to understand challenges of finding resources
  • A place where information about tutoring and mentoring is shared
  • A network of individuals who learn from each other’s experiences

The Tutor/Mentor Learning Network functions in many ways like a university, offering you a broad selection of the resources, opportunities, and social networks you need to get a total educational experience.

Conference attendeesFor example, a student in pursuit of a degree might fulfill his basic university requirements by attending academic lectures and completing assigned readings. However, in order to excel in his field, he might also decide to attend guest lectures, do internet learning, travel abroad, and participate in extra-curricular activities and social networking.

View this PDF essay to better understand the Tutor/Mentor Learning Network and its goals

We hope that in using the Tutor/Mentor Learning Network you take advantage of all of the avenues by which you can excel in your tutor/mentor experience.

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How Do I Use the Tutor/Mentor Learning Network?

With all of the opportunities the Learning Network has to offer, the amount of information can get overwhelming. Just as a student doesn’t complete his degree overnight, however, you shouldn’t expect to read and digest all of the information available in the network in just one or two visits.

If you are unsure where to begin, start by skimming the various sections.  Find a topic that interests you. Explore the articles section to get background on the subject. Use the program locator and maps area to find real programs and statistics to inform your findings.

As you research more into your topic and apply it to your own experience, don’t forget to ask questions and share what you have learned. By participating in our online discussion forums or adding a resource to the links library, you contribute to the knowledge base available to others. Like research performed at a university, your contributions keep our tutor/mentor resources relevant and useful.

One of the best ways to learn is to connect with others on Twitter, Facebook or Linked in. Here are some tips

*  Use this concept map to connect with groups of people that Dan Bassill, founder of Tutor/Mentor Connection learns from. This is Dan's Personal Learning Network (PLN). It can be yours, too.

* Follow Dan on Twitter @tutormentorteam

* Join the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC group on Facebook

* Join this discussion group on LinkedIN.  

Sections At A Glance

Articles written by T/MC staff and colleagues in the field


Links Library
Anything and everything related to the world of tutoring and mentoring


News that affects the world of tutoring and mentoring


Maps and Map Blogs
See visual examples of the T/MC's work


Tutor/Mentor Institute
Learn about the T/MC philosophy and strategy and how you can become a part of it


Links to Chicago Area Youth Program Web Sites
Find a Chicago-area program


Discussion Forum
Share and discuss your own experiences; ask questions

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