How Can I Become Involved with Tutor/Mentor Programs?

Antonio and DebraThere are many different volunteer-based tutoring and mentoring programs in the Chicago area.  In addition to needing tutor/mentors, many programs also seek volunteers to be leaders, organizers and fundraisers and to provide administrative and technical support.

Find a program that suits you. As a volunteer, you should choose a program that fits your schedule, serves an age group you are comfortable with, and has the potential to become a long-term commitment. 

Use the Links to Chicago-area Programs section to find the resource you’re looking for.

If you are looking for a program outside of Chicagoland, you can find several national tutor/mentor program search engines in the Volunteer Centers & Recognition Programs page of our Links section.

Volunteer with Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and help us help programs grow in Chicago and other cities.  Read articles about T/MC.  If you share this information with friends, co-workers, corporate and community leaders, you help the T/MC bring tutor/mentor programs to more neighborhoods.

While operating as a 501-c-3 non profit from 1993-2011, T/MC is now supported by Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC, launched in mid 2011. T/MI still depends on volunteers and donors to help it do its work, while seeking partners and investors to generate new revenue and the ability to upgrade and expand its offerings.  Visit the Volunteer for T/MC page to learn more about the opportunities available through T/MC.  Email us if you're interested in volunteering or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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Help Spread the Word!

Build a Tutor/Mentor Connection team on your college campus. View this presentation to learn more:

Form a Leadership Group! The Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC continue to draw volunteers and donors to tutor/mentor programs in Chicago the same way that retailers use advertising to draw shoppers to their stores, banks, or fast food restaurants.  This website, and our map-based program locator, provide information that anyone can use to build a better understanding of where and why volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs are needed. With this information, your leadership group can mobilize volunteers and donors to support a single program, all programs in a zip code, or all programs in the entire city.  As more groups take this role, each non profit tutor/mentor program will be strengthened and more kids will be connected to extra adults and extra learning in the non-school hours.

Read the essays posted in the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC library, such as the one shown above, and form learning groups in your company, faith group, college and/or high school so you can use this information to help volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs grow where they are needed.


Not from Chicago? Want to be a Partner?  There never was much money for the intermediary role of the Tutor/Mentor Connection. So far there still are no sponsors or clients providing money to help us do this work, or help them understand how to apply these ideas. If you want to help figure out ways to generate revenue and build long-lasting partnership, your talent and need is needed.

Contact the Tutor/Mentor Connection at to schedule a time to talk.

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