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Subject: Business School Connection Wiki

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05/30/2007 3:33 PM Alert 

We have created a WikiSpace for the Business School Connection. This outlines the goals of the project and shows the benefits to universities, businesses and graduate students who might become involved in this idea.

We've also created a concept map, diagramming the strategy of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and the organization of information on this web site

We are looking for volunteers to work on this project and hoping to recruit grad students from two to three different business schools who will contribute to the wiki and to this forum, with a goal of making the project goals a reality.  Introduce yourself if you'd like to participate.


06/04/2007 3:36 PM Alert 
In addition to the WikiSpace, we've also made some updates to the Links Library. We've added the websites of the Net Impact Chapters and other socially responsible business groups for the top 50 business schools in the US. This list is based on the rankings by US News & World Report, which is also available in the Links Library. These are the groups of people we hope to mobilize with the Business School Connection! Take a look and see what some other schools are up to.

Links Library Path: Education to Careers and Corporate Citizenship => Business School Connections

12/21/2007 4:05 PM Alert 

I found an article on the Harvard Business Review that I feel is really important reading for anyone thinking about this concept of Business School Connection. The article is titled Strategy & Society: The Link Between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility. Written by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer.

This link provides an overview:

I did a Google search using the title and Michael Porter's name and found a free copy that I could download and read.

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