Volunteerism as Business Diversity Strategy
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This article on the Diversity MBA Professional Magazine is titled:

Linking Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility – A Lost Opportunity by Anise D. Wiley-Little

The article makes a case for linking corporate social resposibility with diversity strategies. Let's go further.  Companies that encourage employees to be part of mentor-rich programs that have volunteers from many companies and backgrounds working with inner city kids are expanding the informal network for each employee who gets involved. As people interact with others in these programs they gain understanding, tolerance for other points of view, and new ideas they can bring back to the workforce.

If a company points to a map showing all tutor/mentor programs in a region, and also showing business locations (like this) they can encourage employee and customer involvement in multiple programs and around multiple locations.

If the leaders of the company build a recognition, networking and information sharing system within the company, where employees from different branches and locations who volunteer in different places begin to talk to each other, they build diversity and informal networks within the company which enhance the business efficiency for the entire organization.

Companies can do this with minimal investment and even use their philanthropy dollars to support the places providing the support and training to their employees. This should be a win-win-win for everyone. What can we do to encourage more companies to take on the leadership roles describe in this T/MC section of ideas.

If you share these ideas in  your company today, there can be communications strategies in place in 3-4 months that begin to encourage more volunteer involvement in tutor/mentor programs in many cities.

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