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Ada S. McKinley Youth Academic Program
Ada S. McKinley offers Early Intervention tutoring, test preparation, and life-planning counseling to middle school students to help them catch up to and exceed grade-level performance, take the steps to stay on track through high school towards their desired career, and to dream of and prepare for college.
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Arab American Action Network - After School Program
The program comprises of staff, interns and volunteers providing homework assistance, tutoring and mentoring for elementary school students. The program provides a positive environment for youth ages six to twelve where they meet role models who strongly encourage them and enjoy a myriad of activities such as science experiments, field trips and arts and crafts.
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Back of the Yards Community Council list of youth orgs in South Central Chicago
While some of these organizations may be listed individually in the Tutor/Mentor Directory, this list is being maintained by the Back of the Yards Community organizaiton.
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Big Buddies Youth Services, Inc
From the web site: "Services include educational, social, cultural, and charitable services to youth and their families as a preventive approach to fighting juvenile delinquency. Through Academic Enrichment, Parent Support, Tutorial, Academic Advisement, and Cultural Enrichment Programs Bug Buddies Youth Services, Inc. is leading the way to redeeming our youth and brightening our future."
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Carole Robertson Center for Learning
The Carole Robertson Center operates three sites in the North Lawndale, Little Village, and Near West Side communities of urban Chicago.

The after school and evening program is for community youth, ages 10 through 18. The program provides educational, support, personal development, mentoring, social, and recreational activities for youth.
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Chicago Urban League -EducationPrograms
From the web site: "The Chicago Urban League Education Department offers comprehensive programs that give students at the middle through college levels the skills and confidence necessary to compete academically while exposing them to various careers,social and cultural opportunities."
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Chicago Youth Programs, Washington Park
CYP's programs engage youth long-term, from preschool to college. At each academic and developmental level, program volunteers and staff, develop interventions aimed at helping at-risk youth learn grade appropriate concepts. By combining these educational interventions with a wide variety of recreational, social, health, and career programs, CYP creates its comprehensive formula for success.
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Chinese American Service League - Child Education & Development
Youth are supported through a variety of volunteer opportunities. Scroll the list on this web site to see opportunities and learn services offered at this site.
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Firman Community Services
This link provides a description of programs offered.
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Gads Hill Center - Club Learn
Gads Hill Center's programs support and empower the economically and educationally disadvantaged residents in Chicago's Pilsen, Little Village, Back of the Yards, and North Lawndale neighborhoods. Each of these communities lacks resources in education, accessible child and health care, literacy, and general safety.
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Gifted Life Youth Empowerment
This organizations offers mentoring through arts programs offered twice a year, spring and summer. The programs are designed for youth and young adults, ages 7-18. Operates in the Auburn-Gresham area.
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Holy Cross IHM Parish
Close to 300 neighborhood youth are involved in broad Out-of-School time programming offering 6-18 year olds extended opportunities for informal and active learning in the areas of Educational Supports, Human Development, and the Arts. Some of the events and activities are organized by staff, while others are planned and carried out by the youth themselves.
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Hyde Park Art Center
The Hyde Park Art Center collaborates with over 25 community organizations and schools throughout Chicago to give young people access to high quality art training and professional artists.
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Illinois Tech - Global Leaders Program
From the web site: " Over the course of two years, GLP Scholars participate in:

Four weeks of collaborative, project-based STEM programming each summer.
The implementation of a Community Innovation Project of their own design during their junior year.
Step-by-step college advising and guidance during their senior year.
Workshops, field trips, and more career development opportunities throughout.
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Instituto del Progreso Latino - Keep Educating Youth Program
Keep Educating Youth (KEY) is a year-round program that understands the need for youth to be engaged in positive activities after school. During the school year, KEY operates from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. and remains open when schools close over holidays and spring, summer, and winter breaks. During these days, the program runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This flexibility allows KEY to remain responsive to the needs of the participants, their families, and elementary school partner.
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K.L.E.O. Community Family Life Center
From the web site: "The K.L.E.O. Community Family Life Center is a non-for-profit cooperation dedicated to strengthening families through physical and human capital development for people of all ages in the Chicago land community. Our goal is to create vibrant sustainable neighborhoods through planning and coordinating community revitalization projects."
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Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization-Youth Development Program
From the web site: "KOCO's Youth Development Programs cultivate the innate leadership capabilities of youth while providing academic enrichment, social development, and cultural awareness. Since 1997, the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization's Academic and Cultural Enrichment (A.C.E.) Program has taken a multi-faceted approach to youth development. "
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Knights of Omega Mentoring Program at IIT
From the web site: "By instilling the tenets of, Tenacity, Integrity, Commitment to uplift the community and Knowledge, the Knights of Omega Foundation commits to enriching the scholastic, civic, and social experiences of young men thereby facilitating the optimal preparation for Manhood."
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Latino Organization of the Southwest - BLAST Afterschool Program
From the web site: "The BLAST afterschool program serves nearly 50 youth every day at the LOS location, but also serves nearly 100 additional youth at Hurley and Peck Elementary Schools, providing tutoring and additional activities such as a book club and sports."
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LINK Unlimited
Link Unlimited is a not-for-profit organization that provides educational services and mentoring to low-income African American youth from Chicago’s inner city.
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Operation Link-Up
Operation Link-Up operates on the Southwest side of Chicago and serves 12-18 year old youth. Its programs include: character enrichment, academic assistance, martial arts, performing arts and project service learning. Its mentoring program is a membership only program that challenges teens to be morally, emotionally and socially responsible through our five star quality emphasis.
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Project VISION
Project VISION is a "nonprofit organization with a mission to provide youth of Chicago’s Chinatown and Bridgeport communities with tools for educational, personal, and civic development"
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Pui Tak Center Tutoring Program
Our program serves children and youth by first meeting their academic needs and in the process having a chance to meet their social, emotional and spiritual needs. After observing staff and volunteers who commit to building relationships, youth naturally open up about their struggles so that we can mentor them.

School-year programs include Children’s Tutoring Program (for kindergarten to sixth grade students) on Saturday mornings, after school programs (for high school students) on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Service Learning (for high school students) and Apprenticeship Program (for high school students).
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SGA Youth and Family Services - Kids Unlimited Mentoring Program
From this web site: "The Kids Unlimited Mentoring Project, offered by SGA Youth & Family Services, is looking for volunteers to provide mentoring for one hour per week to 4th through 8th grade students at Fiske and Wadsworth Elementary Schools in the Woodlawn Community of Chicago. Mentors and mentees talk, work on homework, hang out, and do fun and enriching activities together."
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South Central Community Services

The Educational Services Department provides academic instruction, independent living and vocational skills, advocacy and supportive services to clients pre-school to young adult.

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