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Bright Star Community Outreach Mentoring Program
From the web site: "BSCO’s Mentoring component is designed to both: provide a safe environment for children and youth to enhance their academic and social emotional growth; and to increase the positive attributes of our children and youth through providing them with positive role models that will follow-up with them to ensure they are making the best decisions for their future. BSCO accomplishes this goal through a mix of in-school, after-school, and out-of-school services. Through its many offerings, BSCO serves over 200 children and youth annually."

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Friends of the Children - Chicago
The national Friends of the Children began more than 20 years ago and is a unique model where paid "friends" and the organization, stick with youth for 12 or more years. The Chicago chapter started in 2018.

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Horizons Chicago - part of national network
From the web site: "Horizons is a high-quality learning experience, outside of traditional school time, that supports students from low-income families over the course of their Pre-K–12 academic careers. Horizons students attend a six-week summer program on the campus of an independent school, college, or university, and receive additional support throughout the year. By design, you’ll find Horizons programs on independent school, college, and university campuses, rather than in familiar public schools. Horizons makes retention a priority, resulting in average student and staff retention of over 80% annually across the network. Many families are involved for decades as younger siblings make their way through the program and graduates return to volunteer or teach at Horizons." Mentors are peer students, paid teachers, etc.

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Ladies of Virtue Mentoring
From the web site: "Our mission is to instill purpose, passion, and perseverance in girls, ages 9 to 18, while preparing them for college, careers and to become change agents in their communities.

We match our participants with mentors and prepare them for leadership through our culturally relevant character building, career readiness and civic engagement curriculum."

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Salvation Army Mentoring & Character Building Programs in Englewood
The Salvation Army offers a variety of programs at its Red Shield Center in Englewood that are intended to "help motivate, encourage and empower youth to be the best they can be and to seek out ways to reach their goals".

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Ada S. McKinley Youth Academic Program
From the web site: "Ada S. McKinley offers Early Intervention tutoring, test preparation, and life-planning counseling to middle school students to help them catch up to and exceed grade-level performance, take the steps to stay on track through high school towards their desired career, and to dream of and prepare for college."

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Arab American Action Network - After School Program
From the web site: "The program comprises of staff, interns and volunteers providing homework assistance, tutoring and mentoring for elementary school students. The program provides a positive environment for youth ages six to twelve where they meet role models who strongly encourage them and enjoy a myriad of activities such as science experiments, field trips and arts and crafts.:

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Automotive Mentoring Group (AMG)
Automotive Mentoring Group helps under-served youth and adults develop work and life skills as they restore classic cars. AMG helps participants earn HS diplomas, enroll in colleges, obtain jobs and apprenticeships in the auto industry.

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Big Buddies Youth Services, Inc
From the web site: "Services include educational, social, cultural, and charitable services to youth and their families as a preventive approach to fighting juvenile delinquency. Through Academic Enrichment, Parent Support, Tutorial, Academic Advisement, and Cultural Enrichment Programs Bug Buddies Youth Services, Inc. is leading the way to redeeming our youth and brightening our future."

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Chasing23 Youth Empowerment Group
From the website: "Chasing23's mentoring program is an intensive, year-round, multi-component best practice model that invests in cohorts of teens. Throughout the program year, youth complete a series of project-based learning experiences related to character development, civic engagement, educational attainment, and entrepreneurship. Mentors interact with mentees 3-5 hours a week for a year. Mentor ratio 1:5-10"

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Chicago Urban League -EducationPrograms
From the web site: "The Chicago Urban League’s Center for Student Development (formerly the Education Department) offers a continuum of services for middle school through college students that prepares them to compete in a growing global economy. Our Center for Student Development programs are delivered through modules that address age appropriate topics: financial literacy, community awareness, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), career readiness, college preparedness and career exposure. Our innovative programs allow our program participants to thrive academically, socially and ultimately professionally."

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Chicago Youth Programs, Washington Park
From the web site: "CYP's programs engage youth long-term, from preschool to college. At each academic and developmental level, program volunteers and staff, develop interventions aimed at helping at-risk youth learn grade appropriate concepts. By combining these educational interventions with a wide variety of recreational, social, health, and career programs, CYP creates its comprehensive formula for success."

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Chinese American Service League - Youth Development Program
From the web site: "The Youth Development Program provides a safe, supervised, and welcoming environment that supports the holistic development of youth in grades 6th through 12th—particularly Chinese immigrant and American-born Chinese teens. Middle and high school teens learn leadership skills, engage in community activities, experience a sense of belonging, and become ready to make healthy, responsible choices in their lives."

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Firman Community Services - school age program
From the web site: "School-Age is an after-school program that provides educational support, cultural enrichment, and recreational development activities to student ages 6 - 12. It’s open five-days-a-week and full-time during the summer and on school holidays. The program is for low-income parents who are either working, in school, or job training."

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Gads Hill Center - Building Leaders Program
From the web site: "Building Leaders is designed for students ages 13 through high school graduation with the desire and potential to succeed in higher education. The program provides academic support, parent education, and highly individualized assistance to help teens graduate high school and enter college prepared to succeed. The STEAM-focused program provides hands-on learning experience in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. An out-of-school time academic enrichment program, Building Leaders is free, open after school through 7pm, and is located at Gads Hill Center's site in Pilsen.

A Junior Building Leaders Program is an after school program for children ages 5-12 in the Pilsen, North Lawndale, and South Lawndale communities."

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Guitars over Guns - RISE Chicago Arts Mentoring Program
From the website: "Guitars Over Guns’ RISE program (Reach. Inspire. Support. Empower.) is a twist on your typical young professionals board experience. In addition to creating a platform that connects a network of fun, dedicated, socially conscious professionals, RISE aims to provide continued mentorship to graduates of Guitars Over Guns’ middle school programming as they adjust to high school, plan for their futures and explore unique school and work paths that lead to post-secondary success.

RISE focuses on:

* Providing academic support and guidance to graduates of our middle school programs
* Creating a safe space to network and build relationships with like-minded peers
* Arranging experiences and diverse opportunities to advance cultural awareness"

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Holy Cross IHM Parish - Youth Mentoring
From the web site: "Youth continually are identified for mentor groups through the networking of “RADAR”. All mentoring groups consist of boys and/or girls in age ranges of 9-12, 13-15, and 16-18 with a range of 6-10 participants per group and are led by one or two adult mentors. The mentor groups meet weekly to 3 times a week during out-of-school hours.

The focuses of the mentor groups revolve around positive social behavior, academic retention, and development of life skills. These focus areas are maintained by activities such as discussions on topics and themes relevant to youth, outreach sports and fitness, reading clubs and film reviews, art projects, social skills training and role-playing, and community events and service projects, which help to promote relationship-building between youth and mentors."

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Hyde Park Art Center - Education Programs
From the web site: "At Hyde Park Art Center you will find out-of-school youth classes for a range of younger students, which typically meet after school or on Saturdays. Our Teen Programs offer tuition-free opportunities for south side youth to develop inside of meaningful environment and grow with a supportive group of peers." Visit the web site to learn more.

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Illinois Tech - Global Leaders Program
From the web site: " Over the course of two years, GLP Scholars participate in: a) Four weeks of collaborative, project-based STEM programming each summer; b) The implementation of a Community Innovation Project of their own design during their junior year; c) Step-by-step college advising and guidance during their senior year; d) Workshops, field trips, and more career development opportunities throughout."

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Instituto del Progreso Latino - Support for High School students
From the web site: "Instituto operates two public charter high schools that serve nearly 1,000 Chicago students annually with unique curriculum, extensive supportive systems, and high expectations. Find out more about the Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy (IHSCA) and the Instituto Justice and Leadership Academy (IJLA).

Instituto also offers a variety of opportunities for any high school student to join us after school and during the summer for a safe and supportive environment. Students from both Instituto schools and the local community join us for activities such as dance and art programs as well as substantial academic tutoring and college preparation programs.

Through our Escalera College Bridge program, Instituto offers additional support to our students beginning in middle school and early in high school, and following them through college enrollment and beyond."

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K.L.E.O. Community Family Life Center
From the web site: "KLEO offers a dependable, caring environment and diverse positive outlets for adolescent’s and teens whose life have been impacted by poverty, teen pregnancy, gangs and other challenges. KLEO participates in The Safe Haven program of Chicago Public Schools and the Mayor's Mentoring Initiative."

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Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization-Youth Development Program
From the web site: "KOCO's Youth Development Programs cultivate the innate leadership capabilities of youth while providing academic enrichment, social development, and cultural awareness. Since 1997, the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization's Academic and Cultural Enrichment (A.C.E.) Program has taken a multi-faceted approach to youth development. "

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Latino Organization of the Southwest - BLAST Afterschool Program
From the web site: "The BLAST afterschool program serves nearly 50 youth every day at the LOS location, but also serves nearly 100 additional youth at Hurley and Peck Elementary Schools, providing tutoring and additional activities such as a book club and sports."

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LINK Unlimited
From the web site: "LINK Unlimited Scholars’ mission is to connect economically disadvantaged African American high school students with mentors, resources, and foundational skills required for success as they advance into, through, and beyond college."

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New Life Centers Urban Life Skills Program - Little Village
From the web site: "The Urban Life Skills Program is an intensive Gang Intervention Program in the Little Village Community on Chicago’s Southwest Side. For the past two years, the program has worked with over 75 gang involved youth that are wards of the Cook County Juvenile Court. The program is closely partnered with the Cook County Juvenile Probation Department and has seen many successes.

The program is founded upon mentoring. Each one of the youth that enter the program are assigned a mentor and then brought into the full array of services provided by the program. This gang intervention model is a comprehensive model based on a variety of key components. These components include mentoring, gang intervention counseling, substance abuse classes, art therapy, job readiness training, tutoring, GED classes, court advocacy, social activities, family support, and more."

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