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Lawyers Lend A Hand - meets in Chicago LOOP. Serves youth in Englewood
From the web site: "Lend-A-Hand Tutoring at the CBA provides free one-to-one tutoring to 50 students from the Englewood community on the south side of Chicago. All of our students attend the Montessori School of Englewood, a public charter school and our partner in this venture.

Tutoring is on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. during the school year at the Chicago Bar Association (CBA). The school transports the students downtown to the CBA."

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St. Titus One Youth Anti-Violence and Mentoring Program
From the web site: "The St. Titus One Youth Anti-Violence and Mentoring Program was designed to provide youth in the community with a positive outlet and great skills to overcome the daily challenges they face."

Each week after school, youth meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 - 8 p.m. and receive homework assistance and tutoring to help them excel in school.

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A Knock at Midnight - Teen Reach Program
From the web site: "The Teen REACH program was designed to create and expand the range of choices and opportunities that enable, empower and encourage youth to achieve positive growth and development, improve expectations and capacities for future success, and avoid and/or reduce risk-taking behavior.

The program curriculums encompass workshops and activities that achieve the following outcomes: improved academic performance, increased basic social skills, enhanced life skills, heighten parental involvement and awareness, sustained positive adult mentor relationships, and raised participation in positive recreation, sports and cultural activities."

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Alliance for Community Peace - Afterschool and Summer Program
From the web site: "The Alliance for Community Peace is a non – profit , faith-based organization offering structured activities and opportunities for at risk children and youth to: improve academic performance: build self esteem and confidence; enhance social, personal, interaction and decision making skills through supervised learning activities: and develop meaningful work experience leading to success in adulthood. Offers offering after school tutoring, homework assistance, and computer training."

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Alpha Phi Alpha’s Go-to-College (GTC) program
From the web site: Xi Lambda’s Go-to-College (GTC) program concentrates on mentoring young men throughout the Chicagoland area, focusing on grades 9 thru 12. Monthly meetings at the eXceL Center offer educational, social and career support to inspire our young men to finish their high school careers and prepares them for college and beyond. We emphasize staying away from lifestyle choices and activities that often derail teenagers from obtaining their dreams and aspirations."
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ARK of St. Sabina
From the web site: "Programming at the ARK provides constructive outlets for youth who have experienced trauma, empowering them to become leaders in the community.

RISE is mentoring program for high school boys who have had exposure to the juvenile justice system, and are considered at-risk of being exposed to violence or becoming a perpetrator of violence. The program is led by mentors who offer a space for candid discussion and emotional development, while connecting each mentee with the resources they need to overcome barriers in life."

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Aspirations of Life - Mentoring Program
From the web site: "Aspirations of Life’s programs are designed to provide intervention and prevention services to youth. Our programs empower youth and their family to live healthy and productive lives." Mentoring and Literacy programs are described on the web site.

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Center for Community Development
From the web site: "We are providing services to men and boys in the South Shore community. Youth, Men and Economic Development programs are critical components of CCD. Our Steps To Manhood Program works with boys 7-17 years of age. Our Men’s programs provide services for men ages 18 and older. Those services include accountability partners, bible study groups, and counseling (career, financial, and relationship). The Economic Development programs include the following: entrepreneurship, job training, and real estate redevelopment. We train aspiring entrepreneurs in our How to Start and Run a Business class. Our job training program prepares men and boys in the following areas: creating a resume, interviewing techniques and computer literacy. CCD collaborates with multiple organizations to support the broad needs of mentees and their families. Its close relationship with Christ Bible Church and Hales Franciscan High School gives the Center access to a wide range of services and facilities to accommodate youth."

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Changing Life Education Initiative
From the web site: "To establish a safe and nurturing environment where youth and young parents can be positively influenced to progressively increase their academic ability, economic development, social awareness, health, and natural creative talents, through enhanced academic tutoring, occupational training, life coaching, performing arts instruction, healthy lifestyle, and college preparation.

Changing Life Education Initiative, Inc. has provided life-coaches who mentor youth and track their success rates in school, after-school and community involvement. Through partnerships with local high schools, colleges, universities, businesses, Greek letter organizations and other social clubs, our organization has increased our mentor base; and we have a Life Coach who will be assigned to every one of our students enrolled in our program. Life Coaches (Mentors) are responsible for tutoring, advising and counseling students toward successful and positive behavior, higher academic grades, and future career goals."

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Concerned Christian Men (CCM) Mentoring
From the web site: "CCM strives to shape the young men into healthy, well-rounded individuals through encouraging academic excellence and transformational leadership. CCM operates a variety of activities in schools and churches around South Side of Chicago. Contact org to learn about volunteer opportunities."

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Daniel J. Nellum Youth Services, Inc
From the web site: "Daniel J. Nellum Youth Services, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the unique individual needs of teenagers who must overcome a variety of life challenges and are considered high risk youth. DJNYS, (or Nellum,) is located in the Englewood Community of Chicago and serves at risk youth and their families."

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Family Focus - Englewood
From the web site: "Family Focus serves children of all grade levels. After school activities are offered Monday-Friday. The time immediately following school hours is a time when a lack of a constructive activity or supervision due to a parent’s working schedule can lead to risk-taking behavior. Instead children are brought into an educational and safe environment with activities such as homework help, games centered around STEM lessons, literacy through creative writing, visual and preforming arts, character development and socioemotional learning, life skills training, and more." Locations in Englewood, Lawndale, Evanston and Aurora.

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Gary Comer Youth Center
From the web site: "For ten years, Gary Comer Youth Center has been enriching the lives of young people from across Chicago’s South Side with academic and enrichment programs that foster future success. Our goal is to help young people expand their horizons outside of the classroom, discovering their passions and fostering growth and achievement." This link points to programs available for high school age youth.

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Girls of Grace Youth Organization - Summer program
From the web site: "Girls of Grace is a non profit organization committed to enriching the lives of girls and young women. We are dedicated to the holistic development of girls between the ages of 10-18."Info on web site describes a summer program only.

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Imagine Englewood If - Youth Empowerment & Leadership Programs
From the web site: "Imagine Englewood If's programs promote healthy living, neighborhood beautification and empowering youth while encouraging a sense of responsibility.

As part of our after school program, we provide tutoring and homework assistance to help Englewood’s youth find success in their educational goals. Young men and women of Englewood have an opportunity to link up with a mentor who can provide job and educational advice and serve as a positive role model.

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Impact Family Center
From the web site: "IMPACT Family Center, is a human service organization dedicated to creating social change in low socio-economic areas by improving social and emotional well-being of youth, and families through educational, technological, mentorship, and arts programs.

The center provides a variety of connected learning technology, educational, life-skills, communications, employment training, and arts programs, to empower those we serve, and to assist youth and families in becoming self-sufficient, productive, and healthy individuals. "

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Kids Off the Block- provides a multi-service youth program
From the web site: "The organization reaches out to the most “at-risk” youth in Chicago, IL to provide them with access to a path that leads away from self-destruction and economic impoverishment. In order to achieve its Mission, KOB provides a multi-service youth program which focuses on those aspects of young people’s lives which promote good health, educational achievement, and personal and social growth. "

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S.A.Y. Yes! After School Program
From the web site: "S.A.Y. Yes! Centers® are biblically-based youth development programs that take place in an after-school setting through inner-city churches. It is a safe place for at-risk children to gain a solid foundation so they can have a successful future. One site is the Agape Center in the Roseland area of Chicago."

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South Central Community Services - Educational Programs
From the web site: "The Educational Services Department provides academic instruction, independent living and vocational skills, advocacy and supportive services to clients pre-school to young adult. The programs programs work to enhance the academic functioning and development of each client to their highest level of functioning"

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Teamwork Englewood - African American Male Initiative
From the web site: "The African American Male Initiative (AAMI) is a mentoring program that empowers youth in our community to make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their potential. AAMI uses adult mentors to support and connect to males in grades 7th through 10th that reside in the Greater Englewood community and/or attend school in the neighborhood."

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