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College Mentoring Experience
From the web site: "​College Mentoring Experience is a Chicago non-profit organization that provides resources to help youth enter into college and graduate via college tours, scholarships, tutoring and mentorship; we prepare students with academic and soft skills needed to succeed in the 21st century academic and workplace environments. It is our belief that when students are supported; families and communities are impacted."

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Community Building Tutors
From the web site: "CBT provides interested and capable high-school and college students with unique opportunities to shape the communities in which they live. At each of its three sites, CBT offers tutoring services weekly for an hour and a half to students aged six to twelve. Each weekly session is part of a twelve-week, cumulative session that takes place in the spring and the fall.

High-school and college students tutor grade-school students at each of CBT’s locations. Under the supervision of CBT staff, each high-school student volunteer works with a younger student on his/her homework and on additional learning games. The program strives for a balance between learning and fun to ensure that both the volunteer and the student enjoy and benefit from the time they spend together."

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St. Joseph Services Weekend Tutoring
From the web site: "Volunteers from Accretive Health share their time on Saturdays to provide tutoring and homework help tutoring youth. After tutoring, volunteers from Francis Parker High School engage the students in an hour of sports. Held at at the Austin Community Family Center."

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West Town Bikes - uses bicycles as a tool to teach young people
From the web sites: "West Town Bikes is a community bicycle learning center. We offer youth programs here at the shop in Humboldt Park and across the city, bicycle mechanics workshops and classes and special events to members of the community. We also provide creative work space for special bicycle building, utilitarian human powered design, kinetic art, advocacy projects, and all sorts of constructive creation." They provide apprenticeship programs for youth attending high schools in and around Humboldt Park.

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BBF Family Services - Youth Services
From the web site: Youth Services provides programming to children and young adults , ages 5 to 24, helping young people become positive, and productive citizens of the world. Youth build confidence and character through mentorship, educational and social-emotional support, and a variety of recreational activities, field trips, and labs. Housing, employment, education and consistent support helps to anchor their lines. We support them in many ways through all of these efforts."

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Blessed Sacrament Youth Center - Summit Tutoring
From the web site: "At Blessed Sacrament we seek excellence in all of our programming and offer a wide variety of programming all designed with the single purpose to enrich the lives of our youth and help them in their formation into adulthood. Our programming is frequently adjusted to better suit the needs of the community but below are some of our traditional programs:"

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Bottom Line - Chicago - supports students starting senior year of high school
From the web site: "Bottom Line helps low-income and first-generation-to-college students get to and through college. We are committed to building strong connections with our students, providing them with individual support, and ensuring they have the guidance needed to earn a college degree. We support students starting senior year of high school and continue throughout college for up to six years."

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Breakthrough Urban Ministries Youth Development Program
From the web site: "Every day, Breakthrough surrounds youth with a network of caring adults to support their growth and expand their opportunities. The relationships that youth build with these adults provide positive influence and can make a huge difference in the life of a child. Breakthrough’s youth initiatives include preschool, middle and high school academic enrichment and spiritual development activities, along with athletic programs to engage youth physically."

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BUILD - Broader Urban Involvement/Leadership Dev
From the web site: "Since 1969, BUILD has focused our efforts and resources on Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods in order to change the status quo that has already taken too many young lives. We accomplish our mission through violence prevention/intervention, youth development, and coalition building. Over the years, we have taken the best elements of our program experience and created THE BUILD MODEL." Visit web site to learn more.

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Casa Central’s Youth Opportunities Unlimited
From the web site: "Casa Central transforms lives and offers community support, with a special focus on Hispanics. Our network of social services propels children and youth, individuals and families, and seniors toward self-sufficiency and a higher quality of life.

The Youth Opportunities Unlimited program (Y.O.U.) provides year round, out-of-school time programming for students ages 14–18. The after school program helps youth improve academic performance, enhance workforce development skills, and increase awareness of college and career opportunities beyond high school."

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Chicago LAMP (Lawndale AMICHI Mentoring Program)
From the web site: "The mission of Chicago Lawndale AMACHI Mentoring Program (LAMP) is to provide mentoring and support services to children in North Lawndale and nearby communities who are impacted by incarceration. Our goal is to improve the life prospects of the mentees by providing a helping relationship; and engaging mentees in cultural enrichment activities designed to break the cycle of incarceration and promote positive youth development." Find on Facebook at

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Chicago Lights Tutoring (4th Presbyterian Church)
From the web site: "Chicago Lights Tutoring encourages 400 students living in under-resourced neighborhoods to graduate from high school and pursue higher education and meaningful careers. We match each first through twelfth grader with one caring adult tutor/mentor and provide them with innovative educational, arts, and enrichment resources that promote long-term academic and social success.

Children in grades one through twelve—mostly from Chicago’s Near North, Near West, and Austin/Lawndale neighborhoods—come to Tutoring for weekly one-to-one tutoring sessions with volunteer tutor/mentors. In addition, the program offers healthy meals, creative enrichment classes, literacy activities, career development opportunities, access to technology, high school scholarships, college preparedness, and art and digital music instruction." Founded in 1965, this is one of the oldest, volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in Chicago.

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Chicago Scholars
From the web site: "The Chicago Scholars Program is designed to assist marginalized high school students overcome the barriers to their collegiate access and success. Going beyond traditional monetary solutions, the Chicago Scholars Program offers five years of best practice programming to get students into college, graduate in four years, and smoothly transition into good-fit careers or graduate study."

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Chicago Tutoring Connection (formerly Cabrini Connections)
From the organization: "We currently serve about 65 7th-12th grade students from different parts of Chicago, including a group of tumblers with the Jesse White Tumblers. The students and their tutors meet every week at the Jesse White Community Center and Field House at 412 West Chicago Avenue to do school work and develop relationships that make a lasting difference.:We currently serve about 65 7th-12th grade students, including a group of tumblers with the Jesse White Tumblers. The students and their tutors meet every week to do school work and develop relationships that make a lasting difference."

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Chicago Youth Programs, Inc. Cabrini-Green / North Lawndale
From the web site: "Chicago Youth Programs (CYP) CYP provides over 40 comprehensive programs to at-risk youth, ages 3-25, living in the Washington Park, Near North/Cabrini Green, and Uptown/Rogers Park neighborhoods. Our approach is to bring children into programming at a young age and retain them up through college, providing comprehensive resources to meet their educational and developmental needs at each stage of their journey." Visit web site to learn more.

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Circle Urban Ministries - Austin neighborhood
From the web site: "Circle Urban Ministries addresses the issue of low standardized test scores using three interrelated strategies that include Self-Image Building, Language and Literacy Development and Life Skills Training. Circle Urban Ministries’ coaches and mentors go above and beyond the traditional expectations to prepare students for success, both academically and socially. We work with great tenacity to overcome the challenges of Academic Shut-Down." Visit web site to see description of the problem, their solution and their program model.

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Cluster Tutoring Program
From the web site: "Cluster Tutoring is a nonprofit, community-based organization that provides free one-to-one tutoring to more than 100 students primarily in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago’s West Side.

Because early literacy is vitally important, Cluster gives priority enrollment to students in grades K-3; however, new students up to grade 8 may register for the program. Returning students may remain with the program through grade 12."

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Daniel Murphy Scholarship Foundation
From the web site: "The mission of the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund is to give high school scholarship assistance and educational support to Chicago students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. DMSF seeks to make a life-altering difference in the lives of its Scholars by providing them with the best opportunity to succeed in high school and college.

In addition to providing scholarships, DMSF offers a number of valuable programs which help our Scholars persist toward high school graduation and gain admission to colleges at which they can succeed. Our programs begin before our Scholars enter high school and last until they graduate.

Mentors are role models with a special interest in the academic success and personal growth of Scholars. By becoming a mentor to a DMSF Scholar, an adult has a unique opportunity to help influence the life of one of tomorrow’s leaders."

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East Village Youth Program - Community Tutoring
From the web site: "Through comprehensive programming including academic advancement, risk prevention, socio-emotional skills development, financial literacy and outreach, EVYP provides our students with the tools they need to become successful young adults.

At community tutoring, students in grades 5 through 9 work with volunteer tutors to complete their homework assignments and work toward their academic goals. Tutoring is held on Monday evenings from 6:30-7:30 pm throughout the academic year. Students enrolled in the High School Program may also attend one-on-one tutoring sessions scheduled at their convenience. All tutors are college-educated community volunteers who have gone through extensive training and background checks."

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Erie Neighborhood House - Youth Options Unlimited
From the web site: "Youth Options Unlimited (YOU) is part of our Expanded Learning Programs for Children and Youth, supporting the growth and development of at-risk students ages 12-18. YOU is a safe, supportive and enriching environment that both supplements and enhances formal classroom activities, while also stimulating a close-knit familial structure. YOU programs spark an interest in learning and improve academic and life skills; provide opportunities for peer mentoring and leadership development; and also facilitate safe, recreational alternatives." Visit the web site to see the variety of programs that are offered which include tutoring and/or mentoring.

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Friends First at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls
This volunteer mentoring program matches adults with at-risk children to serve as role models, friends and confidants. Mentors in this program are all ages and from all walks of life but are united by their concern for Chicago youth.

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From the web site: "HighSight provides scholarships, tutoring, mentoring, leadership development, and college readiness
programs that create new possibilities for Chicago high school students from low-income families. The HighSight experience empowers our scholars to excel in high school and graduate from four-year colleges across the country."

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Holy Family Ministries - Adventures in Learning
A K-8 after-school program that offers learning activities for children from under-resourced communities. Operated in North Lawndale area.

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Horizons for Youth mentoring program
From the web site: "The Big Sibling Mentoring Program provides our students with a positive role model who demonstrates the benefits of academic success. Each Horizons for Youth child is paired with an individual Big Sibling mentor for the duration of his or her participation in our program. The mentor pairs meet twice each month–once at one of our scheduled Monthly Enrichment Outings, and once at a one-on-one meeting, organized by the mentor."

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INROADS Inc. - College Links Program
From the web site: "INROADS' mission is to develop and place talented minority youth in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership.

INROADS College Links is the pre-college component to the INROADS Internship process. Students who participate with INROADS College Links are competitive candidates for INROADS Internship opportunities beginning in their high school senior year!"

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