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Bright Star Community Outreach Mentoring Program
From the web site: "BSCO’s Mentoring component is designed to both: provide a safe environment for children and youth to enhance their academic and social emotional growth; and to increase the positive attributes of our children and youth through providing them with positive role models that will follow-up with them to ensure they are making the best decisions for their future. BSCO accomplishes this goal through a mix of in-school, after-school, and out-of-school services. Through its many offerings, BSCO serves over 200 children and youth annually."

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Chase23 Youth Empowerment Mentoring Program
From the web site; "Chasing23 Youth Empowerment Group mentoring program mission is to build respect and unity among young people, introduce and help develop life-skills, as well as provide a network of support." This is a 10 week course offered at Chicago schools.

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College Mentoring Experience
From the web site: "​College Mentoring Experience is a Chicago non-profit organization that provides resources to help youth enter into college and graduate via college tours, scholarships, tutoring and mentorship; we prepare students with academic and soft skills needed to succeed in the 21st century academic and workplace environments. It is our belief that when students are supported; families and communities are impacted."

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Community Building Tutors
From the web site: "CBT provides interested and capable high-school and college students with unique opportunities to shape the communities in which they live. At each of its three sites, CBT offers tutoring services weekly for an hour and a half to students aged six to twelve. Each weekly session is part of a twelve-week, cumulative session that takes place in the spring and the fall.

High-school and college students tutor grade-school students at each of CBT’s locations. Under the supervision of CBT staff, each high-school student volunteer works with a younger student on his/her homework and on additional learning games. The program strives for a balance between learning and fun to ensure that both the volunteer and the student enjoy and benefit from the time they spend together."

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Cops & Kids Chess Initiative - Chicago
From the web site: "The Chicago Public Schools and Renaissance Knights Chess Foundation, in partnership with the Chicago Police Department, developed the Cops & Kids Chess initiative as a year-round after-school program for elementary and high school students which includes a tournament with police officers and student players. The program is intended to promote non-violence and increase positive relationships with youth and police officers while utilizing the game of chess as the vehicle for engagement."

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From the web site: "CREO DuPage (aka CREO) is a nonprofit program (started in 2019) focused on helping motivated Hispanic/Latino/Latinx students attain the future they yearn for – making possible what may seem impossible. We want to break away from misconceptions by changing the college narrative in the community and enabling our students to successfully prepare for and complete their studies.

With their parents/guardians’ help, the CREO community will help CREO students acquire or strengthen their Skills Portfolio* starting as early as 6th grade. Our core services include: one-on-one tutoring, individualized advising and monthly college-related workshops. Coupled with these, we will offer additional services to help solidify other academic or personal development area students may need in order to prepare for and be admitted into college."

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Dream On Education - focus on 6th-8th grade students in Chicago
From the web site: "Our mission is to prepare high-performing, low-income 6th-8th-grade students for the rigor of a high school and college curriculum and challenge them beyond their comfort level, which will enable them to maximize their potential, reach their dreams, and contribute positively to society." Browse the site to learn more.

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Friends of the Children - Chicago
The national Friends of the Children began more than 20 years ago and is a unique model where paid "friends" and the organization, stick with youth for 12 or more years. The Chicago chapter started in 2018.

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Horizons Chicago - part of national network
From the web site: "Horizons is a high-quality learning experience, outside of traditional school time, that supports students from low-income families over the course of their Pre-K–12 academic careers. Horizons students attend a six-week summer program on the campus of an independent school, college, or university, and receive additional support throughout the year. By design, you’ll find Horizons programs on independent school, college, and university campuses, rather than in familiar public schools. Horizons makes retention a priority, resulting in average student and staff retention of over 80% annually across the network. Many families are involved for decades as younger siblings make their way through the program and graduates return to volunteer or teach at Horizons." Mentors are peer students, paid teachers, etc.

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I Am We: Inspiring Chicago - Chicago Voices
From the web site: "Mission: To inspire, empower and promote community engagement in underserved communities and the greater Chicagoland area through the medium of storytelling, art programming, advocacy and strategic partnerships.

Chicago Voices is a co-ed, digital storytelling program that introduces students to the fundamentals of filmmaking, communication, and literary development. This is a co-ed program, ages 12-14 (middle school) and 14-18 (high school)." This is one of several programs offered at schools and community based organizations in Chicago.

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Ladies of Virtue Mentoring
From the web site: "Our mission is to instill purpose, passion, and perseverance in girls, ages 9 to 18, while preparing them for college, careers and to become change agents in their communities.

We match our participants with mentors and prepare them for leadership through our culturally relevant character building, career readiness and civic engagement curriculum."

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Lawyers Lend A Hand - meets in Chicago LOOP. Serves youth in Englewood
From the web site: "Lend-A-Hand Tutoring at the CBA provides free one-to-one tutoring to 50 students from the Englewood community on the south side of Chicago. All of our students attend the Montessori School of Englewood, a public charter school and our partner in this venture.

Tutoring is on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. during the school year at the Chicago Bar Association (CBA). The school transports the students downtown to the CBA."

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MaineStay Youth & Family Services - Mentoring
From the web site: " MaineStay offers an on-site evening mentoring program in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Participation is open to students in grades 4-8 who live or attend school in Maine Township and limited to 20 matched pairs of the same gender. Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from 6-7:30 PM at the Maine Township Town Hall. There is no cost for youth to participate."

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Math Motivators Tutoring Program -
This program was launched in Conneticut and came to Chicago in 2017. It operates in one school thus far. Here's a description from the web site: "The Math Motivators program relies solely on professional actuaries and college student volunteers. The students served do not have access to tutoring, or cannot afford it. The Math Motivators Program provides math tutoring in the high schools, free of charge."

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Salvation Army Mentoring & Character Building Programs in Englewood
The Salvation Army offers a variety of programs at its Red Shield Center in Englewood that are intended to "help motivate, encourage and empower youth to be the best they can be and to seek out ways to reach their goals".

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St. Joseph Services Weekend Tutoring
From the web site: "Volunteers from Accretive Health share their time on Saturdays to provide tutoring and homework help tutoring youth. After tutoring, volunteers from Francis Parker High School engage the students in an hour of sports. Held at at the Austin Community Family Center."

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St. Titus One Youth Anti-Violence and Mentoring Program
From the web site: "The St. Titus One Youth Anti-Violence and Mentoring Program was designed to provide youth in the community with a positive outlet and great skills to overcome the daily challenges they face."

Each week after school, youth meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 - 8 p.m. and receive homework assistance and tutoring to help them excel in school.

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Triple Threat Mentoring Program - multiple programs in Chicago area
From the web site: "To empower urban youth to realize their potential and inspire volunteers to leave a lasting legacy. We’re not just a youth organization. We’re an organization that facilitates relationships between youth and volunteers through our passion-based programs.

WINGS is a partnership program between Jordan Brand and Triple Threat Mentoring for 300 students at 6 schools on the south and west sides of Chicago. The year-long community impact initiative aims to empower at-risk youth to help them dream, pursue and achieve greatness."

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West Town Bikes - uses bicycles as a tool to teach young people
From the web sites: "West Town Bikes is a community bicycle learning center. We offer youth programs here at the shop in Humboldt Park and across the city, bicycle mechanics workshops and classes and special events to members of the community. We also provide creative work space for special bicycle building, utilitarian human powered design, kinetic art, advocacy projects, and all sorts of constructive creation." They provide apprenticeship programs for youth attending high schools in and around Humboldt Park.

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