Links to Chicago-Area Programs

Chicago Central (44)            

Northern Indiana (1)            

School-Based Mentoring or Tutoring (30)            

Chicago North (19)            

Chicago South (20)            

Chicago South Central (32)            

Chicago Suburbs - North (11)            

Chicago Suburbs - South (3)            

Chicago Suburbs - West (12)            

Illinois - MidState (1)            

Multiple Sites or Community Based Mentoring (33)            

From the web site: "With a 105-year history of providing innovative, no cost, comprehensive services in the greater Chicago area, SGA continuously works to help children, families and communities who are facing great challenges to realize their potential. Our services are provided through four program areas, including Youth/Family, Youth Justice, Schools and Community. Services are provided throughout three regions in the greater Chicago area - West, South and City-Wide.

SGA helps break the cycle of adversity and provide families with enough opportunity to change their lives and their communities. Our Cycle of Opportunity is passed down through generations, building strong foundations for families in the communities we serve."

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